The LA Times had an article that said something the effect "Are critics too harsh on Barry Manilow and too kind to Brian Wilson?" I was interested to click on this but had used up my 4 free articles. I may have to subscribe to this LA Times based on the data!

It just so happens, I saw Brian Wilson and band at the Taft Theater this past week. I haven't seen Barry but the Brian Wilson Band was phenomenal, no doubt spurred on by the Zombies and their note-perfect version of "Oddesy and the Oracle" as the opening act.  When I saw Brian in my hometown last fall, He seemed miserable and Blondie Chaplin was either very high or drunk. On top of that, my seats sucked!

I paid for 4th row and it was worth it. Brian still makes me sad. Imagine if the Count Basie Orchestra preserved the Count in a hybartic chamber and took him around to "take the A train". That's about the shape of it. Though it's almost worth it when he shockingly takes the bridge to "Wouldn't it be Nice" or sings "Until I Die" or does Dennis' "Little Bird".  Even C grade Beach Boys is better than most groups A-game, and Darian and the boys arrange and deliver to perfection. Matt Jardine and Rob (Carnie's husband) could keep this going how Brian envisioned in his first autobiography. He used the Four Freshman as the example of a group with no original members that delivers the goods for future generations. 

I also listened to Morrissey's "Maladjusted". It's a forgotten classic. I remember when it came out. I was struggling with a health crisis and my friends were very worried. They would get annoyed when they came over and I'd play it for them. "Trouble Loves Me" would have been a nice song to play over the final credits. You will probably only find the expanded version online. The b-sides are very strong dilute the finished "product": a well-produced CD ( made for the format- won't be better on Vinyl) of elder statesman songwriting.


Top Five


We were back in the top Five on the Reverbnation local charts. I'm not sure how that actually happens since the only consistent promotion of JH are my photos on Insta which you can see on this site too. Get me to #1 and I'll put out a new song (how you would do that I'm not sure), but we can try.


Love Unlimited


Woke up this morning......and put on a blues album. "Blues Helping" by Love Sculpture to be exact. It's one of those rare mornings where it's just me and the dog and I don't have to be quiet so i can actually enjoy the bass response of ye olde JBL speakers.

I think I'm missing my friend Ted really. He was the guy who used to rave about Love Sculpture albums. Love Sculpture was Dave Edmunds first band. Ted and I collected records in different areas with a lot of overlap. He had a job from the womb. So though he was pretty thrifty, his early record collection dusted mine.

Let me clarify. Ted isn't dead, he just appears to be stuck in a dead-end and is afraid to accept help. Anyway, Love Sculpture was Dave trying on many hats until he found the updated roots rock that would cement his rep in the late 70's mid-80s.  He admitted in Trouser Press that "Blues Helping" was white boys trying to cash in on the other white boys playing the blues in the mid-sixties. 

When I pulled this one out, I could tell it had barely been played. This was an album I knew from hanging out at Ted's. I must have bought it cheap on a record shopping trip because it has the cut out marking. It's on EMI-America and Digitally remastered from 2-track tape to vinyl. So I'm guessing it was reissued mid- to late 1980's.  I knew it was a worthy addition but probably didn't to absorb it.

My mixtape highlight cuts would be "Wang Dang Doodle" and "On the road again" though Canned Heat did it better. Ted where art thou?




All in for Jericho


My youngest has phased out of Wrestling and I have to wonder for myself if I'm soon to follow. While I love to listen to Jim Cornette and his stories of Wrestling's Yesteryear (his book "behind the curtain" is one of the best graphic novels ever), The current WWE product is unwatchable. I would ditch the network altogether in protest but since they have such a great tape library $9.99 a month is a small price to pay.

All Elite Wrestling intrigues me. We all know that Monopolies are no good. When they signed Chris Jericho, they got my attention. He had claimed to be a WWE lifer. He always took a mindful approach to the psychology of wrestling. It will either be worth watching for Jericho or it may spur WWE to up their game. 

He "won" the title at All Out last night. This means I will have to watch a little longer to see if he can light the wrestling fires. If Moxley is healthy they may able to do it. 

Their women's division needs a little work. Maybe it's because I've been into WOW lately. Tessa Blanchard is like Jericho. She is the champ. If she left Impact for AEW, it would be game over for WWE.

Pray for me that I find something else to watch!!


For Pete's Sake


I'm sitting here watching a Monkees concert on AXS TV and feeling a little emotional. This is a Mickey and Peter concert. I've never really cared whether Nesmith was involved. We accepted this as fact in the '80s and JUSTUS proved that he just muddied the water.

Anyway, they did "Shades of Gray" with Davy on a track and Peter doing his part live. I got a bit wet in the eyes. Peter's death was sadder to me for some reason. I felt like he suffered the most after their 60's fame. He still seemed to be in a fog when I saw them at Cardinal Stadium in 1998? When the "Good Times" album came out, I really enjoyed all his songs on that one. He seemed to have gotten it back together in a meaningful way. He and Mickey carried the torch until they got the critical appreciation they well deserved. I miss him.


Jimmyhoneyman on David Bowie


You can read my blog about really loving the alien from earlier this month elsewhere.  I have several old Mojo's that attempt name the essential Bowie tracks. I tried to ignore that as I look at my top ten in no particular order.

1. Ziggy Stardust-  honorable mention for the Bauhaus version

2. Ashes to Ashes- maybe the best example of ice and funk

3. Modern Love- get's me to the church on time.

4. Time Will Crawl-  I used say "Never let me down" was my fave off Glass Spider but this is the current choice.

5. John I'm Only Dancing- The Alladin Sane version literally made me cum ( I was kissing my first girlfriend at the time). The Spiders blow our minds.

6. Moonage Daydream (Live)- The version in the Ziggy Movie is Ronno's most rocking moment.

7. Heroes- Seek the original where has the verse "you - you can be mean and me I'll drink all the time."

8. Wild is the Wind- I know this is Nina Simone's but his version like with "My Death" is better.

9. Space Oddity- Never gets old.

10. You belong in Rock and Roll- I liked Tin Machine.  He summed it up nicely.


If I did this tomorrow, it would probably be totally different.


Let's spend some time together


  Early in the Millenium, when I had a rare day off, I'd wander over to Jmall and Suncoast Video to see what was new in the concert video section. I'd always find something a bit unexpected. One such find was Ronnie Wood's "Far East Man", It was a concert video that included a strange mix of family and guest musicians. While nothing could be as loose as the New Barbarians live at Largo, Ronnie's gig seemed a bit shambolic. In the making of doc, you can see alcohol is present so that might explain some of it.  

The biggest revelations were that Andrea Corr was the sexiest Irish lass of the early 2000s and Slash could jam some really hot Faces riffs. Though I haven't watched it much over, it's a keeper that I pulled out in the past week. This led me to putting in the Hal Ashby film of "Let's Spend the Night Together". I was always a bit put out by the 1981 Stones tour because I couldn't get a ticket. I remember this girl I used to have a crush on (and at the time it was past tense, cause she alledged dissed me when my "friends" gave her an apocryphal love note from me), bragged about going. I thought "fuck the Stones, I'll stay home with my Clash records."

Ashby was known for his Burt Reynolds car crash movies, the closest we get to that is the scene of Mick admonishing Ronnie to come out of his freebase fog and get ready (Rick James indeed), while a montage of "neighbors" juxtaposes the backstage drama. Maybe it was the coke. While I enjoyed their covers of "Twenty Flight Rock" and "Going to a Go-Go" everything is just a little too fast. I think they used varispeed because I can usually jam along with a Stones concert and the keys are all off.  So overall, not my fave concert film. "Far East Man" is a better view. It did yield "Go Go" as part of the Eardamage repertoire since we were always on the lookout for top 40 we liked and could play with our rudimentary skills.  

Anyway, that's one way I like to spend a bit of time.


A razzle in my pocket


I was listening to "Talk is Jericho" and he and some pals were fantasy booking a Beatles reunion concert in the '90s if John and George were still alive. It reminded me of the Beatles mags Ted and I used to buy at Cardwell Drugs in the '70s. We bought ours, another family member who shall remain nameless used to stuff porn mags in his pants like the subject of the Ian Dury song referenced at the start of this blog. 

These books that would speculate "What if the Beatles and Who combined?"  or ""Beatles reunite for world peace." or "What if John had married Linda instead?"  That one was fake, but I do remember the one that covered the Paul is dead rumor in exhaustive detail. Nowadays it would be click bait but not as fun as a walk across the golf course and the time spent pouring over every page.


Really Loving the Alien


I spent some time with the David Bowie box set "Loving the Alien" this week. I listened to a disc each day. You could call it more or less Bowie in the '80s.  The eighties is when DB took full force of my rock and roll dreams and imagination. Whether it was cruising in Archer Prewitt's Volvo listening to Ziggy, relishing every page of the Mainman years in Tony Zanetta's book "Stardust", or having my mind blown by D.A. Pennebaker's "Ziggy the movie" and "The Hunger", I like many others were ready for Bowie's big commercial break thru.

Supposedly, Bowie was unhappy with many of these records. I think it was a case of sometimes getting what you always wanted isn't all it's cracked up to be. At the very least, the royalties from these records kept Iggy alive and kicking. They probably revived Tina Turner and Peter Frampton's career's too.

I never owned "Let's Dance" but had all the singles. I always loved the live take of "Modern Love".  "Loving the Alien" was weak but any album with the title cut and "Blue Jean" was worth a few bucks (i got my copy in the cut-out bin).  "The Glass Spider" tour was an event and the only concert for which I ever tried to camp out for tickets.  You get a reimagined version of this album with different musicians. It's interesting but unnecessary.  The four good songs: "Day in Day out", "Time will crawl", "Never Let me Down" and "Bang Bang" survived the DX7 regardless. The Live Glass Spider was satisfyingly nostalgic and Frampton played better than Earl Slick.

The movie songs and remixes are great to listen to while folding laundry. That isn't a diss. It's easy to see why millions of us loved the alien back in the 1980's.


The 212 Juniper Drive Podcast #2


I managed to put together another 212 Juniper Drive Podcast. Don't start getting used to this or anything. This show was a bit more musically divergent: Performance Art, Folk, Bluegrass, Garage and Punk/Psychobilly.  It's on the Audio Page or if you prefer Soundcloud, it's also up there as well.


The 212 Juniper Drive Podcast #1


I feel super sheepish jumping into the podcasting fray. Everyone who likes the sound of their own voice is recording their own voice whether we like or not. I do like how no matter how obscure your niche is, the pod universe has you covered. Unfortunately, I think it's leading to less peace, love, and understanding as we burrow into our own rabbit warrens.

Anyway, I'll outline my reasons for this particular project. 212 Juniper Drive was where I lived from age 0-22. It was my family home. When my mother passed in December 2016, we had to sell since she'd invested all her financial assets in items from QVC! I would have liked to have clung to the carcass a little bit longer. I always fantasized about turning it into a recording studio.

My brothers and I had so much fun hanging out in that garage. A large family room with a great stereo. We hung out listening to records, getting high, learning how to make music ourselves. To say my parents were permissive was an understatement. Almost anything went except sex. Their mantra was "we'd prefer you do that stuff at home so you don't get into trouble!!"

Mike Feedback was one of the Juniper Hills ruffians who sought shelter from the storm at 212. No matter how chaotic his own home life was, he told me that he always felt welcomed and safe at our house. The nourishment of music, food, and alcohol was omnipresent!! No other parent in the hood would have put up with our feral noise making (Ted's dad famously unplugged his bass mid-song one rehearsal).

Mike (formerly Kevin Blevins) was our musical archivist. He was friends with all 3 generations of brothers. He often had his Realistic Tape Deck running. No matter how many times he's claimed that he's dropping out of society for good, he always seems to have copies of these tapes and raves about how great they are. His most recent siting was to send my brother a package with a flash drive full of this stuff. 

As a tribute to him, I really do want the rest of the world to hear some of this stuff. To the majority of you out there, It will just be amateurish sketches of muzak. The podcast is a nice compromise because I don't ever see myself having time to digitize everything and put it up on the Web. Neil Young makes it look easy but he's a rich hippie who has always had employees to take care of this stuff. 

The first one is up on Soundcloud now and in the audio section of this website.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think by email.



Lou in the 80's


I was slowing getting into Lou Reed in the '80s. My main resource was the Arista double album that's name escapes me now. One of my "hobbies" was listening to records and watching T.V. with the sound down. Kenny G and I were amused at the synchronicity of "Don't Hurt a Women" from Mistrial coming on while Jerry Lawler threw fire on someone's valet on Saturday morning wrestling.

Mistrial was actually a very good LP. Once he became a serious social commentator with the New York album, his 80's output was overlooked.  Songs like "Video Violence" and "Original Wrapper" laid the groundwork but in almost a fun goofy way.

Seeing Lou's Amnesty International set from 1986 on TUBI jogged my memories of all this useless info. Farm Aid was even funnier as the Nashville Network anchors struggled to describe our Midnight Cowboy to the 80's country audience.

"Tell it to your heart" with Rueben Blades is one of the best Doo Wop songs ever.


Happy Birthday??


I've ended up watching a lot of AXS tv concerts being homebound lately. The Lennon 75th birthday concert being one. I think Yoko organized something similar in the '90s. She hires a slick band of Paul Schaffer approved musicians to pay tribute to John and herself.  Thank god for the fast forward button on this one. 

Kevin Bacon is the host so now all these participants can make the 7 degrees of Bacon connection.  I feel like an old fogey but I didn't like any of the new artists interpreting the tunes. John Fogerty and Steven Tyler were predictably good but they are stars of a different era. It's bad when a Kris Kristofferson take on "Working Class Hero" is a highlight. I hope they raised a lot of money for some charity or other.


Coal Black Mornings


I've finally managed to make some progress on my reading queue. A book I've had awhile is "Coal Black Mornings" by Brett Anderson, the leader of Suede. One of the reasons I hesitated to dive in was because it claims to cover the pre-fame part of his career. This is usually the most boring part of a rock bio in most cases. Brett manages to turn that notion on its head. 

He stated that he wanted to create a history for his own son. In some ways, this is the ultimate Father's day book. If you want the dirt, that's covered in the bands authorized biography. You end the book understanding how a great artist developed his voice against the odds and that real life takes a bit of time to develop. Highly recommended.


Wrasslin with my father


My father didn't have time for wrassling or soap operas. Both were mainstays of "downtime" t.v. in a one television home of the mid-1970s. Downtime being when both parents were doing something else or older siblings were doing their own thing. 

In a home where emotion wasn't clearly expressed or encouraged, these type of programs had great appeal to me. The exaggerated gestures on a good wrestling show could be understood by anyone whether you spoke the language or not. 

I've been enjoying New Japan Pro Wrestling lately because WWE has run dry for me. WWE's all soap opera style vignettes without any emotional payoff are insulting even to 7-year-olds. NJPW is easy to get into, The story is told in the ring. The announcers give you all the history You need. Though it's fixed, it's a combat sports story with athletic moves. If you've ever been in a real fight, those are usually over in about a minute anyway. I think all combat sports are fixed.

Typical of my dad, while he did his own thing, he kept tabs on my interests,  When I got lured back into watching Wrestling during the Monday night wars of the 1990s, he would bring me Wrestling magazines from his co-workers at TOPY Japan. I was in my 30's! I will always cherish the letters and packages he sent while I was recovering from my first ankle surgery. 

He wasn't perfect. Sometimes the need for perfection is projected from the kid in my case. I try to model his doing his own thing while working to find some common ground to share with my kids. Though I'd have preferred watching just about anything else, my younger daughter and I watched two hours of "Paranormal caught on film" last night.  

Though we never discussed the art of wrestling, he taught me all the moves I need to get over as a babyface dad!


Basement Kisses


My basement flooded last weekend. This has been a source of existential crisis for me in the past. My vaunted book collection got soaked at Seaforth Way back in the 1990's.  Maybe not my first inkling that you can't take it with you but also sadness because that collection brought me joy.

When I moved into a home in 2009, it was very important that my basement stay dry. Tellingly, I was a little less obsessed with my collections. I was more engaged in life and less in my daydreams. Parenting and career put paid to that. I bought the sump pump back up.  I usually made sure things were off the floor. I had a nice studio room but my friends never came over to play with me. This always made me sad. 

Admittedly, I was a little overwhelmed as things I had been storing at my mom's and various friends homes came home to roost. I never had the time to alphabetize and organize as I had in the past.  It was a repeat of previous relationships, where the lady of the house convinced me to nest with them and then stuck my stuff under the ground.  My kids, who must have inherited the collecting and impulsive spending gene contributed. The older kids were part-timers in my unhappy home, so they didn't have a lot of investment in keeping things in line.

If you are a fan of dream interpretation, you might know that the basement has some significance. My old friend, Lucian Parker used to say it represented latent or repressed sexuality. How many times have teenagers made out in basements? I famously came in my pants one fall every weekend while managing to keep my feet on the floor!! So maybe it represents unrealized dreams. I often have the nightmare where I have an old apartment that I forgot about and left many possessions still there( in the basement). I always worry about how will I have the time to move this stuff? What have I lost that was important?

Flash forward to 2015. Going thru a nasty divorce/custody battle, I start looking for things to sell and it turns out I have TONS! Over the next two years, I'll get demoted, lose my mother, almost lose my house, definitely lose my mind from time to time, find a great new career and come out of it on top professionally and legally.  

I'm very strong in the moment. Doing the next right thing comes very naturally to me. This strength, developed from a lifetime of attention deficit disorder has been my survival mechanism but also leads to undealt with stuff. Emotionally and materially. A carload of professional effects? Look thru it later. Mom's house has to be empty in 30 days?  I'll drag it into MY house and see what I can use. Can't find that thingamabob you need? Better buy another.

So back to the current situation. The great flood came (bad sump pump). All the shit (literally and figuratively) is in the middle of the basement floor. I pray to have the strength to go thru it this time. Maybe that's the key to my future satisfaction. Time for the reckoning of the Teenage Dream.


Coughing shellac


I picked up Brian Wilson's "No Pier Pressure" on vinyl at FYE.  The curious thing at FYE is that no one buys their vinyl, so deep discounts are often available. In fact, this was a 2 for one deal. I also picked up an Echo and The Bunnymen live album.

I loved "No Pier Pressure" at the time of its release, opting for the more practical CD. This is one of the few where the vinyl is superior sound quality to my ears. They kept it 4 songs to a side which always helps in the vinyl format. Brian's pro-tooled harmonies sound even more exquisite. This is the kind of album I'd love to listen to in a dentist office. Quality MOR, not schlock.  


I pooped today


I wrote a new song tonight "Semi-Detached Girlfriend".  The b-side will be "A bang on the rear"!!


My wildest dreams


I recently received a birthday wish from my cousin, Tickwump, that hoped my wildest dreams would come true.  I had prepped myself for the day with no expectations. It was definitely being aggressively self-protective. No expectations no disappointments right?  

This very same cousin, I once chuckled at when he said that his girlfriend gave him a BJ once a year on his special day. This cousin reminded me that maybe I was setting my standards lower than the curb of self-loathing.

So what are my wildest dreams? Hmmmmm.  I immediately drew a co-dependent blank but felt it was important to try. Now, most of these would require a time machine but I'll give it a stab.

1. Ronnie Wood gets sick and I have to fill in for him with the Ronnie Laine version of The Faces.  I might have picked the Stones but I would be too in awe of Keef on stage. That would be funky fun.

2. I join Humble Pie for a night. I could seriously wail on lead with that band. 

3. Take a bath with Jayne Mansfield- probably self-explanatory and I'd want more than a BJ

4. Whipped by Bettie Page- I was a bad boy!!!

5. Party with the Four Horsemen.  I'd be the fourth guy with Tully, Arn, and Ric.

6. Deliver Stone Cold Stunners or Diamond Cutters to all the co-workers i ever disliked.

7.  Eat a meal cooked by Granny Burch.  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a strawberry cake with Folgers coffee in a percolator.

8. Mom's ribs with Granny Bates Chocolate pie

9. See Mott the Hoople on Broadway in 1974. I'm just a Marionette

10. See Suede live- might be possible with some planning.


Anyway.....better than nuttin. Right?






Zappa at the Roxy


Amazon Prime is practically VH1 classic from a few years back without the 20 minutes of commercials per hour. Zappa at the Roxy was one i tried to watch recently.  When I was 13, i thought the yellow snow was pretty edgy stuff. My favorite Zappa was with Flo and Eddie period, mainly their jam with John and Yoko on "Sometime in NYC".

Grown Zappa fans are a strange breed. I had an office mate who was a misogynist, who likened himself a jazz buff. He had little man's syndrome and a balding dome. He loved Zappa. He was a smart guy. A bit insecure to say the least.

I liken Zappa's music to a genius 13-year-old with no social-emotional skills.  Brilliant stuff but not for an adult with emotional depth. "Dancing Fool" was inferior to "Disco Duck " in every way. Plus, He spawned Dweezil!



I'm not wearing Black


Though I look very cool in black, The death of George Herbert Bush does not warrant a torrent of respect beyond common decency and condolence to those he loved and who loved him. 

This was the "wimp" president who escalated the industrial military complex with his brand of middle east wars. The first Iraqi war created the 24-hour news cycle with nothing relevant to report. It's served as the hype machine that makes all this military madness possible. As DEVO predicted, it's de-evolved into just madness. Booji Boy and Der Trumbo are almost separated at birth.

Don't get me started on his son. Passing hard candies at a funeral doesn't absolve you for the loss of freedom and lives you and you're ilk foisted on us. We'll never stop fighting that war on terror in our heads.


Jelly Babies Mach 3


I've been going thru tapes this afternoon and came across the only existing live recording of Jelly Babies Mach 3 circa 1999 This was the pajama party show, with Gary Payne joining the band after the sudden departure of James Shuttler. The change to a more modern rhythm section definitely helped my writing as many of the songs ended up on the next two Jimmy Honeyman Album when i resumed my musical career in the mid-2000s.

I remember not being too crazy about the actual performance at the time because this was recorded at The Rudyard Kipling on my cheap Red recorder.  Things with John Paul and Letha were a non-stop party and i took myself a bit seriously.  They did more gabbing and interacting with the audience than actual playing. 

Who wants to hear this stuff? I dunno, but it is all going to be part of a weekly podcast called "The 212 Juniper Drive" pod. Because in cyberspace, no one can hear you scream.


Swaamp Rock


I forgot to add seeing John Fogerty at the Louisville Palace in the 90's. Our friend and cover designer, Letha Cupp, worked at the palace as a promoter and scored us 5th row!  This was John's first live comeback and it was like the 3rd date of the tour so he was very enthusiastic.  He played ever Creedence song you'd ever want to hear. Strangely, he had two other guitarists whom he did not allow a single solo!!

I forgot to add to the previous list The Turtles and Hall and Oates with orchestra!!!


Bragging but trying not to lie


As I was waiting for the Brian Wilson show to start the other night, I started thinking about all the concerts I've attended. I thought it might be useful to list as many shows as I can remember before Dementia strikes me down. I won't count all opening acts, only those I had an interest in seeing.

My first was The Rolling Stones in 1978 (again on the Steel Wheels tour)

Stephen Stills 

The Kinks (5 times - Ray Davies 1 time)

Tom Petty



Nick Lowe (x2)

Dave Edmunds

The Cramps

The Damned (x2)

Squeeze (x3)

The Replacements

Camper Van Beethoven (x2)

Joey Mollands Badfinger

The Who (x3)


The Grateful Dead

Bob Dylan

Steve Earle

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Jeff Beck (x2)


Robyn Hitchcock

Bryan Ferry (x2)

Morrissey (x6)

Violet Femmes

The Ramones

The Damned (x2)


Iggy (x2)

Jane's addiction

The Pretenders (x2)


David Bowie

The new pornographers (X4)

Violent Femmes

The Church

Tom Verlaine

Richard Thompson

The Monkees

Robert Palmer (x2)

The Power Station

David Lee Roth

Van Halen

The Fleshtones

Duran Duran

Brian Wilson

Elvis Costello (x3)

Ringo Starr

The Mekons

Rank and File

Buddy Guy

Joe Ely

The Cowslingers

Ian Hunter

The Jayhawks (x2)

Aimee Mann


A few might be slipping my mind. Tom Waits and Suede are the only two I'd still like to see, Hopefully not too little too late.




Like looking thru a Glass Funion


There are several things in life that "irritate" me. Many are irrational and petty. One of those things is the career of Giles Martin. I groan almost everytime a new Beatles reissue comes along. The press releases are dutifully copied word for word about how phenomenal the latest version sounds. I admittedly have damaged my ears over the years but I just don't buy it.  My bias as an artist is that the further you get from the creation and the principles who created the record, you're basically scrubbing the Mona Lisa so to speak or EQing it. 

The White Album is no exception. I knew I was courting annoyance when I selected the Spotify "White Album Experience" playlist. I always disliked how much credit George Martin seemed to take for the Beatles. Now I have to listen to Giles Martins opinion that the White Album was actually somewhat harmonious for the fabs. All the principles have said otherwise over the years. Geoff Emerick and Ringo both quit during the sessions. His father famously took a vacation in the middle to avoid the bitching and moaning.  Here he is spouting this marketing bullshit of the Beatles being all peace and love. The UK mono version is the original Beatle endorsed mix. The original US stereo was fine. Yoko is fucking us over twice with this nonsense.


dawdling in the blue hour


I'm not sure the world has been waiting for my take on "The Blue Hour" by Suede.  You are about to get it though.  Suede is one of those bands that I never get burnt out on. One of the genius things that I admired about Brett Anderson's solo stuff was that it didn't really sound like Suede.  "Night Thoughts" and now "The Blue Hour" sound more like Brett solo albums which might seem strange. Both are concept albums without obvious standalone singles though "Night Thoughts" is a bit hookier.  

The press releases seem to imply that Neil Codling and Richard Oakes are trying to help the band reach the grandiose heights of "Dog Man Star". No matter how long Neil grows his hair, he's no Bernard Butler. The old Richard Oakes looks like Dan Auerbach!! The core trio of Simon, Brett and Mat have maintained respectable hair and waistline.  Bret, in particular, looks younger than 10 years ago.

I'm glad I waited to receive my Japanese import of the CD before weighing in.  The production and use of choir are stunning. It's a great night album or pre-dawn in the car experience. Hoping for another "Blood Sports" next time. More standalone songs.  Brett continues to break new lyrical ground. Since he's too polite to say it "Fuck Damon Albarn".   Suede is the greatest Brit POP band by miles.







Time Capsule Love


"international pop overthrow" by Material Issue has been stuck in my head and my car CD player this week.  Like Badfinger, another power pop tragedy, with the main guy, Jim Ellison no longer with us.  Ellison perfectly captured what it was like to be in your early 20's in the 1990's and the cool chicks running around to break your heart. Of course, songs must be written to manage the daily pain.

"out right now" is definitely of its time. We lonely boys would leave our awkward message on their answering machines. It was worth it to call just to hear her voice! Ah, the memories.  Better than a text romance any day of the week. Though I'm an old coot who likes the old jingle jangle. 




It was fun playing the Mellow Matt's Music and more Mellowversary last week. It was a reunion with our soul brother and cousin, Bill Lynch on the drums billed as "Brother Honeyman".  We've played G.I. Joes since we were 8 but we've actually played music together since the 1980's on and off.  So it was a nice retrospective of our various projects and phases. Someone said that we sounded like a band on STIFF records which I would take as a high compliment. Which one?  Any Trouble? Tenpole Tudor? The Blockheads? The Damned? It's all good with a Fender Jazzmaster.

Whether we actually do a Brother Honeyman album remains to be seen. It would have to include Ronnie Doo Wop and Nick Burch to play out the whole Partridge Family vibe. The JHQuartet has an album to promote called "Instrumental Garage" It should be wildly available next week. If you're in Bowling Green, there are a few copies at Mellow Matt's. 


Charlie Tuna strikes again


I've been off work this week. Enjoying those 7 hours of sleep a night. A few Newcastle Brown Ale's (made in Holland without that carcinogen to placate my fellow Americans)every day.  I've particularly enjoyed my Iphone/pod shuffle.  It was built on the mad obsession that I wanted to have 160 gigs of music just like Howard Bracco!!  Howard was a mental health exec who had a lot of time to listen to music traveling this great state. 

I only made it to about 90 with streaming, youtube, and actually buying records and CD's again. I took the Charlie Tuna approach. I wanted it to reflect my incredible taste and broad knowledge of music.  This was mainly formed by the CD's I ripped from the libraries and my long subscription but limited selections from Wolfgang's Vault and E-music. From the vault, i probably have at least 4 hours of band introductions that can show up at any time in a mix.  I even have songs that i downloaded but never listened to. Lots of pleasant surprises present themselves on an extended shuffle.  

It always seems to be making a Jungian commentary on my emotional state too. How does it always know to play those songs about her?? There's no better day than taking naps, drinking coffee and letting my neuropathways diverge with my own special soundtrack.



Rebel Treble


I didn't go see "Rebel Without A Cause" on the big screen as I intended tonight. I had real confusion to deal with that would have clashed with the Actors Studio variety. I do agree with many of James Dean's biographers. That movie created the teenager. Sadly, I can relate to the Jim Backus character more these days or even Natalie Wood!!

Ever hear of Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons?  I bought that album at KittyHawk Records in the Seventies. They were Aussies mining the vein of Graham Parker, EC, Nick Lowe, and company. Elvis even covered "So Young".  This might have even got some play on Double QQ. Memory doesn't always serve.  Side one kept playing in my head this week for some reason. I couldn't name a single song on the flip side. Reggae pub rock fusion. It sounds damn good. It's on YouTube if you're interested.


Reason To Believe


Another NFL season. Why do I still watch, after my team, The Cleveland Browns, went 0-16 last year? One reason is I actually admire the national anthem protests.  It's rekindled my enthusiasm for the pro game. Another is I  use the time each week to switch tasks, so it's 3 and 1/2 hours of home and work productivity that would otherwise be wasted at a sports bar. 

Hard Knocks on HBO did not fire me up.  Many of the players they featured got cut last week. This tells me they might not be tough enough to turn it around. I like how they are aggressively upgrading the roster, much like the Seahawks did a few years back. The downside is that Hugh Jackson is no Pete Carroll. He does have the psychotic Gregg Williams on his side though. So who knows? Not vegas or ESPN. So we'll see.


Born To Lose: The Last Rock and Roll Movie


I still love the unreleased stuff. YouTube has made this all the more accessible. Instead of sending $25 in the mail for a 6 hour VHS or plunking down $50 at a record show for a "Smile" bootleg like in the naughties. It's mostly there. I guess I'll wait forever for the "Day the Clown Cried" though.

One movie I really wanted to see was "Born To Lose: The Last Rock And Roll Movie" by Lech Kowalski. His "DOA" is the punk rock movie in my opinion. Very easily streamed on Amazon Prime these days.  I've waited for an official release since I bought the "Stations of The Cross"  Johnny Thunders Cassette on ROIR in the 80's.  Johnny became an obsession of mine during the Bam Bam Club years when I bought those ROIR cassettes, heard LAMF, and read the Nina Antoine book. I rooted for Johnny to get it together like Frankie in "The Man With The Golden Arm".  You'd hear those flashes of brilliance on his many bootlegs. He wasn't together enough to cash in on Glam Metal. All those bands ripped the Dolls minus the Ballz. David Jo wisely became Buster Poindexter and avoided the whole mess. 

While it's been on YouTube awhile, I found a cut on DVD at the local thrift shop. It was put out by Shocking Video who apparently no longer exist. No one wants to physically release questionable legal items anymore I guess.  Kowalski himself will admit, he never did quite get it right.  There are currently 5 different cuts out there on YouTube.  I prefer the shorter 1 hour and 40-minute deal on this DVD. It starts with a tremendous montage featuring a live performance of Jayne County.  There's a bunch of the footage that he put out as "Hey Hey is DEE DEE Home" and the "Stations of the Cross" stuff. The Dolls period is well chronicled but now redundant since "All Dolled Up" was released on DVD.

Danny Garcia's "Looking For Johnny" also make an official release redundant (again on Prime).  The various cuts of "Born To Lose" present the disgusting side of the man and his addiction. The rollercoaster ride of his music. It magnifies what Ian Hunter sang all those years ago. "Rock and Roll's a loser's game. It mesmerizes and i can't explain. The reasons for the sights or the sounds."


Phan Flute Phiction


I know I'm so not Entertainment Weekly that I'm just now watching STAR WARS episode VIII? How did I resist so long? Well,  it's been a long time since I was 13 years old, so it wasn't at the top of my priorities list.

I loved the original movies for what they were. Flash Gordon style movie serial soap.  I was interested to watch George Lucas take a stab at I-III.  I actually liked those movies for their flaws and world-class actors whom he was able to enlist.

The nostalgia of Episode VII drew me to the theater twice (just to make sure I wasn't wrong). My analysis: big budget fan fiction. It's only a diss from an artsy point of view. I know George L. was just into the checks from the toys but STAR WARS was his vision. As competent as JJ Abrams INC. It's still just fanboy stuff.  Kylo Renn already ate ass on "Girls".  The force doesn't get any darker than that!  On to new ideas and themes my fellow aging dad types!!  If Benicio hadn't done the Heineken Light commercial, I might have been on board with his Han Solo retread, but I can't get that image out of my head. If Sean Penn dresses in drag and plays of the ghost of Princess Leia, let me know and I'll plunk down my time and money.  


Scenes from the Instrumental Garage


As I've mentioned on some other social media platforms, I'm near the end of post-production for my next full-length disco "instrumental Garage".  It's technically a compilation, but even the songs you may have heard before are presented with different takes and mixes. It's all first run and top shelf.

I'll be presenting a few essays in this space to give you background on how all this came to pass.  I'd like to thank Anne Brickle for encouraging my Brian Jones side. Her casual and astute comment over a cup of coffee at Steak and Shake, always keep this project in the back of mind.

Anyhoo, It's still August (hot sticky sux). Mercury is in Retrograde so that means the album may not come out until November but I'm shooting for a September and October release with some live Quartet dates to support the mayhem. See you around!


A beach is a place where a man can feel


#3 in my random Facebook chain letter list of influential LP's is Quadrophenia. This was a double album by the Who with a beautiful sleeve and booklet. Even before they did the movie version this made you want to be a mod and get a Vespa. Every teenage boy can relate to Jimmy, particularly those named Jimmy!! I find the album much more rewarding than Tommy. Love Reign over me. 


Something New


We always remember our firsts, don't we? Something New by the Beatles was my first LP. It was purchased for my 8th birthday. I remember staring at it in the Hecks store. Obviously, my older brothers hand was guiding things somewhat. I was blown away by Meet the Beatles and wanted more. Something New featured songs from the Hard Days Night soundtrack (on United Artist and stocked at SEARS!).

The fake stereo was such that while it featured the German Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand, I couldn't hear the vocal on my sister's phonograph, but I could sing I Want to Hold Your Hand karaoke-style over the left channel. I'll Cry Instead and I'm Happy Just to Dance with you were also favorites, especially since I had to be George whenever we played Beatles!! Two down- Eight to go.


Imperial Bedroom


Jimmy Honeyman has kindly offered me the forum to expand upon the FACEBOOK chain letter challenge of posting favorite album covers with no explanation.  It might help you understand Jimmy Honeyman a little better.

If memory serves, IMPERIAL BEDROOM by Elvis Costello, came out in the summer of 82. It was a wonder from day one. The cover alone with its surrealist theme gave me lots of food for thought on the ride home from cut corner. It was like no over EC release up to that point. The lyric sheet was one big run on block (Barney Bubbles was a genius designer).  The Beatles pretensions were pushed to the fore. It was much bluesier, jazzier, and "croonY" than any Beatles record. The Attractions melodic noise was also the difference between this and your dad's four freshman's records.

It was one of the few records that I actually listened to 3 times in a row because i knew something was there that I wasn't quite getting. It was probably the underlying melancholy beneath the baroque services. It resonated deep in my heart and it still does.


50 to 1 in Nashvegas


Let's stop the madness now. No more second chances for "Nashville" unless they give Celeste and Jolene speaking roles. It's degenerated, into total "All My Children" plot lines. This happens on all shows that go past 4 sessions. Plus the gal with the Purple Hair needs to go shopping at a thrift store or something.  Hayden is back but needs the counterbalance of Raina not to be one dimensional. Thank god Deacon finally went back to AA. I think we all need an intervention.


Here comes the Fly


Marvel comic fans will understand the dilemma our country now faces with the (un)reality TV eye president. That is, if they aren't detaching into a fantasy world to disassociate from the mess programmed apathy has created!! 

The Hulk is a great analogy for what's happened to the Republican Party and its inability to respect checks and balances and the chaos its created.  Bruce Banner always fought for control with the beast. His presence kept the world safe from the total rampage of the monster.  The classic Republican dynamic was the Puritan religious lineage and the rampant capitalist. All about the money but because of the church stuff, making lip service to caring about the well being of those who don't have.

Also, sell the sucker on the notion that if they put their bootstraps on that you too can look down from the mount (with God on your side). Think of the Puritan side as a flawed Banner, holding back the stomping capitalist beast.

In one of the story arc's, They did separate the two. The results were disastrous. The world as we knew was in grave danger. It took a coalition of heroes to reverse the madness.  The beast unchecked is debt, poisoned air, vanity, madness.  We have to corral that sucker and stick em back together. I pray it's not too late. 



Poor Eliza, Jimmyhoneyman Quartet, and Full Disclosure at Mag Bar July 2,2018


Hi! I'm Rory McClellan. I used to edit the Bam Bam Club Fanzine "Bam Slams" and follow the exploits of the artist (Jimmy Honeyman) as a young man. Wow! That was so long ago. I've been on a journey toward the sun since those days. When I heard via postcard at my Millville retreat that Jimmy was playing a Monday night gig, I have to admit, I got a bit nostalgic. I witnessed so many rocking shows to near empty houses at the Bottom line/Wrocklege. So I thought. I'll drive up in the mini-cooper and see what's what. Surely, he doesn't expect anyone to come out on a Monday night!

If you haven't been to Mag Bar. it's a great dive saloon. You could imagine GG Allin playing there in the 90's. Anything went and goes except music after 11 p.m. on a Monday. Yes, evidently Old Louisville is getting so gentrified that the show originally starting at 10 got moved up to 8 p.m. Lucky,  I caught that on Facebook. 

I guess many of JH's old road crew have aged out. No Hawk, Killebrew, or Adam Rave. Jimmy and the band were humping their own gear. The headliner was Poor Eliza- I.E. Jane Park from Boston Mass. Also on the bill, the band Full Disclosure who looked a little below the age of consent if you know what I mean and I think you do! At a place like Mag bar, Full Disclosure is important.

Full Disclosure, apparently accompanied by their parents, and a semi full of gear from Guitar Center presented a logistics dilemma.  They had so much gear that they had to, in essence, "headline" or go on last. If Peter Grant had been there, it would have ended in violence. Jane from out of town, playing acoustic, went first. Followed by the Jimmy Honeyman Quartet.

Poor Eliza played the best set of the night. Highlights were "Ghost Town" and "Good Doctor". I also liked "Battleship" but I'm not sure that's on any of her stuff on Bandcamp. Ms. Park possesses a unique voice, that set's her apart from the crowd. I may have to go to Nashville to see her when her tour resumes.

Jimmy fielded a band that included Jack Skinner on bass, Durant Payne on Drums, and Nicky Honeyboy on rhythm guitar. Word was that Durant wasn't well, having spent the afternoon at the E.R.  The Quartet played an energetic though uneven set. The sound mix was pretty diabolical. The new guy, Nicky, plays a little tighter than the retired Ronnie Doo Wop. He and Durant gave "Old F and C", a Cramp's style garage ness. Best for me was the jazz instrumental "Volvo Sheets" and "Judgment Day", they never disappoint on that one.

I have to admit, I spent most of Full Disclosure's set in the bar.  They did some Pixies covers (i think). They certainly had expensive toys to play on. They'll probably go far. They need to ditch the parents as roadies. Not very Rock and Roll.

To paraphrase the Kingslayer, Seth Rollins "I was happy wrestling at a bingo hall for a hotdog and handshake." I think the same goes for Jimmy and the boyz.  They are happy to rock out for a Highlife and a slice of pizza (Donisi was pretty good). It's good to have him back. I hope he's working his way back to a Saturday night somewhere near you.


Neurodivergent Rock Band


I.E.  Garage Rock!!!! I have been labeled as being Neurodivergent by a close personal friend. At first, i thought it had a nice ring but now i realize it was just another shaming tool of sorts.  It is the method to my creative madness though. Bringing a new player into the fold brings it into stark relief.

The Jimmy Honeyman Quartet is nothing if not a garage band (or a basement kiss).  Our new member, Nicky Honeyboy, is schooled in the mathematics of music. He can expertly recreate many of my rhythm parts.  I laughed as he forced us to actually count the measures on some of the older tunes and solidify the arrangements on the newbies. The exhilarating moments are the mistakes for me. The chemistry of the group is speeding up or slowing down in response to one another. It's not something that can be taught. It's as Tom Waits says "that feel".  If you're not down with Tom, you're not down with me so F#$k off!


Onanistic Gratifications


The older and more isolated i become, the more I'm drawn to making "head music".  I've been happier than a pig in shit with my new Therimini and an Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar pedal.  I previously owned a crappy electric sitar that i played out with quite a bit as part of Ahel El Nagam.  It was kinda thin and didn't hold tune very well. The Ravish gets a nice drone going that i augment with whammy action on my Jazzmaster. This all suits my drive to be right brain driven instead of Emodad all the time.  The Thermini calibrates to your body. Good Vibrations indeed!!




Yes, I # tagged this because I'm a gear whore. Why else would thousands of average to below average musicians descend upon Fort Wayne, IN in the summer heat?  Gearfest is the brainchild of Sweetwater Sound. It's like a mini-NAMM in the midwest. This was my 3rd time. My expectations were low which made the whole thing that much more enjoyable.

The Workshops.  Adrian Belew was cool. I was pissed that I forgot to pack my King Crimson and Young Lions CD for an autograph. I used to dig Discipline-era King Crimson because of Robert Fripp's articles in the Musician magazine and the fact that i couldn't in a million years play that stuff!!  It was mainly about the gear! I couldn't afford a fuzz pedal much less a Roland Guitar Synth.  Thankful, that's all in our reach these days. 

Chris  Broderick was friendly and cool. Metal isn't my thing, but he hit on the main point that you shouldn't be so intense in your practice that you can't relax and have fun.  

Scofield and Erksine were a good soundtrack to a barbeque sandwich. Playfully working in the Bo Diddley riff to their jazzercise. Buddy Millier, Lyle Workman, Butch Walker et al,  re-emphasized what all the players with great gear say. "It's in your fingers".  That's like the Gearfest equivalent of "love yourself or no one else will love you."  It made me go out and buy a theremin. The sound truly is in your hand.


Prone to skip


Remember CD-R's? I do! I have hundreds of them from my daze of legal downloading going back to 2007.  I was a subscriber to E-music, trapped in suburbia with a monthly download stipend. I was fastidious about backing my purchases up on discs.  Their shelf life is questionable. if you have one from a few years back, better resave in another digital format.

My recent car rental allowed me a "scoop" into the collection.  E-music always had an odd selection. They couldn't get the mainstream releases but had lots of 'grey market" stuff.  For this reason, I probably have every Stooges bootleg ever vomited out by Bomp records. Not as good as the mainstream releases but fun to listen to.

I had a Pretty Things and Ducks Deluxe kick for a while. I wouldn't have heard of this stuff otherwise. Gun Club? Nick Cave? Small Faces? Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac? Dwight Twilley?All from the E-music years. I could also occasionally find stuff that sounded cool in MOJO but not that often

Now I get buzzed and order definitive collections of classic albums on Amazon, but I'll look back fondly on EMUSIC and MYSPACE years.


July 2nd at Mag Bar


I'm pleased to confirm the first gig with the Jimmyhoneyman Quartet in several years. Rounding out the group will be Nicky Honeyboy on 2nd guitar since Ronnie Doo Wop's hearing keeps him on the sidelines for live shows. On bass as always, Jack Skinner and returning to his throne, Durant Payne on Drums.  We will be playing several selections from my upcoming album" Instrumental Garage" a compilation of my instrumental recordings.




Roadside Attractions


I spent some time in Gatlinburg this week...the redneck riviera.  No, I didn't get married but mused a lot about the state of the world as I kept my 8-year-old occupied swimming, watching Disney, eating pancakes, and doing the Gatlinburg "thing". No, I don't stand above or mock this stuff. It's fun.

G-burg caters to our programming from birth to consume and not wonder why. Seek and destroy: waistline and bank balance. A family led by parents who think a party of 8 for mini-golf is a good idea definitely didn't pay attention in Civics class.  So it's no wonder, they aren't really listening to Mr. reality TV as he lies about everything and wants to be their dictator. The town needs a vasectomy clinic for sure, but the damage is already done I'm afraid. The "smart" people outsmarted themselves by not kicking out 4 kids each.

It's all a little discouraging to the aging Gen Xer. I fear there will be nothing left to scoff at or be too cool to try in 10 years time. Until then, I'll stop for every rusty dinosaur along I-75 wondering "where have all the good times gone".


Dang Dang Squallor


June is ridiculously hot this year in Kentucky. It makes me even lazier around the house than usual. We are getting ready for the next gig and taking advantage of a burst of creativity. SOOO Many songs.  They just need to find some homes and be compiled in complimentary surroundings.  Thanks to all who appreciate the tangents and ramblings. They are sometimes incomprehensible but sent out to the world with love and light.  Anyway, let's get together for some fun this summer. Either in person or virtually. K.


Fit Bitz


I've been going to the gym this week. Trying to get ready for spring. I'm under some delusion that I can get "fit" and "look good".  Watch out, ladies!! My generation all have the watches and fit bits....getting ready for "our time", whatever that means.

Lot's of seniors hang out at my "Y" branch. I don't know why they even bother. I guess it's something to do to feel better. When I'm that age, i hope i literally stay home and smell the roses.  Also, they watch this Fox news and all these home improvement shows. 

Maybe this is the end game of a lifetime of capitalism. You've got to work daily to overcome a full life of consumption. Too much of anything just makes it hard to function. Anyway, enough bitching. We always have our own garden to tend.


Dreams of Dali


I loved the Dreams of Dali virtual reality experience at #thedali.   I didn't want to leave when my two minutes were up. This was my fourth visit to the Florida Dali museum.  It was a nice use of the Alice Cooper hologram (it hasn't been on display the past two visits). I'm glad Dali didn't live to see Alice as part of the Hollywood Vampires but he would have probably enjoyed his turn as Herod in the Jesus Christ Superstar re-boot.  As they say in "Row Your Boat"  life is but a dream.


No Words for My Love


Sometimes it dawns on me that i didn't blog for awhile. It's all going on in my head you know. I try to keep my narcism and self-importance in check by not saying too much. You can perfect insight into everything but it's only from your own perspective.

As far as Jimmyhoneyman goes. I've been working on the finishing touches of the Instrumental Garage project. I also feel compelled to start working on a Big Bad Berry e.p.  This is my side-project where i play only Big Star, Badfinger, and Raspberries songs.  It's a nice break from the implied referendum imposed by sharing the muse.  Stay tuned.


Liver than i'll ever be


I'll be appearing at the Jim Needler Conspiracy and Guitar pull #68 March 18 at the Bard's Town. This is a rare solo appearance showcasing my songwriting so I'll be sans quartet. Jim is a fine host and this is an early Sunday evening show for the ole folks. Come on out.


Shark infested waters


I did a quick google search to see when the internet claimed Nashville jumped the shark. It seems the consensus was season two. I'd have to say it was when Connie Britton left. Her facial expression could save any dire plot turn. Now that's Acting. For the die harder soap fan, we have no choice but to keep on watching. 

They should have ended it last season. We are stuck in a plotline repeat of a Jayme's child being manipulated by evil music biz rivals, Deacon needing anger management, Gunnar and in some kinda love triangle, Scarlett's bad dolly accent impression, and Juliette as the gullible female country John Lennon falling for the latest ist and ism. NO NEW GROUND covered folks. I'll keep watching in case they pull out the ghost of Rayna.  The only thing that could save it is if Ian McShane took over the role of Brad. A true soap move that I'd dig.


We are the Clash


"Left wing Right wing. I want something that's easy to say"  We original Clash fans laughed when "Cut the Crap" came out in 1984 and Joe Strummer tried to lay that one on us.   For a band known for its political leanings, it was all too simplistic. Flash forward 34 years and the extreme right wing propaganda machine calls itself "the news" and people mindlessly consume this at the gym along with other "entertainment".  Brought to you by the people who created the "War on Christmas". It's actually a war on intelligence and critical thinking.

Meanwhile, if you repeat extreme views like the Fox's at Fox News have done all these years, they are accepted as mainstream and people who stopped exercising their critical thinking skills after the school bell rang can't discern The Onion from CNN because they're told to fear this type of "elitist humor". The skill to evaluate facts isn't elitist intellectualism. It's a basic skill that everyone has and needs to keep.  Mass shootings and abortions are not the same things.  Jesus didn't have a political party, especially not one that worships money and power and hates the poor. You know this in your mind and heart. The battle is real. We have to think our way thru this clash because we can't compete with the brute force of the propaganda that says consume now pay later.


To Be or Not to Be


As i prep for another round of Jimmyhoneyman public appearances, i have to start psyching myself up. So much to share but does anyone want to listen? What do i really want to tell you in person?  The trials and tribulations of the past 4 years or so are probably a drag.  Perhaps i should get all John Fogerty and write about a life i never lived on the banks of Nile.  It certainly beats getting a broken heart for source material or watching the news for gods sake!  Better lose some weight. Can't jog like Jagger preparing for a big summer show. I like how on Dick Cavett, in 72  he claimed they had piles of "salt" to prevent dehydration.  I'll make a similar excuse about eating veggie burgers for "research purposes". Anyway, if you're  inclined to check it out, make sure you say hi.


Wastin' tape


I've been into the total immersion lately.  7 discs of "Fisherman's Blues" sessions.  Every take from The Monkees "headquarters" album. "Stranded in Reality" 30 discs of Ian Hunter( a week off with snow days=SHOPPING) This is old school. I'll concede. I'm one of the last people I know with a 6 disc player in their car. Seeing as my day is usually 3 hours of commuting. I think this is a good use of my drive time.

In my early recording career, i couldn't afford outtakes. This always made me envious of the great musical equivalents of "Heaven's Gate".  It usually doesn't make for good music though. With "Fisherman's Blues", the best stuff was done the first day, then three years later.....a classic. I'll let you know how the Ian experience goes. I dreamt my ex-girlfriend was the subject of "Once Bitten Twice Shy" and I'm really sad that Mick Ronson is gone.  My favorite all time guitarist.

I don't worry that i'll start aping these LP's subconsciously. They're already in my DNA. Essential elements.


Janis: Little Girl Blue


Catching up on my holiday CD acquisitions, I've really enjoyed the soundtrack to Amy J.Berg's Janis Joplin biopic Little Girl Blue.  It consists of a lot of live takes that are different than the well-trodden catalog.  Big Brother are still her ultimate feral cat of a backing band. Pro Tools would have ruined It. Thank god that standard of perfection didn't exist! Instead of the rock mama who has become a cartoon long forsaken by the public eye, you get a terrific lady blues singer who rises above all cliche's. Blu Blu Blue!


Get baack


Having acquired the Sgt.Presents Bluray edition Super Deluxe version of Let it Be. I was tempted to watch each rehearsal on the corresponding day they were filmed. That's how Beatle crazy I am.  I was offended that the guy working the counter at Octopuses Garden Frankfort Ave had to look up what album "I've just seen a face" appears on (Help on CD- Rubber Soul-original US vinyl). 

I guess the fabs haven't formally fooled with Let It Be because ABKO still gets a cut.  This boot was exhaustive and exhausting for my housemates!  The out-takes reveal some actual fun being had despite the well-documented acrimony.  Particularly joyous is Lennon coming up with the Get Back solo. They even jammed with Yoko in one outtake!! I always loved Let It Be when I was a kid. Still looking for the unedited version of Dig It!


Atlas Fisted


Greetings from Kentucky, where the working poor will now have to work some more if they want health insurance. Will this get them up to 3 jobs in some cases?  The trickle down here is more like a frozen pipe ready to burst. Our Rand (ayn)infused governor, believes governing is giving away more than you take in tax revenue to corporations and the rest will just have to pray to God and bootstrap themselves forward.

The reason the public is so apathetic about this stuff is the urban legend of welfare cheats "getting over" and having a free ride. I used to meet some of these folks when i worked in community mental health prior to the Affordable Care Act. They often had kids and if they wanted insurance themselves they had to volunteer or attend counseling that wasn't really their idea. This always seemed misguided because they often lacked job and emotional skills to succeed at these endeavors.  They were often very "difficult" for a variety of reasons: physical and sexual abuse, disengaged parents and self-medicating with drugs and relationships. Their lack of follow thru often shot them in the foot. 

ACA was a godsend for a backward state like KY. After all, until the robots take over,  aren't healthy citizens better fodder for the capitalist machine?  Keep your tax cuts job makers. We know paying health benefits is a bitch. More for you to invest in job creation!!

The current deal sets them up to fail.  If they miss appointments or can't pay premiums, they can't access services they will definitely need. Most will take their chances and go to the ER if the shit really hits the fan. I wouldn't pick up garbage for cough syrup. Would you? This is rooted in mean-spirited judgmentalism. Evidently, the proctology exams are free!


For Dogs only


I was listening to "Prince: The Hits" while painting my daughter's room yesterday. I noted a couple of things.  Prince sounds so 80's. Every gimmick that came along, he tossed on his records. There were so many weird noises, my dog barked almost non-stop. I also chuckled at the thought of "Soft and Wet" being sold by his heirs to Porter Paints for a home reno ad!  Finally, he should have been covered more. I prefer the other artists' versions of "Nothing Compares to U"  and "I feel for You".  Prince was a great songwriter with somewhat questionable taste as a producer in my opinion. It almost feels like the way people justify John Mayer's lack of other substance by saying "He's a helluva guitar player".  His solo at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is like that for me. It's pretty good but I almost expect the jizz to come out of his guitar like in "Purple Rain" to ruin the poignancy!


Christmas Shill


I highly recommend Slicing Eyeballs Christmas playlist. The Alt 80's produced a lot of Christmas music. This was before it became a cottage industry and the only reason someone might go see Brian Setzer on tour!! In a side note, the Fed will raise interest rates just in time for the post Christmas credit card statements. Consume Consume Consume!!! 


Geritol Shuffle


I finally went Apple on my phone. Where else could iI compile my 12,000 plus legal downloads? Each iPod(phone) has it's own unique shuffle patterns. I almost think it's Jungian in its intuition but then I remember I picked the songs in the first place.  The ghost in the machine of this device is that it frequently picks Steve Marriott (Small Faces/Humble Pie), Bob Dylan, and Brian Wilson tunes(mainly from the 1st Brian Wilson Solo Album). Not necessarily a bad thing.

Marriott has machismo and soul. Dylan provides the poetry.  Despite the pre-Pro Tools sheen of "Brian Wilson", the melodies stick in your head and never go away.  The rest?  A tasty collection if I do say so myself. I may not taste good but I have good taste.



Panic in Detroit


The so-called "Factory of Sadness" resumes today in Detriot. You've got to tenderly pity those of us born into Browns fandom. I didn't feel so bad about my Ebay jerseys after attending the Jets game this year. No one is investing in new gear. We've all been hurt too much by the promise and lies. The tailgate is the only thing to anticipate. It's followed soon by indigestion. I don't see this one going into the win column despite the Lion's penchant for being losers too. Haslam should just sell for a profit and go back to being the lot lizard owner that he was born to be.


Sick Man of Angeletta


What a drag it tis getting old? I rarely get sick but I seem to have come down with a sore throat and earache. This is especially bad for my precious weekend time.  Always one to multi-task, I rewatched "Rushmore" in my pre-dawn misery. I have a few observations.

 Schwartzman's character is much more psychopathic than i remembered. He was ahead of his time as a gaslighter but Ms. Cross handled it without excess moaning and a pointing of fingers. Bill M. is truly the everyman of middle age decay. Even happiness offered is gladly squandered without an afterthought.  The soundtrack is sublime and actually provides the sweetness that doesn't really exist in the characters. It's still one of my top ten movies. Also learned that it was co-authored by Owen Wilson!!!! 




Get ready for a Jimmy Honeyman Holiday Single HO HO HO HO WHOA b/w BATMAN PRETTY LIGHTS.  it should be available at Bandcamp on Friday and the other digital outlets soon after.


House of Honeyman Podcast #5


Another in an occasional series. Today i talk Mike Bates, go-Betweens, Brett anderson and home demos.


Keef's Closers


Starting with Emotional Rescue most Stones albums end with a Keith Richard ballad.  Supposedly ending the side with a ballad is good groove management on vinyl.  The other interpretation is "Mick wants the commercial shit early in the album!"  "All about you" is the ultimate non-love song and one of my favorite confused kiss-offs.  "Slipping Away" from Steel Wheels could have been a hit. I liked how Mick actually participated in the middle 8. It's a great cue the credits song.  "Sleep tonight" works best in the context of Dirty Work; a ravaged ballad with drums by a Ron Wood and choir of Kirsty MacColl, Bobby Womack, and Tom Waits!!!!  That leaves "Thru and Thru"  and "How can I stop";  both have turned up on T.V. and Films, the modern version of a hit (background music or ads).

So my top 3: "Slipping Away" best song; "All about you" emotionally resonant; and "Sleep Tonight"- best performance-best context. Follow JimmyHoneyman on Spotify. I've compiled a playlist there.


Missing in Action 18


I was reunited last night with some old friends in a sturdy bankers box. I'm talking bout my albums S-Y. I'd noticed that i could find many of my Who albums or several Squeeze albums i didn't have on CD. They had been left at my Ex Ex wife's house circa 1996. Amazingly, back in my grateful hands. The Stiff compilations and Quadrophenia with deluxe packaging are most welcome.




I'd always get annoyed at later versions of David Bowie's "Heroes" when he'd cut out the 2nd verse about his women being mean and him being drunk all the time. That spoke to me!!  I recently unearthed one of my first home TEAC cassette recordings (actually digitized in the early 2000's), a cover of the full-length track featuring backing from Mike Feedback on Bass, Vocals, and Harmonica and John Paul on Drums.

I remember going into our Rubin Walker rehearsal space on morning-after I got off working the graveyard shift at BETA. The boys graciously agreed to meet me there and the rest is not a bad morning of work.  There is another version here in a bin with a fab Fripp tone lead by me but Mike Feedback liked his harp version so much, it stood the tape copy of time.




The NFL shop informed me there was yet another label I needed to contend with as a marketing monkey/consumer target. I learned today that I'm  a"Home gater" which is probably better than being a home wrecker. 

Instead of spending $500 at the stadium or $150 at Beef O'Brady's, I'm in for another 6 months of Satellite radio (about $30 split over 16 weeks not bad and all the Beatles  I can stand), some buns, chips, and flavored Tea. Instead of a new jersey, I'll pick from my eBay stock. Though I did splurge and bought a Kosar #19.  AND I get to clean my house during the game. So some productivity for the old emo dad Browns fan man. As always F#$k Pittsburgh and the NFL.


"I threw it all away"


I've added my version of "I threw it all away" to the audio player page.  My version is actually an odd xerox of an Aztec Camera snapshot rather than the Hard Rain bellow fest I first heard as a youngin sleeping in a burned out basement.  I'm hoping to do a House of Honeyman Podcast soon. Just looking for a few minutes of solitude that are hard to come by in these Titanic days. 


Outta of the mouths of babes


I'm listening to Neil Young's "Hitchhiker" archival release. "Powderfinger" came on and that neighborhood kid playing Jenga in my living spontaneously opined "I like this song...I'd listen to it on Youtube."  A lot of the songs on this disc found homes on other albums, but this is a great example of first thought best thought (Burroughs??). Pure Acoustic beauty, all witnessed by Dean Stockwell. Any one remember "Quantum Leap"?


A round and About


They say the CD is dead but not in my car!! If you follow me on Insta, you know I'll post some of my commuting pleasures. One such disc is "A Round and About"  by Squeeze. Released on IRS records in the early 90's. It would have to be in my top ten live discs (blog for another day on that topic). It meets all the criteria of a good live album: most of the hits, inspired performances, and original group members.  Glenn Tilbrook's use of the b-bender is inspired throughout. Jools is free to boogie woogie all set long. Gilson Lavis was a great beat machine. Chris Difford's lyrics are masterful regardless of whose writing the tunes. It's not on Spotify so good luck. 


Elektra Summer of Love Series


I guess it is still technically summer. I had been eyeing the free Rhino Summer of Love key chain for a lady friend for a few months.  I already have the 1st LOVE album as a download. I would have definitely snatched up the mono version of the 1st Tim Buckley album but then it would be NO KEYCHAIN (at Joes Records anyway). I settled on a new compilation,  The Monkees "Summer of Love". I already had most of these too but there was a solid smattering of single mixes and odd tracks. 

I'm glad they've improved colored vinyl. This was a nice puke pink and blue with negligible surface noise. "Accidental Hipster" The Weller/Gallagher co-write fits in seamlessly with the other tracks. If you don't have last years Monkee album get it now. Now i just need a girlfriend for that keychain!!


Brain nerds


Sometimes my thoughts are like a handful of Wonka Nerds. Spilling all over and hard to clean up. Too many ideas and not enough time. Sometimes the only product is a sink full of dishes and a hard days night. Medicate with dark roast and lightly buttered toast. Sugar and spice girls.


Gawd i need a t.v. when i've got T-rex


I resisted HDTV's and big T.V's in general forever. It seemed to be a concession to suburbia or representative of the middle of the road. I reluctantly bought a small one so that i could watch "Yellow Submarine" on Blu-Ray. I'm proud that the only Blu-Ray's i've ever bought were that and "Performance."  

i got hooked on streaming with that gateway tube (yeah, yeah i know it doesn't have tubes now). When inherited a large Hitachi, i had use the interface of my Sony Blu-Ray. This was a little iffy. No more YouTube, Hulu stopped updating.....I had to buy a FIRE STICK!! OMG, true HD is AMAZINGGGGG!! Of course, as a music lover. I'm searching out good concert footage. No wonder people are so onery about buying their music. It sucks but it's still cool. Sadly, it'll probably cage alot of great stuff in the past. I've been wrong before. I thought home taping would kill music. If they said that on a Hulu ad, I'd believe it.



Raspberries "Pop Art Live"


Despite the horrendous cover, The Raspberries "Pop Art Live" is a welcome addition to the catalog. I guess having an album that smelled like a Raspberry was kinda of pop art eh? Those poofy hair cuts certainly were not!! This was the first show of the reunion tour. Obviously, "Sunset Strip" is a better document but the song selection here is interesting....Choir songs and Beatle covers. Eric Carmen sounds a bit hoarse at times but overall "the overdub" musicians help them deliver power pop nirvana.  Now I know why I used to feel so "fucking optimistic".


Dingwalls 1986


Johnny Thunders is probably the most bootlegged non-hippie. He even famously named an album "Bootlegging the bootleggers:. I was watching a 1986 Johnny Thunders gig at Dingwalls on Youtube the other day. Though he appeared somewhat sober, the band could not get in gear behind him (i thought i spotted John Perry and Glenn Matlock behind the columns).  It is hilarious to watch him trying to show the band the accents on "Gloria". I know i've been in that garage band hell before!!


Let it Be


It's been awhile since i listened to the "Spectorized" "Let it Be".  Despite what's been said by Paul, George Martin Et Al.  I agree with John that he actually made something mediocre into a great album. While he complained the most, it's Paul's song that benefit  from the wall of sound.  It's probably lost to this generation, but the Let It Be Album sounded good on the radio, stereo, or a shitty phonograph (imagine that Crosley someone gave you).  

Of course, i love all the outtakes and stripped down versions that have come out since. Let's let good ole Giles Martin run them thru a compressor and call it Art. Give Phil a break.




I got conned into another 6 months of Sirius. Indifference pays. They offered me a much better deal than the standard renewal. Howard Stern used to be essential but i gave it up when my car kit went wonky. I wanted more music in my life and less distraction so i switched to CD's

I like this new Beatles channel though. The Loft has Celtic Crush and Johansen's Mansion of Fun ,so i guess it's worth "Pennies a day".  After 12 years of great programming you get a little spoiled. The main reason i've subscribed is Little Steven's Underground Garage. I'm excited that Rodney Bingenhimer is coming onboard on the weekends.  Listening to LSUG has led me to the conclusion that the primary colors of great garage rock are the influence of The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, and The Ramones. All groovy garage has elements of this in it's DNA. You can't go wrong with those elements in your jam- tuneful attitude.



In the key of G


The improbable happened last night. I played a set of Grateful Dead music! Ever the stylist, Bill "willy" Lynch, put out a plea to play Grateful Dead music based on his admiration of the Dead Doc streaming on Amazon Prime. This was totally in the wheelhouse of Ronnie Doo Wop. Since Jay Gabbard is no longer on the trip, i had to dep on lead guitar (all similarities to myself and John Mayer end there). Jack Skinner as always pumped up the bass with his entourage in tow and The Hawk looked happy sipping scotch and saying dag.

I remembered Andy Partridges claim to have learned lead guitar from the early Dead albums: pentatonic and dorian scales played slowly. This approach worked rather well on a Epiphone SG i acquired at a yard sale last October tuned to open G. For those who care about such things, i ran it into my VOX tone bender and Electroharmonix organ pedal. The guitar tone went to a Doctor Z amp, while the organ notes went to an Acoustic amp. Kids- keyboards can blow your regular guitar amps. Use protection!!  We played about 6 tunes in 3 hours, among them "Stella" and "Fire on the Mountain" and the pigpen inspired "Good Morning Little School Girl".

As Ronnie said: "Let's do this again but not too soon".  We might have been the greatest jam band playing last Saturday night but eh "we're better than that."


Happy Fathers day Mother F$#kers!


Happy Fathers day to the guys who aren't really fathers but are with women with children. Sometimes yours is a thankless task. You're not really might be a temporary thing. Mom's lonely and you're willing to overlook the instant fam. You have an moral obligation to not suck. The fact that real dad isn't there sucks enough but you don't need to add any other stress or weirdness. If they don't buy you a tie or do buy you a tie , be gracious. If you think you could be a dad, step up and be a man. You can do a lot of good.


Sgt. Rutters


The slow kids wonder what all the hype about Sgt. Peppers is 50 years on. it doesn't help with the press release BS about how amazing it sounds since Giles Martin added compression. i think Giles is as good a charlatan as his old man. You need to thank EMI and their great engineers or else it would have sounded like a Mickie Most production (i.e. very dated).

It's always been a good mockumentary target because it spawned so many bad and pretentious imitations. It was the probably the first pop album....not just singles and stray tracks. It's good head music.  The packaging, the sounds, the myth can't be taken seperately which is counter to today's culture (where it was once counter culture).

Favorite tracks?? "Getting Better" "lucy" "Mr. Kite" "within in" "Day in the life".   I first got this album when i was 8 and listened on a phonograph worse than a crosley and it still turned me on. "She's leaving home" used to make me cry!!! As Lenny Kaye said "It's a nugget if you dug it."


Jerkin' Crocus


Warning! This one may offend delicate sensibilities.  This week i pulled out my vinyl copy of the Mott The Hopple bootleg "Behind Enemy Lines". It's from the "Broadway" tour in 1974 and features the guitar stylings of Ariel Bender.  At the time i bought it ,back in the early 80's, i was a bit disappointed in the quality but find it listenable to my older ears. 

Glam Rock and teenage sexuality are obviously intertwined.  While the "boys" are wearing make-up and platform boots, the "macho" guitar playing quells the homophobia factor. For whatever reason, my older brother couldn't handle Elton coming out of the closet or Mott but stayed cool with Bowie.  This made Mott my band.  Kill the father and all that musically speaking.

The three guitar players in Mott represent 3 very distinct phallus styles. First, There was Mick Ralphs. He was very economical with huge tone.  A steady rut if you know what i mean.

Ariel Bender came in after he left. I loved and (loved) his over-excited style, skittery single notes, and hammering vibrato. He was like all us fifteen year olds: He came fast and often splattering the walls!!! "Walking with a Mountain" is the aural of equivalent of if i actually got laid at that age!!

If you've ever heard "European Ending", the only tour with Mick Ronson, you get the steady confidence of Ralph's with the sleazy sizzle that he brought to the Spiders. This is very manful stuff but with the pizazz of seduction.

Ariel is my favorite Mott live guitarist. I listened to "Winterland 73" on Youtube. Little less crazy than "Mott the Hoople Live" but great vibrato and slide work. Rock and Roll


Elvis vs Elvis


Thanks to all who came out for the Elvis vs. Elvis show. It was a bit of a challenge for me , having to cover two of the most iconic vocalists in rock and roll history!!! I think i pulled it off though. No bottles or rotten tomatoes. Our back catalog hung in there with the Elvis repertoire too. This is very gratifying to me as a songwriter. I would have gladly sold those songs to the Colonel (or Jake Riveria)!! I'm toying with some ideas for the next one; Beatles vs. Stones?  Smiths vs. Robert Smith(The Cure)? Suede vs. Oasis. If you have requests for future performance art, drop me a line.


Down by the Jetty


I'm glad the world is more aware of Wilko Johnson and Dr. Feelgood after "Oil City Confidential" and his battle with Cancer.  I'm thinning out my personal possessions and recently parted with my mono copy of "Down by the Jetty" (don't feel sad for me, it's on Spotify). What a great debut and actually worth experiencing in the LP format. They didn't evolve much more than that but if you need a Dr. Feelgood record other than "Stupidity" or "Case of the Shakes" this is the one.


Easter Everywhere


Easter Sunday is a good day to listen to the 13th Floor Elevators: garage Rock head music from Texas.  in the 60's, LSD was legal but a joint would get you 20 to life!!  The elevators are the rare band that could make you dance while you contemplate the universe in your navel.




Haven't been too active here this month. Family business. I came across an unused Bitter Brothers sticker while cleaning out my mom's garage Ah...good times. This was my performance art musical collaboration with Archer Prewitt when we were teeming teens.  He taught me alot did Archer. Pre-internet he would always be introducing new ideas from his travels in the art world be it music , loving conversation or substances (the best times were all 3 at once) The consummation of those good times is over on Myspace here . A digital totem pole as it were to a bygone time.


Who is the best Power Pop band?


I've been listening to "Starting Over" by the Raspberries in my car this week. In a right and just world, upon release it would have cemented their position in the album oriented rock firmament.  A song like "Play on" is better than anything BOSTON ever did but not dissimilar.  

In my mind, the Big 3 of power pop in the 70's are Raspberries, Big Star, and Badfinger. I list their names in proper order.  If Chris Bell had remained in Big Star, they would probably be #1 (but he didn't).  Badfinger were probably the most solid band but lack the flashes of brilliance that we got from the other two.

Back to "Starting Over", it has it all: Crunchy guitars, WHO drums, Beach Boy harmonic genius, Beatleseque little richard/berry grit and sappy Eric Carmen ballads( he was an original there).  Get over to Spotify and stream it. I'm sure the band get nothing from reissues anywaY. There is a great box set of all 4 Rasperries albums for less than $20. Well worth it!!


All Wrestling All the time


Between The FITE app and the varying streaming services it's possible to have all wrestling all the time. Wrestling isn't just for Saturday morning, it's big business.....merch etc etc etc. It's still very simple vaudvillian (perhaps even moliere influenced) drama that appeals to all ages of arrested development.

I've always been a Richard Rodriguez mark. His EL Rey network is one of the few cable channels i would actually watch. I've been bingeing on "Lucha Underground" streaming on Netflix.  Like all his productions, he combines lessons in latino culture with extreme violence. On Lucha , women are equal and can wrestle the men (and kick ass doing it).  Little people execute high flying head scissors. Oily bohunks who failed the WWE drug test can earn their daily bread. Evidently, stuff like this has gone on for years south of the border. Yet another reason not to build a wall.


VIVA HATE is 29 years old??


I don't know what it is about March. I always associate it with discovering great tunes. Maybe it's the change in the weather or the feast of friends that is St. Paddy's Day. I saw on Slicing Eyeballs that Morrissey's "ViVA HATE" came out this week 29 years ago. I still remember my first "taste" of the album. I was working the midnight shift at a drug treatment center. My main duties were making sure no parties or sex erupted after hours.  Evidently, i wasn't that good at the job, because i would always hear later how the residents found a way under my nose. 

So for some reason, i was actually able to tune in WRFL for a change (it was after midnight so the signal had less competition.  I heard the arresting noise of "Alsatian Cousin", it was unlike anything ever put out by The Smiths.  Vini Reilly's guitar and the programmed beats ensured that. There was lots of concern in Moz Fandom at the time because of the portrayal of Morrissey as some shrinking violet who would be unable to function without Johnny Marr.  Funny to imagine now.  Has Johnny had any memorable tunes since leaving The Smiths?  Any LP with "Everyday is like Sunday" "Suedehead" and "Hairdresser on Fire" is classic.  It's a shame he didn't do more with Vini and Steven Street. 




How does it go? "Love Gets you twisted"?  As i was "reflecting on life's inner meaning and my latest fling" last weekend. It dawned on me that alot of my thoughts and idolatry about the concept of love have been warped like a vinyl 45 in a hot car by my passion for popular song.  It's simply simplistic. In a pop song, you're either madly in love or longing for someone to reciprocate your (true) (unique) feelings. 

There are very few songs about self-love or friendship "put it there..if it weighs a ton." So "how do you mend a broken heart"?  So many songs reminded me of the situation, the good and bad times. Do you switch to listening to instrumentals? That's too little too late for my crazy expectations. Depending on the key of the song or feel it'll probably stir those feelings anyway.  For now i'll binge watch Taylor Swift Now on AT and T and let you know how it goes.  If anyone can successfully name all the lyrics in quotations i'll sign a used Valentine for you and send it 1st class mail "hey wait a minute Mr. Postman".


Whisky in the jarooo


Available this week only. A free download of the "Whiskey in the Jar". At least as authentic as Jeptha Creed!!!!


Nashville..what next Billie Clyde Tuggle?


Man, I can't believe that Rayna ( jimmy honeyman doppelganger connie britton) James was killed off. Then i remembered, "it's a soap opera stupid!"  NASHVILLE has taken me on as many rollercoaster rides as "All My Children"  hence the Billy Clyde Tuggle reference. I started watching it on a lonely christmas in 2015 and carried on and on and on.  

I liked Connie of course and how people are always writing songs to express themselves. I knew it was trouble when the "30 something" showrunners took over but respect that death was the only way to write Rayna off the show that anyone could believe.  My hopes for the future?  Little Maddie should go away to college...way way away. Little Daphne is the likeable Lennon sister. I hope Avery goes back to being a prick.  Will needs more bathhouse scenes.  Scarlett and her fake Dolly Parton accent is BORING.  Time for her 19th nervous breakdown. I like the bipolar kid, though he reminds me of Robert Randolph (who i don't like musically). Time for Deacon to hit a meeting or an Anger Management class. He's going to need it as we go forward with this mess. 




Now on the Audio page, a new House of Honeyman podcast.  Live at the house of durant discussing the Cadillac.  Check it out!


The Crusher (King of the Ring)


As a child of the cold war, I was hip to how the Russians were usually portrayed in my favorite comics and movies.  They would rail about the decadent capitalist lifestyle and how unlike a socialist, we were weak and self-involved.  Turns out they were right!  We deemphasized civics and started confusing religion and capitalism with democracy (that Atlas shrugged crap).  We became so doped by multiplatform entertainment that we got a reality star on the presidential ticket ( i won't say he was elected cause ya know). 

It's alot like wrestling, DT is like Dee Dee Ramones character in the Crusher.  An overmatched, out of his league wrestler facing the Russian bear in the ring.  DT is in the WWE hall of fame.  Very Jimmy Hart against Putin and the boys.  


Burger Boy: The obesity files


Sorry to have gone quiet for the past 6 weeks or so.  Lot's of changes in the real world. Little time for Art...muzak mainly in my auto on the autobahn.  Since life has been so what it is, i've regressed to more regular burger eating. Some quick thoughts.....The Whopper Jr. is still incredibly satisfying on the comfort food scale. It's the mayo.   The Big Boy Platter has been ruined by Frisch's no longer using Heinz Catsup and changing the crackers they offer with the slaw.  Wendy's is kicking the competition with the 4 for 4.  The Double stack is a game changer. I prefer Rally's 4 for 3 but invariable feel incredibly lethargic soon after consumption.  Steak and Shake seems to be making a comeback on my taste buds.  I've had two really satisfying Double Steakburgers recently (good pickling).  Strangely, i haven't made it to Mc D's in wonder they're losing market space.  I'd rather go to McDonalds instead of Panera anyday.  Frankfort is getting a Bojangles. The gauntlet has been thrown down Hardees ( recent 1/3 thickburger...distinctive digestive smell).


Blue and Lonesome


Being a huge Stones fan, i should comment on "Blue and Lonesome".  Pretty good if you need a white blues album.  It exposes the doctors and lawyers bands with nice toys that play around town as the 12 bar charlatans that they are.  None of these bands have Mick Jagger otherwise the backing is pretty generic.  Over on Youtube are a bunch of great blues sides by the Stones when Wyman and Jones were still around that puts all this to shame. "If you can't rock me...somebody will"


House of Honeyman Podcast #3


Hang the DJ one more time!! The latest House of Honeyman podcast is now on the Audio Page.  Thanks to William J Lynch for his encouragement. Hope you enjoy.  Also available for a limited time, RIP and I make Hawk jealous by not including him in our version of Brilliant Disguise recorded at Durant's old pad near Mason's grocery. 


Rock and Soul Questionnaire for Jimmy Honeyman


My Answers to these probing questions:


What do you do in your spare time?  Watch Wrestling, daydream, practice Yardbirds licks

Would you like to get married (again)?   I do believe it's possible if Cher is available or a certain girl comes to her senses!!

What kind of girl would you like to marry? or germanic in descent

How many children would you like to have? I have 3 and that's more than any one person should have no disrespect to my parents but overbreeding is killing the planet.

What would you do if someone gave you a million dollars? Buy my friends 30 acres and a mule.

Of all the places you've been in America, which one would you like to go back to and why?  I left my heart in San Francisco. I would love to be in Big Sur or almost anywhere in California

What was the biggest Thrill of your life? All the nice letters i got when i was run over by a car. I truly felt loved and appreciated

Who has helped you most with your career? My brothers Ronnie and Jack

Of all the performers you've work with who do you admire the most?  I'd say Brandt Prewitt. He's a true original and brings out the animus in us alll

What do you like most about your work?  The buzz of pulling off a great performance or song

What do you dislike about your work?  My tendency to take forever to get songs out of my head. It's maddening at times.

What is your most prized material possession? my bed

Who is your favorite actor?  So many.  James Dean, Robin Lord Taylor, Burt Reynolds,  Nicholas Cage

Who is your favorite actress?  Tilda Swinton , Connie Britton, Julie Christie, Catherine Denuve

Do you have a nickname? Honeyman - jim

What do you daydream about?  Winning the lottery..touring Ireland.





Burger Boy: The portaone sessions


I recently found a lost master reel of my 4 track demo's from my first solo album "Jimmyhoneyman".  "Burger Boy:  the portaone sessions" can be purchased  and streamed now at Jimmy Honeyman's Bandcamp page.  Bandcamp is the only place you can do this and actual ensure that this artist gets paid!

Like many of my projects, the gestation period was lengthy and freshness was sacrificed for polish.  Ronnie Doo Wop and Mike Feedback added so much to that project and we recorded in many unique places.  Two of my best songs are featured here: "Meet me in the afternoon" and "Butterfly. If they had come out at the time, i would have beat Bon Iver to the (blue) moon.   


One way love


My favorite Black Friday post was something to the effect of "I stayed home and saved the most money".  Capitalism is all about consumption. Since we are now unabashedly governed by those who hold capital as the highest principle above democracy and freedom and social justice, they should just pull the curtain aside and drop the pretense. Capitalism (I.E. Black Friday) thrives on Chinese manufacturing. BTW "Century of Self" explainz this well, if you don't need they have to create it.

If the annoying Orange wanted to jump start manufacturing he would require that Black Friday only feature American manufactured goods.  I can hear the teeth gnashing sounding like crickets now.  Where are the 4th quarter profits that don't translate into jobs in that?  We got rid of the unions so we'll all be working on the friday after Thanksgiving soon anyway. Successful people work day and night in the pursuit of profit anyway. Don't you know that ?



F#k Norman Rockwell and Norman Mailer for that matter


I think Norman Rockwell f#4ked up a whole bunch of babyboomers with his image of the "ideal" holiday and we X'ers have suffered by osmosis (The millenials just drink craft beer and laugh at memes or cat video's in there lonely apartments). I had dreams of flannel shirts, woodpiles, and strong coffee over the stove with a choir of carolers at my door.  The reality was the comical annual feuds and eccentricities with a dog show or cooking show in the background. I snuck in a few bond movies and charcutrie in my downtime.

In my day job, everyone wanted to get out of jail for thanksgiving and my snarky comment was it's not like there going home to a "Norman Rockwell" scene. Obviously, they just want to feel sorry for themselves, have sex with the sex of their preference, and get as F#4ked up as possible. Hang on....that sounds pretty good!!  I want out of jail too.


Buckshot and Turkey


Another F$5king shoot out,  this one here in my town Louisville. Guns kill people!! There hasn't been a big rock or stick  massacre in awhile. Having participated in the Thanksgiving tradition of side yard football. i know that tempers can flare.  If my brother JP had a gun when we were kids i probably wouldn't be writing this now. This is the point "The constitutionalist" overlook, while you the right to own and bear arms in America, you don't have the right to kill other people. One constitutional right does not trump the other or the basic rules for living on the planet. Get off the phone and put your piece away people.


The Gift of Jericho (Drink it in...Man)


While Chris Jericho says this to generate heat with the wrestling audience, Jericho is truly a wrestling gift.  Though he has rarely won a match and hasn't held a title since his WWE return. He has made the show watchable and put over the other wrestlers, particularly the rather bland and sweaty Kevin Owens. 

His ring psychology is remarkable and clear to even a seven year old. "I'm the bad guy, you are supposed to be insulted by my comments."  He can wrestle any style and make any opponent look good. Great on the mic too. This is something that most of the current crop of wrestlers can't tie into one neat package.  I hope they let him win one soon. Marking hard.


All along the watchtower


Funny...if you own an album long enough, even if you didn't listen to it for like 35 years it might grow on you again!! I will make that claim about the "The Essential Jimi Hendrix".  This was a 2 lp compilation that came out around 78?  It probably cost me a large amount of lawn mowing/lunch money at the time. 

I was turned on to Jimi when they showed "MontErey" on the afternoon movie.  How could a teenage boy resist someone setting their guitar on fire!!  Punk and New Wave came soon after though and it was more likely that i could play like that instead of a gear abusing Satyr in a bandana.  I left Hendrix to my younger brother like snotty older brothers often do.  It is essential stuff on that 2 record set, i should have listened a bit closer.


Grey Market Iggy


In the land of "legal" downloads, there are a ton of Iggy Pop and Iggy and the Stooges live sets of questionable legality available to download.  One of my favorites is "Psychophonic Medicine" that includes demos, outtakes, and a particularly hot live show from San Francisco in 1981 featuring Carlos Alomar and Clem Burke.  There's a video of this out there in ether. Iggy's dressed in drag and the band smokes. Five stars.



Elvis Dream Dictionary


Did you know there's an Elvis dream dictionary? Look it up!  Evidently ( or so someone who created the site says) meeting Elvis in your dream has great significance, kinda like when Bret kept seeing Bowie on the Conchords. My dreams lately are like one big extended remix of "Are you lonesome tonight" with a different mid-song rap every night.  Never in Technicolor like "Viva Los Vegas" but sometimes featuring Ann Margrock!!!




Check out the new Powombs page....excerpts from my man diary before the actual journals fuel the winter fires in the season of wither.  This moment is all that's guaranteed Babes!!


We're all orphans now


Election over....fork stuck in butt of the American dreem.  Our schools have been so bad for so long that most think Capitalism and Democracy are interchangeable...that separation of church and state is bad...The supreme court isn't a check and balance just a political football.  20 years of anti-intellectual propaganda pays off pig time.  A reality star president.  They should have been teaching Frank Miller's "the Dark Knight" instead of "1984" in high school.  All we have is each other. Time to build the family you never had.




Lots of eulogizing for Leonard Cohen this week. If all the people on Facebook who claimed to be inspired by Lenny actually bought his records, he would have been bigger than Garth Brooks!! I enjoyed his earlier Folky records.( look up live at the bbc on youtube) He had relations with some hot chicks, pissed Phil Spector off but didn't get pistol whipped, and inspired Nick Cave. Good Enough for me.


A steaming pile of Brown


Hey Sports Fans...I'm tired of rooting for the losing team but as the song goes "i don't where else i can go".  Last nites Browns/Ravens game was diabolical.  I would have much rather listened to the "not my president" riot in Baltimore than this shit!! A winless season is truly unacceptable in professional football.  Jimmy "i know how to run a successful business so i can do anything" Haslam makes Randy Lerner look like a genius.  Firing Chud after one season 3 years ago has led to this long losing slog that may take another two years to correct.  Is it the bye week yet?


XYY Chromosone radio


I've always liked Pandora's Music Genome project. Tracing the musical DNA to turn us on to new things. Other services are trying but aren't quite as perfect (the thumbs down really helps tune it).   On Spotify, i noticed there is a "Jimmy Honeyman Radio"  where you can hear my first solo album mixed in with like minded artiste. It's pretty heady stuff: The Smiths, Dylan, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, The Cure.  For some reason ,it doesn't include Jimmy Honeyman Quartet music. That's a seperate radio station.  Less genome perfect, it lumps the 2nd album with artists who label their tracks as having explicit content. In my Honeyman contrarian way, I labeled the instrumental "Gamera" as having explicit lyrics!  So you get some truly "indie" artists who use dirty words when you stream "Jimmy Honeyman Quartet" Radio. Both are cool if you are so inclined. Every .0000000000005 of a penny earned goes back into my art!!!


Freddi and the Dreamer


Youtube keeps recommending more and more esoteric bootlegs based on my interests. Notably, this week i listened to "Freddi and the dreamer: The Arnold Corns sessions".  This was a project where Bowie was going to turn his hairdresser into a popstar.  He must have been smoking some good hash because there's no way Freddi was going to be a star (not that Freddi anyway).  It's interesting to hear the embryonic versions of so many Ziggy songs. If this had come out and even been a mild success, He would have given away a side of great songs.  Like his nemesis, Jimmy Page, DB may have made his deal with Ole scratch shortly after and the rest is rock and roll history (or suicide).


Agents of SHIELD: Ghost Rider


I've always stayed about a season behind on Agents of SHIELD. I like how it stayed parallel to the other Marvel movies though.  This is just like the comics: a minor title following the main action in the other books. Like a minor title, it's hardly a must read if you're short on pocket money. 

I enjoyed season 3 on Netflix but realized about half way thru that it reminded me of season 3 of Angel!!!  The recycling of themes goes on and on in the Whedonverse. I'm not sure why Marvel wants to persist with Ghost Rider though.  He has always been a minor dark character with little upside. I think Joss should have fought for Agents of SHIELD :Angel and Spike. This would have been much more entertaining and caused a true Geek Gasm.

While i enjoy the latino GR (Joss pushing the diversity....They should make all Marvel characters adopt new ethnicity and make the Black Panther a reformed Klansmen who uses his superpowers to fight racism!!) I miss Nicholas Cage's scene and vicodin chewing from the sequel.  I'm all up to date. It's no GOTHAM.


Subterranean Jungle


"Subterranean Jungle" is the great unheralded Ramones album.  The last before they went "punk" again in the 80's.  It was the end of an era as Marky drank himself out of the band for awhile and the song credits were seperated for the first time. Probably an F U to Johnny!

There is great production by Richie Cordell.  He would later apply the same approach to Joan Jett with much success:  Cool covers, Thunders style guitar, and loud drums.  Dee Dee emerges as the superior writer here with "Timebomb" and "Psychotherapy",  Though Joey's "Everytime i eat vegetables" is a song only the Ramones could pull off.  "Little bit of soul" and "Time has come today" should have been hits.  The world is cruel and unfair.  This one is hard to find these days, so get it if you can.  




Listening to the Blevins family vinyl copy of "Ziggy Stardust", i'm going to overlook the 1972 vintage surface noise and re-declare it as one of the greatest albums ever. Better than the CD which is something i rarely say.  I used to dine with  an old queen who had a $6000 stereo and some of the first CD's.  While avoiding his repressed advances, i would rib him about the warmth of tubes and vinyl  while he went to great pains and expense to go digital.  His one factoid on turntables was this:  the cartridge colors the bass response. That's why vinyl sounds better to the ear in some instances.  

It's worthwhile to sit down for 20 minutes at a time.  So let's keep spinning the plastic.



May your first pope be a masculine pope


I've been musing on catholicism of late.  My daughter is starting the formation process. I think religious education is important so that you can reject it later and get to a real spiritual place. I get why the rest of the christian world is a little weirded out by us crossbacks.  I enjoy the ritual but am souring on the hypocrisy.  Last year, i would sit in the corner of the class room while my daughter learned "the ropes" for an hour and half every sunday.  This year she seemed ok with me bowing out.  The head nun, came over and said "i'm glad she's comfortable this year. If you sat in now we'd have to check your background. Gotta keep our kids safe."  Based on the history of sexual abuse and cover ups, that seemed a bit much to me.

This morning i sat near a catholic prayer group. I think breaking bread is cool with your peers, even if it's at Denny's..  They gave thanks etc and included the abortions they'd prevented this week.  After the god talk was over, they proceeded to rant about Hilary and homosexuality. All very unchristlike things in my mind. Whose gonna raise all those unwanted kids the church insist that you keep having?

Maybe Pope Francis can eventually impact this nonsense.  I try to never join a club that will have me as a member.


Morrissey at the palace


It's become a tradition to make at least one Morrissey gig per US tour.  Despite, his "no show Jones" rep. I've never held the ticket stub bag and this is the 7 time (well ,two were rescheduled but he did make them up).  This show was solid, making it into my chart at #3. Cincinnati in 1991 #1, Columbus 2013 #2, and Louisville #3.  

No new songs. No "Kill Uncle" or"Southpaw Grammar".  Highlights:  "all you need is me", "ouja board",  "Jack the Ripper".  I finally agree with the Haters that maybe Jessie is using a bit too much distortion and that Vini Reilly was the only really unique Moz guitarist. T-shirt was a Warhol rip.  The sales person didn't know what i meant when i said "I'll have the Warhol one".  Getting older but not meaner!!



Paging Dr. Neil Jung


I had an interesting dream fragment related to music, so i'll share here.  In my dream, David Lee Roth was performing with Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen. They were playing each others licks in stereo, like the mythical Yardbirds line up with Page and Beck. My sister in law who at times leans toward the critical was totally accepting as i faced self doubt in a loft apartment in Seatlle Washington.  Prepare: World Peace or Destruction is imminent.




Who are the best Smiths inspired bands?  Well......Jimmyhoneyman would be one.  I'd also say Suede, Gene, and the Cranberries are probably the real top three.  Despite the snarky "Charmless man" you could add Blur but they steal from everybody.  Oasis, The Thrills, Travis???  Others????





I had a yen to hear the "Yip Song" by Robyn Hitchcock and the Eygptians. It's from the 1993 album "Respect" on A & M records.  I think this might have been where my interest in Robyn H started to wan. It was and is pretty weak.  The only classic song is "Arms of Love" and it was done much better acoustic on the BBC. (didn't REM cover it too?) "Yip" and "Wafflehead" are jokey numbers that you might slap on a mixtape to amuse some one between "message" songs. I also like "Seperent at the Gates of Wisdom" but it's hardly prime Hitchcock.

That said, like many long term artist, he recovered nicely and continues to make relevant stuff.  i loved his 83-92 output the best.


Pigalle effect


i've been musing about the relationship of a beard to musical genius.  I've always opined that arguably the worst Beatles music was during the facial hair years....who killed Paul indeed.  I grew up in the new wave years where facial hair was what we were trying to supplant and replace. John Lydon would never sport facial hair!!!

The Stones for the most part have avoided facial hair except those pics on the Emotional Rescue poster of Mick with a full beard.  These were recorded in Pigalle France, so i'll call it the Pigalle effect. Facial hair adversely affecting musical brillance.  Keith Never had a beard. Mick learned the error in his ways (he doesn't want to look like an old man).  I'd like to migrate to pigalle and see if it holds.


Sucking in your 70's


I wonder if the Stones would come out with a box set called "Sucking in your 70's"  They of course don't really suck, despite setting themselves up for that critical one liner when "Sucking in the Seventies" came out way back when.  I think the projected Blues album they're doing will be good. They don't need to do a new record.

If you listen to the wide range of bootlegs available on Youtube, the Stones were pretty prolific despite all the narcotics being consumed in the Seventies. Like in the Sixities, they mined contemporary R and B, but added reggae and country to the mix. I guess the reason the Stones have never gone the anthology route is that the illusion of a working band helps ticket sales. They were the first to recognize that if Allen Klien was going to keep the money from the records, they should just tour.  The bootleggers are doing us a service by getting this stuff out there and in the digital age, no one gets paid so the fan isn't shelling out $50 for a low quality disc. A win win.




House of Honeyman Podcast #2


For a limited time check out my second podcast on the audio page in low fi Mp3.  I discuss Labor day, Ricky Nelson, and Beatle Cosplay among other topics. All rights reserved for those who should know better.


Best of the Beach


Hey..What are the symptoms of Mercury Poisoning?  Maybe i shouldn't write this under the influence of a seaside diet. Does everyone think Beach Boys when they hit the sand and surf?  I don't think the Boys ever did the definitive "beach" album though they did many great surf and sand inspired singles.  I think that Brian Wilson's "No Peer Pressure" is a terrific beach listen.  Melancholy and Joy happily coexist in many of the songs and works even better near an ocean.

"Quadrophenia" by The Who and "So much for the city" by The Thrills make me long for the sea when i'm landlocked and work well looking out at the 3 mile marker.  I'll give honorable mention to Dick Dale's "Greatest Hits" and Squeeze's "Argybargy" that features "Seperate Beds" and "Pulling Mussels from a Shell".   Random songs...."Everyday is like Sunday" "Some far away Beach"  What do you listen to???


Venial Sins


It may come as no surprise, but i live in an alternate universe from the VMA's. In my world, you have to ask, what is a VMA?  Oh, video music award.  Taking a brief sample, it seems like more of the same rebel doll stuff that has informed MTV culture since the 80's.  Britney Spears "comeback"  really looked like a poorly programmed Femmebot. They should have given her code to look more excited about the Hot Topic boy who 'rocked 'her world with his rapping.  As for the rest, i'm just too old to lose it but too young to use it.


Triple Scoop


Pete Townsend has always been an idol of mine.  His articulate interviews always appealed to my as i consumed any rock mag that i could get my hands on.  He was leading the life that every teenage boy with a guitar dreamed but he moaned about middle age things (foreshadowing the death of our youth). I was an avid fan until around the time of "White City" . It was a little overblown and with every post 1981 Who reunion he lost credibility in my eyes.

His "Scoop" albums started in the early 80's. They offered a fascinating insight into his creative process.  This guy worked himself crazy while i laid in bed!!  I understand now he had a contract to fulfill, but it was inspirational to hear the demo's of his great songs and clear that he didn't need the The Who. 

I discovered "Scoop 3" on E-bay.  I enjoyed listening to his non-linear experiments and early version of his 80's output.  It's a great example of that Lou Reed boast "My week beats your year".  "Scoop 4" ???


House of Honeyman Podcast #1


Check out the first House of Honeyman podcast in super low fi on the audio page.  I play a little Elvis Costello and David Bowie and shoot the breeze. Cameo's from Winston and Samantha


Lakestreet Dive


I saw Lakestreet Dive in concert this week. They have been on my radar for awhile because people have told me that they reminded them of my old band the Jellybabies. They were pretty good.  No complicated shadows like the JB's. Probably not a bad thing from a career perspective. We would have hid in our dressing room rather than sign "merch" after a show.

The audience loves them.  It struck me that as their popularity increases they only have one way to go:  Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine!  Yes.  I believe this is their appeal. A hipster c'mon baby let me do the conga!! I wish them luck.  As Joe Strummer once said "if you've been trying for years, we've already heard your song".


Raga Rock


As i sip my tea and listen to "The Yardbirds: Beat Club"  on Pyramid Records. I'm digging the Raga Rock that the Jeff (beck) and the birds perfected so well. It's a subgenre of garage rock IMOP. Jimmy Page just filled it with helium.  Raga Rock is less hippy dippy than George Harrison and Donovan's Indian homages.  Brian Jones and The Kinks electrified the sitar sounds but The Yardbirds did it best. Purest may snort but Ravi Shankar albums sound best at 78 rpm in my mind.




Listening to Jason and the Scorchers "Are you Ready for the Country Vol 1" it struck me that they were the Americana Cheap Trick. Clearly superior to the rest of the pack, great early albums, legendary live show....They never reached the heights of popularity that should have been theirs.  The Georgia Satellites stole their sound and took it up the charts. While like the Trick they carried on to diminishing returns.  Check out this CD if you can. Great rock and roll twang bar kings.


Crystal Palace


I'm going out on a limb here and picking Crystal Palace over FC Cincinnati tonight.  I'm sure the american tour is a money maker for the club but Soccer in the Ohio Valley in July doesn't hold much appeal for me.  Can you imagine the crack sweat Andrew Pardew will experience? Yet, he'll still maintain that Lemon sucking expression on his face no matter what. Go Crystal Palace!!!


House Quaking


Did you ever attend an Adam Rave Western BBQ party?  Those were the days.  Funyons and Guess Jackets.  Why not invite me to your home for a House Show? It's been too long since we got together this way.  I'm cheap ( my rider is a six pack of Coors) and it's the perfect party starter. Some rules apply. Inbox me for details.



Let's see action


The revolution is always trending but then washed away with the next news cycle. Is it only just Calgon?  I have an activist friend who is always hash tagging his causes on Facebook (i hope it starts on Twitter) but i wonder who he's doing that for.  This guy is no armchair liberal. He actually goes to council meetings and legislative hearings but the people he's friends with are on to the next recipe or cat video between causes.

Are you familiar with the conspiracy theories?  Purple trails....CIA supplying Herron to the underclass.  I propose a new theory. "They" have given us all ADD to keep real social change from happening.  I mean how could we organize in real life with all this going on!  We are voluntarily thinning the herd by texting and driving!! We feel connected but we're even more isolated.   I propose coffee houses where the joe is just a quarter and they show cat videos on a loop. Only here can true revolution take root.


ODD Squad: Jump the Shark


Do kids shows jump the shark?  Of course, they do!  I've been watching Odd Squad with my daughter.  This show had it's share of Kids in the Hall cast members making guest appearances in early seasons. i didn't mind so much. Season Four seems to be the Waterloo. This Odd Todd kid laughs like the witch from Wizard of Oz and saps all the fun out of it.  You just know he's the next Corey Feldman. Be cool though. Don't tell your kids.




The artillery and firecrackers have finally subsided here in status quo land.  July is a month of Beasts and Birthdays. Gotta work in the summer fun while you still can. School will start soon.  I wonder if July is really the worst month for mental health what with war vets shaken by the blasts and adult children of alcoholics cowering in the corners of their ranch style homes revisting the ghost of Alcoholidays past.  Myself, i'm trying to move on but i've certainly had my share of bummers on long holiday weekends. This time my muse got me thru but i'm always eager for fall to come.


All you Petty Things


I've spent some time recently re-evaluating things Petty (Tom that is).   I read the Warren Zanes Bio,  watched "Running Down a Dream" , the Bogdanovich documentary,  listened to my old vinyl ( i own no digital Tom Petty recordings), and most recently Tom Petty radio on Sirius.

My son summed it up:  "Some really great stuff and some really bad stuff" I think you can draw the line at records he did with Stan Lynch and those after. It's the classic rock and roll tension. Every band dreams that that they could have the perfect drummer (Charlie Watts) or if only their drummer was different they'd sound better.  It's usually that tension that leads to some great records.  Of course, Petty constantly bitched about Lynch's drumming and wasn't happy until he had Jeff Lynne's drummer machine and Steve Ferrone copying it. Lynch did sound like a bit of a prick but something was lost when he left the Heartbreakers.

My other observation.  TP stopped evolving when he became pals with his heroes. Prior to that, he was on the way to truly being their peer but ended up a half baked pal. It might be petty jealous for not getting to hang with Dylan or Harrison myself.  Petty....get it.




I have piles of music on many formats except wire recordings ala Edison (give Jack White some time. He'll bring it back). I read an article about how one factory makes all the cassettes in the US now.  I always trusted Maxell High Bias.  They were the best for 4 tracking or surviving the seasons in your hot and cold car while still performing.

My next release, "The Minerva Sessions", was started on a still unopened C-90. I'm utilizing my trusty (and hissy) TASCAM mini studio. I have to say i learned to track fast with my ZOOM 16 track digital recorder over the past 5 years.  The four track always forces an immediate decision about how to proceed. So instead of 60 tracks in various stages of completion, i was able to deliver 4 masters yesterday!!!

Let's not get started on Vinyl.  I read an informative article in Tape Op. The chances of an independent band getting a great sounding piece of wax are iffy at best. Small pressings don't always equal great sound. I suppose all these formats are just promotion for the live show and the merchandise at our level.

So look forward to my next release on CASSETTE. I'll upload it to Band Camp for those who don't want an "experience".  Excuse me now while i sort thru this junk!


Zombie Walking at AROTR16


Welcome summer rain. It's been a few weeks since i last spoke here. Things get busy ya know.  Another memorial day weekend another Abbey Road on the River.  If you haven't been, it's a trip to attend at least once.  I probably would have skipped it a few years but now it's a family activity with my oldest daughter.  We've rarely spent time at the main stage, preferring to watch norwegians make norwegian wood out the dick james songbook. This year was different. The Zombies came to town.

To give you some context. Everyone with ears digs "She's not there" and "Time of the Season".  My deep dive into the Zombies catalog came (as many things did) under the influence of Archer Prewitt.  In fact, when he sent me a rough mix of his first solo album, it had a Colin Blunstone solo album on the other side of the C-90!!  One of my favorite home tapings was T-REX "Futuristic Dragon" and the The Zombies "A and B sides" (in mono). "Odessey and Oracle" is godhead.

Anyway, like most still active musicians from the 60's, they actually look like the walking dead ( or some demented professors at Hogwart's).  The difference is the amazing vocals of Rod Argent, Jim Rodford, and Colin Blunstone. It seems improbable, but their new material is as good the old stuff. Rod Argent may arguably be the best organist in rock history.  Even "Hold your head up" sounded great. It was a magical performance.  Their versions of you "You really got a hold on me" and "you can't do that" brought the Beatle mojo and closing with their version of Gershwins's "Summertime" was the perfect night cap.

On other fronts, the tribute bands were less impressive.  Cabaret is still cabaret even if you flew in from Scotland and South America.  I did dig The Weeklings.  Their adaptation of the early Beatles sound for their own material won me over by the end of their set. Now it's time to tend the garden.




I pulled out my vinyl copy of "Skylarking" with the correct polarity.  Evidently, when it first came out on CD they used the wrong tape!!!  I was a little late to the XTC party. Archer Prewitt was the first to bring them to the musical pot luck in those pre-net days. There was no way we could replicate any of their early beefheartian squall.  Their more beatley stuff sounded manageable. I know Arch had lost interest when this one came out, just as i was turning on, tuning in, and dropping the needle.

The songs on side one are weaker but the brilliant production and arrangement of Todd Rundgren makes it great. Believe it or not "Dear God" wasn't even on the original issue (talk about wrong polarities).  I haven't stopped humming "The Meeting Place" all week long and i always daydream about the thing i did "on grass".


Ricky Orbison


Like when Lux Interior declared himself "Elvis F$%kin Christ" the new king of rock and roll, i'm declaring Chris Issak as "Ricky Orbison".  When he came on the scene in the 80's,  the critic's obviously picked up on that.  They made more hay about the Orbison and Chet Baker connection but i think the Ricky Nelson influence is more pronounced in retrospect.  Great looking guy with a hot guitarist that makes every song work.  That was the formula that Rick had with James Burton on guitar.  I really dug (and dig) Jimmy Wilsey's guitar playing. I wonder where he is know?  Obviously, Chris has stayed around a bit too long.  He wasn't really Chet Baker. He just wanted a career, god love him. Good night and good luck.


Bridges to Babylon


I was listening to this last night while avoiding the impaired maniacs on the post derby highway landscape. It was truly the last great Stones album, despite or because of embracing the trends of the time. If you examine the credits, the only common denominator is Charlie.  Mick and Keith work largely alone (kinda like the Beatles White Album) but it adds up to a great eclectic album. If you see it in the used bin, i'd pick it up.


Moderate drinkers and UBER drivers needed


I wonder how the pitch folk came up with Henieken campaign "Moderate Drinkers wanted" and chose Benicio Del Tores as their spokesperson!!!!!!  If you've ever watched "Century of Self" or "Madmen" you gotta know something is up. I know not of Benicio's personal life but he did play the attorney in Terry Gillliam's literal adaptation of Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Everything he did in that flick was the opposite of moderate.  Maybe that's the subliminal point.  While your encouraged to enjoy in moderation like Benicio in the ad, they really want you to believe that you're tapping  your inner Dionysus and calling the maenads!!!

If you've ever watched "Blue Velvet"  you know that Heineken is a "pussy beer neighbor" but tasty enough for relapse in Dee Dee King's "Too much to drink"  I like it if you're buying!!!




In their guilt to recognize Prince now that he's dead, everybody (the people i know on Facebook) bring up his jam at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  It's one of those moments where people feel some validation has to occur, like when Johnny Depp tries to play muisc "he used to be in a band before he became famous"  whoop dee did a lot of bankers, doctors and lawyers. The Prince one is "he can jam with white people".

Prince was a good guitar player, reminds me of Santana.  The RRHOF solo was impressive in it's presentation not in it's content.  Having an original voice as a player is tough to develop.  The more chops you develop, the less distinctive you can become (Jeff Beck). Like it's enough that Depp is a good actor. It's enough that Prince was a great writer and performer who could also rock the guitar. His super bowl solo was more impressive because nobody really plays live in that setting.

My playing is informed by all the info i've crammed in my brain.  Main influences:  Pete Townsend, Dave Davies, Mick Jones, Keith Levene, Jeff Beck, Robert Quine and of course EL Kabong.



Syncronicity II


Rainy day...napping in and out of unconsciousness and a dysthmic haze.  Lou Reed's screaming Lulu demands oblivion. "This notes for you"  sticks well to 3 notes.  Bob Mould weaving in and out like thread.  BAD is PUNK while Eardamage deconstruct the kinks (thank god they didn't have digital cameras back in the late 80's....i've never been thin enough in any photo.).  Southern Girls.....where are you love?


Draft Dawg Daze


I have to say. i didn't care much about who the Browns drafted this year. The pic of Johnny Manziel drinking in a bar on draft night pre-game Justin Bieber concert pretty much sums up the Haslam era. The fact Joe Haden joined him shows how rotten things have gotten in Denmark (er Cleveland).  So the new crop of future brain injured millionaires of america comes in.  I'm hoping they can they can entertain as the hops and meat are consumed (I'd like to go to the Mabel).



Every day should be RSD


I got a little RSD (record store day) 2016 action in last week. While i couldn't get out to queue at 7 a.m., I made it to the Great Escape while my oldest daughter was getting tutoring.  There was one sad box left but i found a few gems.  I had to make the most of my "turn" since there was another Emodad waiting for a look.

My bounty?  Big Star: the complete columbia show- the most improbable and greatest reunion ever. It cemented the talent not just the legend of Alex Chilton.  Matthew Sweet: Goodfriend another take on Girlfriend.  Why MS is not more revered is a mystery to me.  Nice alternate versions and a live gig with the Indigo girls and Scarlett Rivera from Dylan's Rolling thunder in tow. New Barbarians This one is more of a puzzle. Looks like a bootleg and is decent bootleg quality.  The New Barbarians were Ron Wood's touring band for "Give me some Neck"  and featured Keef and Stanley Clarke.  This single is not from the Maryland show, which has been the source of the previous release.  I could listen to that shit all day long.  All this set me back $70, when i was younger every payday was record store day. Like Whiskey, it's not a habit i could maintain on a regular basis!  It's a lot more satisfy than a download though. Much like real sex is better than watching on your phone. 



Affably Lazy: Thoughts on Burt


I had to give "But enough about me" by Burt Reynolds (and some ghost writer) a read.  He did star in two of the my favorite movies:  "Deliverance" and "The Longest Yard".  Unlike Ed Mcclanahan's "Famous People I've know" (which is an entertaining read), Burt actually knew some really famous people and his stories are entertaining and insightful about the subjects.

You also get a sense of so many great film performances lost because Burt liked to hang out in that annoying blooper reel way that Norm McDonald poked fun so well in his SNL impersonations.  Burt really had it all, humor, machismo, emotional depth and he Cannonball Run'd to a long decline (health issues had a lot to do with that evidently).  Burt is the Rod Stewart of film:  capable of so much early on but only giving glimpses.  The later years are truly the longest yard


Whitey stop crying: Gen X faces the grim reaper


 As a dead musician once sang in the song "Sweet Jane",  "life is just to die".  The grief over Prince's death reminds me a lot of the whining of the baby boomers. They've lost quite a few musical icons. So desperate to relive their youth, they even care about Axl Rose joining ACDC.  Now it's Gen X's turn (and i'm not referring to Tony James and Billy Idol).   You hang on strongly to nostalgia as the hourglass starts to drain. Maybe Prince's untimely death says "hey kids, time to start reading the obituaries, you could be next!"  He certainly hasn't been musically relevant since "Sign o the times" 1988?? I say that as a guy who dug Prince in the 80's. I even saw "Graffitti Bridge"in a cinema!!!  I hope he made a ton of coin after escaping from Warner Brothers "Slavery" (sic),  Either the music wasn't as good or couldn't reach a mass audience. Not sure which.  

The secret concert series tapped into that nostalgia (and middle age disposable income).  Seeing Prince became a status thing. My sister in law, who had no interest in Prince in his heyday has crowed for the past year and a half about attending his concert and how it was "Amazing"  Like so many things these days.  I'm sure it was good but his "Amazing" days have washed away like Purple Rain.


Psychedelic Stones


I'm listening to "Sing this all together" a mishmash of Stones sessions from Satanic Majesty's and other out-takes to create a 2 lp boot.  I often like to listen to various bootlegs from this era on You Tube. Their jams were actually better than the Beatles thanks to Brian Jones and Nicky Hopkins but they lack tunes. Of course they rectified that with Beggars Banquet- Let it Bleed, and Sticky Fingers.  You could argue they previewed Goth with "Citadel" 


Songs for Drella


I happened to watch "Songs for Drella" this week. It always makes me sad that Lou and John Cale didn't collaborate more. I don't think it was all Lou. Cale had to resent at some point that his own songs never get the recognition afforded Mr. Reed.  Though you can really view his role in the VU more like George Harrison to Reed's Lennon.   Drella of course is less songs but more ideas with soundscapes.  "Small Town" "Work" "Style it takes" and "trouble with the Classicist"  are my favorites (all on side one) and only "Style it takes" is reminiscent of their VU stuff. It still stands as a terrific tribute to Andy Warhol...war..holes.




My six year old has a problem with Ziggy Stardust. Maybe it's the NC redneck gene she gets from her mum.  She was appalled by the cover of the new "Classic Rock" with DB in full 1972 Technicolor.  The reprint article was the classic "i'm gay and always have been" Melody Maker story. My 15 year old sniffed "That was all just marketing...he wasn't really gay".

This goes to show that we live in such progressive and regressive times.  David Bowie made it possible for a pop star being gay to not be such a big deal to a teenage girl in this craven new century. On the other hand, others long for a repression of reality or regression to one  that no longer exists.  They want it as black and white as a six year old.  We are Technicolor.


April Phooey



mes I post a bunch of April Fools jokes on Facebook but I didn't bother this year. I'm so dry that most don't get the joke or it's sooo opposite they aren't fooled at all. Like how many times can you say that Joe Bonamassa is one of  great guitarist, sadly many believe that to be true. He is probably the greatest marketer to strap on a guitar, I can't retain a single riff of his in my brain though.  Another might be "John Mayer is the voice of our generation" ridiculously untrue but he has had carnal knowledge with Katy Perry, so good on ya mate!! 

Stating that I like any Republican is just sick and demented and I want to stay on the side of the Angels.  in regards to politics as David Bowie sang on Scary Monsters (and super creeps)  Its no game


Angeletta Potato Famine


This would be a great title for an album of Celtic themed tunes.  Maybe i'll get around to it some day. Like the real Potato Famine, there was plenty to eat at Angeletta way but still the people starved. I doubt I've ever been hungry a day in my life so i'm referring to emotional food here.

Like many Americans, my interest in Irish history was originally an excuse to partee. That St. Partick's day stuff looked fun. The first "cutting of the turf" was around 1988, when i called in sick to work and enjoyed a bottle of Jameson while watching Darby O'gill and the Little People on HBO. I've been a stereotype ever since.  The party has waxed and waned over the years from Baccahanals to Shamrock Shakes. I was particularly burdened with responsibility this year, so i had to settle for jamming to Thin Lizzy in my car and a hearty bowl of Guiness stew and an irish cream cheesecake at the end of the day.

Having misplaced my VHS tape of Darby- I had to rent it on Amazon Prime.  I discovered a nice propaganda film from Walt Disney himself called " I captured a Leprachaun" that must have showed on the Wide World of Disney at the time of the movies release. They play up the "documentary" angle of the film.  I couldn't help humming Tbone Burnett's "Hefner and Disney" or imagining his severed head on ice (he was cryogenically frozen ya know). Guiness will give you vivid dreams!


The IDs of March


Happy day of fear and dread....courtesy of William Shakesphere.  I always pay attention because it's the 10 year anniversary of a life changing event for me.  I got run over by a car!!! It still hurts but it was good for me psychically. A big slap that I needed to focus on gratitude. I had three months to think about everything.  It's still easy to get off course.  For a couple of years, I just superstitiously stayed home but then I got back in the bad habit of believing that the world wouldn't turn if I wasn't at work.

Today too is a beautiful spring day in KY.  Trying to enjoy the sights and sounds.  Let the worries mount and subside.


Bring out yer rock and roll dead


The baby boomers have to be uneasy. It seems like every week another 60's or 70's rock and roll icon is passing away.  They did lead hard lives from a Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll standpoint so it would make sense that they won't live as long as their peer group. George Martin was sixties icon due to his association with the fab four but he was already middle aged in the Beatles prime. I'd say he lived a long life. Keith Emerson too. He was in his seventies.

I agree with John Lennon that while important to distinguishing the Beatles from the pack ,he took too much credit over the years.  Arguably Geoff Emerick and Norman Smith(the engineers) should be the ones being lauded.  George's son Giles deserves no credit for his remixes, mash ups etc.  The fact this stuff was so well recorded compared to the competition is why it can be repackaged/manipulated for us nostalgist and their offspring.  If you need proof listen to his work with the band AMERICA!!!



Who wore it best?


I was listening to an Ian Hunter anthology from around 2000 called "Once Bitten Twice Shy" this week.  For better or worse it was banded with no gaps between songs.  Since i was in the car this is fine. Kind of annoying at home.  It split his work into a "Rockers" Disc and "Ballads" CD.  I enjoyed the ballads the most.

Ian was the first rock hero who was mine exclusively. The first break with big brother on musical taste. It literally was as the song "All the Young Dudes" foretold:  "My brother's back at home with his Beatles and his Stones, He never got off on that revolution stuff"  Ian didn't write that one (David Bowie).  That duality of hard rocker and balladeer really appealed to me. 

My bro's knock on Ian/Mott was that they were like Bowie but not as good. I can somewhat see his point listening today. Ian wisely scooped up the musicians that Bowie discarded along the way, Mick Ronson most notable.  Listening in chronological order, He nicks the spiders groove on the first Ian Hunter album.  His 2nd "All American Alien Boy" comes after "Young Americans" and also features jazzy David Sanborn sax (actually played by David Sanborn)n though Ian's approach isn't funky like DB.  Then for "Overnight Angels" he get's Earl Slick- the next heralded Bowie guitarist!!!  He and Ronno found their own path on "Your Never Alone with a Schizophrenic" though on the subsequent tour they borrowed the E-Street template ( which David was sniffing at even in 1973- "growing up").

All that said Ian has more heart and humanity than David. His personality was strong enough not to come off like a tribute act. Bowie opened the door and he walked in....for our listening pleasure.


Aquarium Drunkard


Your life always has a just have to tune in the channel sometimes. For some reason, i've listened to Achtung Baby by U2 a few times this past week.  A new habit of mine is to listen to the older LP's and CD's at least twice.  When you have such a large collection it's hard to get back there again sometimes. "One" is one of the greatest songs ever.  While the album sounds very 90's, it's so forward reaching to not sound dated.  U2 are guilty of the Charlie Tuna Syndrome (sometimes their taste is better than how their music taste) so they lose a little respect.

I came upon a great website/blog this week.  Aquarium Drunkard (google it chrome won't let me give you the link).  I downloaded a few playlist from there this week. The first was by the Soft Boys, Robyn Hitchcock's first band. I found it hard to imagine that there could be more unreleased stuff (he must have taped as much as my friend Mike Feedback).  Very Beefheart/Barrett but pretty listenable.  

The 2nd was "Sad Movies" a secret history of Neil Young from 1973-1978.  I hadn't heard most of these.  Neil's scraps would have launched a career for lesser men.  "White Line", "Homefires", and "Give me strength" really spoke loud to me.


Jelly Babies Redux


I spent part of the weekend reviewing tapes for the 20th anniversary edition of the Jelly Babies "12 + 1" Cassette. Yes,  you heard me right...CASSETTE!  At the time of it's birth, vinyl was out and CD's were in but we could afford to get it pressed as a CD. I think it still holds up well as an album no matter what format.

The plan is to have this out on International cassette day in September. I was sorting thru live tapes.  I know i have some demo's somewhere but they haven't been cataloged yet.  I really liked a show from Phone 3 in Richmond, so i suspect that will comprise the majority of the bonus tracks. Mike Feedback and Bill Lynch once described themselves as a rhythm section as "Smith and Wesson", they really pistol whipped the listeners at this gig. I can't wait for y'all to here it.


All Things Must Pass


What with the post Jay passing malaise and adventures in family court, i had a strong urge to listen to "All Things Must Pass". This album is firmly rooted in Juniper Drive for me.  I used to check it out off of the Book Mobile when i was 8 or 9!!!! My favorite songs then were  "What is Life", "Isn't it a pity" and "My Sweet Lord".  When we would pretend we were the Beatles,  John, Paul and Ringo were hotly contested. I would often opt for George to avoid conflict. I agree with what Todd Rundgren once said. If George had been in any other british invasion band. He would have been the star.

It's a solid two record set for sure. I'd forgotten about "Apple Scruffs"  and "i dig love".  I also like that Phil Spector time stamped it with his compression and reverb. Evidently, it's nearly impossible to remix or fiddle with (the way any artistic statement should be).  The 3rd disc hasn't aged well with time. I hope that they didn't get to charge extra, though if you have a friend named Johnny "Johnny's Birthday" will make em smile.




No this is not an op ed piece on affordable but angular auto's (follow John Slade on Facebook if you need that).  I'm actually angry about something other than the size of my own navel.  This refusal by the Senate turtle to consider supreme court nominees from a president with 11 months to go makes my blood boil with revolution.  They are counting on the fact that fans of "The Apprentice" think Lame Duck is something they wouldn't order at Panda Express (cause you gotta be a winner!!!)

Among the reassuring facts that i learned in Ray Webb's mandatory civics class at FHS is that the federal government had 3 branches so that we would have "checks and balances".  It was designed that way to prevent one group or party's interest outwaying those of the many.  Sure, i get that presidential elections are often referendums about the composition of the supreme court. That's why i voted for Obama the last two  The Prez seems to be the only guy working.  Congress is only meeting something like 17 days.  The Senate refuses to do it's job. I'm too cynical to feel the bern here. I know the score here (and it's big money/big business).  As compromised as Clinton may be,  at least she has no interest in shattering the illusions that keep us all off a coctail of Prozac, vodka, and celais (wait...maybe it's too late!!). Electing Bernie is like bringing a squirt gun to a knife fight.  We'd be better off with a Larry David/ Jerry Seinfeld ticket.



You're Gonna Get It


Recently finished "Petty" by Warren Zanes. It was an easy read down the hatch. I enjoyed many a Tom Petty album in the original vinyl age. Did it end in 87? 88?  I remember "You're Gonna Get It" was the first i bought. Spinning it the other day, i had no recollection of any of the songs on side one.  They are rather indistinct. I still can't tell you a title without looking at the sleeve.  Side two had the hits( which seems like strange sequencing to me) "I need to know" and "listen to her heart"....."Baby is a Rock and Roller" was a good side closer.

Anyway, Back to "Petty", well written, informative.  I was curious about the relationship with Stan Lynch. I always enjoyed his drumming and feel the records he wasn't on haven't been the same. Drummers are often brash characters, not easy to get along with all the time or spend 30 years with but sometimes the results speak for themselves. I'm gonna listen to "Damn the Torpedo's" tonight.


Night Thoughts


There are few artists that elicit a pre-order from me in this day and age. It used to be that Elvis Costello, Pete Townsend, Nick Cave, Julian Cope, The Stones, The Clash/BAD or Graham Parker albums would hit my cart without preview. That hasn't been the case for a long time. There are only four artists that still get my money sight unseen: Suede is one ( if you're curious, the others are Brian Wilson, Bryan Ferry, and Morrissey...what that says about me i'm not sure. Feel free to comment or draw your own conclusions).

Night Thoughts is worthy of the honor bestowed upon it.  I like the theory that their last album,Blood Sports,  was another debut and that this album is the Dog Man Star of the 2nd period. Neil Codling does seem to be growing his hair to classic Bernard Butler length, though he is more like a carnival morph of young Richard Oakes and BB.  

Night Thoughts is a concept album that is pretentious and good.  It captures the uncertainty of the middle period of life, no longer hiding in our dad's The drugs are longer don't want to stay up all night, you just want to get some rest that never comes.

The LP comes with a companion film. It's reminiscent of the Dog Man Star tour films without the Jarmanesque touchess.  The visuals actually make the album less multidimensional (maybe it's the beards!!!). This one is meant for Maxwell Man style immersion....easy chair in the middle of the stereo field.  I guess now we can look forward to the next Coming Up.


Back to the Old House


Jay Gabbard is dead. You probably didn't know him unless you were from Juniper Hills or went to Frankfort High in the 70's.  A very talented guy hampered and ended by the old demon alcohol. He always reminded me a little of Roy Clark from Hee Haw with a very dark side.  He almost literally killed me a few times. Most recently at Thanksgiving when he stepped on my foot. He would make the scene in the garage when we were playing and depending on how drunk he was,  would want to "produce". I had to set limits which made me "uncool". Served me well at my day job.

He could catch a football, paint, and tune a guitar by ear making him a renaissance man in our parts.  A descendant of the mountains, he carried that Eastern KY paranoia in all his dealings. His relations brought bushels of mountain grass with the pissing of summer lawns. He was a good argument for weed over alcohol (except when it made him psychotic).

He was too shy to publicly perform. My lieutenant, Mike Feedback, captured many a session on his trusty tape recorder and always claimed the best stuff went undocumented. Legend has it that he got up to jam with Bonnie and Dave at the Pizza Inn Lounge and passed out guitar in hand after he was introduced to the crowd.  I know Mike and Ronnie D will miss him greatly. I miss him too. 


Februata Juno


I've been ready the Lives of the Saints this week. Evidently, the legend of Saint Valentine was an attempt to move people away from worshipping Februata Juno, goddess of sex and fertility!!! He gave aid to prisoners and was beheaded for his efforts (what's love got to do with it?)  It also has something to do with Birds (very Jungian but I forget why!!).

This Valentines Day, i'm Valentine Free but not feeling pain or longing.  Pretty amazing considering the hype that starts in kindergarten!!!! Love is all around, plant, and pet. Let's enjoy a Valentines ode:

Chocolate chocolate chocolate pie

My Sweetheart...dancing in the moonlight

Now when I have pirogues and beer, I think of you Valentine

The snow in your hair..1921 gonna be a good year

Those great CD's you couldn't afford...just for me!!!

How you sexed me so gingerly...tenderly

Took me places I would have resisted (left to my own devices)

In the name of Love

We stopped to deliver and it made our love shiver

lost in the long dark hallway...tree frogs and heartbeats

Some kinda saint...who bangs ears near and dear!!



Nielsen rotted


I can't get into this seasons Bachelor.  It's the tv version of the movie "the opposite of Sex" or in this shows case "the opposite of love". They talk about love and romance but produce the opposite effect thru an alcohol/sun stroked haze.

I have been into "Nashville"  I'm all caught up having started watching it as a lark on Christmas day (it does feature my female doppelganger Connie Britton). It's a good soap opera with music. Music that emulates modern country music but is much better due to involvement of the likes of T Bone Burnett and Buddy Miller.  I like how they are always breaking out a guitar and writing a song about how they feel "from the heart".  Does Hulu count toward Nielsen?  I hear tell that "Nashville" might get cancelled.  I probably don't need a 5th season to occupy time I could be doing other things.

Other shows I've been watching.....some SNL though it's really better in clips on Youtube.  The Daily's 20 minutes, about right for my attention span after a hard day at work. Triumph's Election Special is brilliant, watch it while we still have the freedom to remain apathetic!!!


London Rock and Roll Show 1972


Have you seen the London Rock and Roll Show 1972?  You can watch it here  I find it an incredible artifact on Ageism.  Unlike Ricky Nelson's garden party, the sweet gene Vincent's revel in the English summer.  Rock and roll never died but sometimes it's hard to maintain a costume party 365 days a year.  Lot's of nice shots of Brothel Creepers and non-nostalgic boobs!!

Back to the ageism thing.  Bo Diddley, Jerry lee, Little Richard and Chuck Berry were considered washed up by the time they were in their 30's. Made irrelevant by the British invasion.  The film states otherwise (except for Chuck...his guitar gets so out of tune you'd think it was an Eardamage Coleman Street Session!!) All give vital non-nostalgic live performance.  You also get young Wilko Johnson backing Heinz (the man who ruined Joe Meek) and Screaming Lord Sutch (another Meek artist)  with  his black mass psychedelic rock and roll ramble. Don't knock the rock!!!




I'm not as famous a Catholic Boy as Jim Carroll but i am one none the less. I'm taking a scattershot approach to self-scourging during lent. No cake or gratuitous breads. No alcohol.  I think these are quite achievable goals.  Meditation and order to chaos are all in line with the artistic aesthetic. Oh Facebook on the phone.  That's been tough because it's a unconscious as picking your nose and an equally nasty habit. Now my mind is littered with Twitter factoids...maybe i'll do better tomorrow.


Pricks Picks vol 6


Bootlegs have changed so much over the years.  Did anyone get Dick's Pick's on cassette or CD? I didn't ....i hate the DEAD (the band not the dearly departed). They were definitely the most booted.  One of my current rituals is writing and meditation while listen to bootleg recordings on You Tube, the very things i would have gladly paid up to $50 for at a record show in the 90's.

My first was "a Guitar's Alright", a John Lennon 10 inch e.p. on Yellow vinyl.  Not the greatest quality but cool. It was mail order out of the back of Trouser Press. This week i listened to "Slick" ,a Rolling Stones bootleg from the 1978 tour (which also happened to be my first concert at 13!!!). Garish cheap photo of Mick from 1975 on the cover!!  The pressing is pretty good though on Excitable Records Worx.  it's better than i remembered.  At the time of the 78 tour, the sound was a little disappointing having worn out "Love you Live" on a daily basis. As we know now, not much live about it...lots of fixes.  

Anyway back to today. I listened to a nice Satanic Majesty's boot. Mainly instrumental and few cuts that sound like "Between the Button" style outtakes.  Since it's cold outside, i'm now listening to Morrissey Norway 2004. Impressive live version of "Shakespeare's Sister" i've never heard.  All seemingly free!!!




ED is short for Ear Damage, in case you didn't know. Last night we reunited for a rare show in front of other people....a private party. Whether they appreciated us or deserved us was irrelevant. It was good to play with the boys. Chemistry is something that you can't force and i've always had it with those guys.  Ted Willard on the bass.  A guy who shared my rock and roll dreams and pulled me out of the bedroom time after time in those early days to adventure forth in the world.  Like Overend Watts in Mott the Hoople he pushes the beat forward and backward. Bill Lynch on the drums. Like Jerry Nolan to my Johnny Thunders (except our shared addiction is Cheeseburgers) We can always find our way back to the one together no matter how lost we get (and he always cracks me up with his gutter wit). Brandt Prewitt....a great voice and presence. He doesn't ape others moves. He's got his own. He always knows the right time to call for a meal. Love these guys.

Since you weren't there, we took on a bunch of KINKS songs including some we never did in the day (Lola, Picturebook) my ankle and voice are in shreds today but that's rock and roll innit?


Nashville and S.H.E.I.L.D


Blurring fantasy and reality you might believe that country music is a mind control plot perpetrated by HYDRA!!! Trying to mix up the documentary's and science friction in my viewing habits, i started watching the show "Nashville" featuring my doppelganger Connie Britton. In season one, we got Agent Skye as a music publisher and May as a record exec.  This was suspicious because Sky's character only had sex with one person and May didn't hump anyone.  Very suspicious behavior on that show!!! Then i hear that Powers Boothe is coming to Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D (though he screwed everybody on "Nashville"  before he was written off the show, so i'm not sure that analogy holds water). Speaking of alternate realities. The fact that the songs on Nashville mirror the songs that you might hear on Clear Channel but are far superior is due to mind control techniques or T-Burnett's guidance. In my world there is no difference.


Argento's Dracula


It's hard to believe that Dracula has had such a long cinematic life, though watching "Argento's Dracula" it might be time to stick the final wooden stake in and be done.  Dario Argento made "Suspira"  and "Demon's" ,so he is a legend in italy and the rest of the world. His eurotrash daughter , Asia is a favorite of mine.  "Scarlet Diva" what a movie!  I think Francis Ford Coppola's take was the final word and even that was kinda pretentious. Note to world...forgive Winona Ryder for her shoplifting. The star machine gets a little out of control and she was just trying to feel empowered.

Anyway back to "Dracula",  a stylish and gorey update that can't overcome the tiredness of the source material. Best shape shifting ever in a Dracula movie. (fly, locust, bat, wolf)  The camera focuses on the boobs like a buzzed sales rep at 3 martini lunch!! You didn't get that from Coppola. Rutger Hauer, still alive and acting....Is it for love or money?  Wanting to ask him kept going thru my head as i watched the final reel unfold. Whoever played Harker was good, he reminded me of Anthony Keidis channeling Joe Dallesandro in look and acting ability (minus the new york accent). Joe Bob would have said check it out.


head full of snow


For some reason  snow sledding always makes me think about the Beatles movie "Help" where the color music video was born with the "Ticket to Ride" skiing sequence. The US album soundtrack was also one of my first LP's,  the instrumental music superior to George Martin's efforts for "A Hard Day's Night"  mainly because he seems to be ripping off John Barry (and Ravi Shankar)!!!

In those pre-DVD/VHS days, we had to con our parents into letting us stay up late so that we could watch it (and the Magic Christian), Snow daze........They also make me think of that scene in AB FAB's  "the last shout" where Edie and Pats ski and fondue and Edie has a religious experience with Marianne Faithful as GOD singing "We gotta get out of this place."  Snow quiets everything down and allows this stuff to pop thru the brain.



LEO Rising


I have to say i've actually been reading LEO Weekly again after a few years of just picking it up for lining the birdcage or wrapping fish.  Yarmuth the Younger is  doing a good job. His editorial is worth the read and the cover features are improved. Maybe my attention span is improving  with old age,


Electric Boogaloo


Besides being incredibly stoic, i'm also known for my love of documentaries and B-movies. "Electric Boogaloo" the story of Cannon Pictures is a movie that fits both categories. it took me back to the good old days, where Joe Bob Briggs was our guide to cinema that terribly brilliant.  I recognized so many of these films and the ones i didn't, i wish i could see like "the Apple".  If only there was a Cannon channel, i'd love it as much as the El Ray network.  We can only dream.


random neurons fire


Blimey it's cold this morning....More and more i think Pro Football is fixed. So many late hits not called on the Patriots..the Packers getting every chance to win.  Not as obvious as the Steelers punking the Bengals last week but still suspect....Bowie is still dead..watching him on Dick Cavett in 1975 you wouldn't have given  him a year to live, let alone 40 more!!!! Iggy is the last one left of the MAINMAN tripletts...playing a Jackson Flying V...very T-Bone Walker.  The Bowie channel on Sirius is good. Lots of rarities and validation that Tin Machine was a better idea than more Let's Dance one in cinema history will ever top the codpiece in wine at "lightening" mass, i guess they figured your going to get juiced up on your own......No middle aged men who look like Brett Anderson at the fish fry friday, though some could pass as skynrd roadies. I myself look like Bob Moulds guitar tech!!! Wundt still the father of psychology for what it's worth....expect an album from Night Pain some day.  


Goodbye Mr. ED


I thought about tweeting that there would be no Tin Machine reunion now that the Thin White Duke (David Bowie) has left this mortal coil. I remembered though ,that people often don't know when i'm joking. The Sales Brothers and Reeves could get together with that kid from My Chemical Romance and it would probably be kick ass.

Tin Machine was one Bowie project that didn't get much love.  Those albums were good. It was an example of DB riding the alt rock wave that he arguably help create.

I was offered many condolences yesterday as if a family member of mine had passed. I was sadder when Ronno died. As much as i've had an intense personal relationship with the music and the persona. As a fan, you knew that Bowie didn't belong to anyone but himself. Maybe that's why i so admired his artistry.

I celebrated his life by listening to the last great album "Scary Monsters" (1981?). He didn't do much that was mind blowing after that for me.  He continued to come up with some good tunes on each album and looked great for his age. I admired that as he aged, he stepped out of the spotlight. I like to remember how he looked on the Reality Tour DVD.

Without "Ziggy Stardust" there would be no Jimmy Honeyman....I'm not sure which albums inspired Kanye West, but the ones for me were "Hunky Dory",  "Ziggy",  "Station to Station" and "Scary Monsters".    Like the Beatles- the Spiders were magic and like the Beatles, only the rhythm section remains.  Anyhoo, those four albums are a crash course for the ravers.  Check em out.


Doing it to Death


I have resisted the bio pic "Get on Up" studiously.  Mainly because i loathe to see actors portraying any of my musical hero's no matter how well acted.  My friend Mike Feedback came to stay last weekend. Since he doesn't own a t.v., i knew we were going to have to "acquire" the movie, since he had raved about it so much about it in his letters from the ledge.

They say history is written by the victors. This flick was executive produced by Mick Jagger, who had to follow JB on the TAMI Show!!! The TAMI show arguable made the Stones career in America. They rose to the gauntlet tossed down by JB and became stars. I almost suspect a hatchet job here, because this movie really fails to get you to realize how great James Brown truly was musically. The only thing it portrayed accurately was racism but not how JB overcame it. Not enough music not enough dirt. I felt like i was watching a made for TV movie.

It did lead me to dig out my albums though. Everyone a revelation of soul personified. He didn't fine his musicians to be a dick. It was so they could all come in on the one!! Even when he was"living in america" he still captivated.  Listen to "live at the Apollo" or "Hot pants" and see if you agree.



Buy Christmas Muak????


What a cottage industy eh?  Is it written in the contract that every Yep Roc artist do a Christmas Album?  They've certainly put out a number of good ones (Los Straigntjackets, Horton Heat, Fleshtones,Nick Lowe). I'm waiting for Robyn Hitchcock to pop one out. That would be cool.

It seems like everyone on Reverbnation is trying to get in on this "market".  I myself have been working on a version of Handel's Messiah with gazoo's. Stay tuned.


Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink


Let me preface this by saying that Elvis Costello was a true love of mine.  As i once sang on a Jelly Babies song "Idol's make good kindling" The first 15 years of EC's career were pretty dynamite....a run of album after great album. It might pain him to hear but the last consistently good listen was "All this Useless Beauty" also the final one credited to the Attractions.  

In his tome "Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink" he doesn't slash Bruce Thomas ( the only attraction not in the Imposters) too badly but you get the sense that his music declined without some type of tension or adversity to spur it on.  He details the unlikely influences that he synthesized so well to fuel his classic run. The failing of late period EC is the fawning wearing of the influences on his sleeve and the celebrity hangs with these idols. Chapters on his collaborations with Burt Bacarach, The Roots, Macca are boring.  He doesn't have much to say about the inspired period of his career because he seems to have put too much self-abuse into it's creation and (rightly) has a hard time re-exploring the terrain.

Extra credit point.  He did write it himself.  Better than Morrissey but then he actually had an editor. Check it out from the local Library if your interested. If you want my copy, dropped me a line with a SASE


historia de la musica rock: The Rolling Stones


My baby bro recently gifted me some new LP's.  It's only fair, as he melted my purchases from 3rd Man Records while looking for a brush to comb his hair!  One of the "finds" was a compilation from Spain "Historia De La Musica Rock: The Rolling Stones". In the pre-internet days, a foreign release always offered some alternate type mixes. Great mono on the early stuff.  On the late sixties stuff, "Citadel" and "Connection" are glorious, noisy, messes. Come over sometime and i'll cue it up. Don't mind the pops.


So Good it Hurts


Digging thru the crates last night, i pulled out the Mekon's "So Good it Hurts".  It was the one that came out before "Rock and Roll". I had forgotten about the lovely "Dora".  "Sometimes i feel like Fletcher Christian" is probably the "Hit".  I like the Art School approach to folky idioms and that's why i love the Mekons. Great day of the dead style cover too.


Set List dot com


Since you might have missed our set at the Good Folk Fest, I'll do a Set for ya.  It was career spanning (though no Eardamage) heavier on recent stuff:

Ayazein (ahel El nagam)

Tragicomic life (Jelly babies)

Old F and C

I could die

Sixteen Tons (Bam Bam Club)

Sometimes she smiles

Not in my summer of love

Mixed Blessings


Bongo Expresso

I need somebody ( now the 4th song off Raw Power done live at some point)

You were the bird ( T-bone Burnett- though not witnessed by Beth Sesit Burnett...she was running late)

I'm sure i've left a few out. It was good to be out and about playing for friends old and new though. 



Jennifer Saunders


Jennifer Saunders is a genius. You might have already known that. I went on an ABFAB binge this past week and rekindled my appreciation, despite the Hulu commercials. When they used to show them on Comedy Central in the 90's you would get about 3 minutes of episode then 5 minutes of commercials!  She's also great on season one of the Comic Strip.


Stream of Conscience


Did i spell that right?  I really can't spell that well despite early promise in that area. Like a bad dream, i sort and clean...sort and i'm not talking weed here.  My earlier rant about gossip. It's always just a click away innit?  I know way more about Gavin and Gwen's marriage than my own!!!

 Sometimes there's truth too. Phil Taylor from Motorhead dead at 61. The Golden Years E.P. was a seminal recording. He was a hilarious character from what i've seen on Youtube but probably impossible to be around for long periods of time. There would be no Lars Ulrich without him (take that as you will).

Football is working it's way off my gratitude list. Very little joy this session.  The Browns keep losing with seemingly no end in sight. EKU whiffed out after a promising start. The Packers have fallen prey to the endorsement curse.

Sunday night listening. The Beach Boys Smile.  It really was finished in 1966. it wouldn't have been a hit...still too weird. Head music. The Records 'Music on Both Sides" was a frequent morning favorite in my high school years. I could work in a side of it before or after school. The Faces "a nod is as good as a wink"  I bought years ago, not sure i'd really listened to it much cause i didn't remember "last orders please" and "that's all you need".  The hits and other Ronnie Lane songs are memorable though.

60 minutes indeed.





So a Madonna imitator splits with a Nirvana plagarist and takes up with a Scott Lykins doppelganger to judge talent? Before you judge anyone take a look at yerself???


Good Folk Fest Preview This Friday at the Tim Faulkner Gallery


Folkabilly at the Good Folk Fest?  Yes, this Friday at the Tim Faulkner Gallery from 8-9pm.  Jp and I will be doing a K-tel verison of the Honeyman songbook. If you miss that, we will returning to the Capitol on December 4 for an unplugged show at Buddy's Pizza.


Shop Local?? You might just be a Yokel


I drove past a shop called "We might have it" this morning. This should be the new name for Radio Shack or more accurately "We might have it but we don't give a shit if we don't".  I had searched my home in vain for the USB cable that goes with my M-Audio keyboard. The confluence of mercury in retrograde, ennui, and the attention span of a squirrel sometimes makes it hard to keep up with things. 

I had given up on the "Shack" long ago but thought that surely they would have a USB cable or be knowledgable about obtaining a replacement. Wrong.  There's still one less than 3 miles away from my home, so i hauled my rig out to the car and took off in search of immediate gratification.  

The Iroquis shop has long just been a phone store. Why not just call it Sprint?  The clerk was clueless. He did offer to write down the # for Eastern Parkway ( still a relatively short drive). I thanked him and stuck my keyboard back in the car again.  Eastern Parkway was deserted. The guy behind the counter said " I work for Sprint and don't know nuthin bout no electronics"  The Radio Shack guy came back pretty quick (probably grabbing a quick on the clock drink at the nearby Liquour Store). He said "looks like a printer, we should have that but we don't".

Now these guys obviously have no interest in exerting themselves to make a sale. No one offered to look it up or order it for me, Since i bothered to leave the house, i would have been up for that. So i went home,got online and ordered from Musicians Friend in about 5 minutes.  I would have loved to have bought local, not loving me back is a plan for obsolescence.


That's really A oh K Supergirl!!


I waited with fresh breath for the debut of the new Supergirl show...I'd just flossed and brushed my teeth and was poised with a tub of Kozy Shack Puddin for the action.  The 8:30 start threw me off. I've never watched any Big Bang and likely never will. I expected this show to be on the CW and was surprized to realize it's CBS.  Super Hero CSI anyone? Unlike the CW, there seemed to be some budget for special effects and such, so no "Smallville" style stalling. Right to the super powers.  It was a little unbelievable that she could save a Concorde with no warm up or practice.  

Instead of the Carol Danvers in an orphanage bit, they foreshadow Helen Slater and Dean Cain as earthly step-parents. Why not bring back the early 60's robots to cover those scenes with Ally McBeal (Harrison Ford ruined her)? DC or whoever:  Enough with this ZOD/Phantom Zone shit.   i was very happy with Lara Van Nort as Supergirl....maybe she could guest as Power Girl?  I'll have to give it a few weeks but i already dislike the "Ugly Betty" vibe of the non-super side of things.  So it wasn't really Super Super Girl but it should make it a season.


hilarity ensues


I saw some presidential campaign signs created by 1st graders the other day but didn't have my phone handy. Someone did a Chris Christie collage that made him look like the grimace. The one i really liked said "Vote U Rick Santorum"...maybe we need to increase taxes to improve the grammar eh?

Here in KY we are headed for a yawner in the Gov's race despite it being a 3 way dance. Matt "bev" Bevin, a teabagger, who in the last weeks of the race is now trying to claim that he didn't promise to dismantle ACA and all government programs.  KY as a state hates government but loves government programs.  Go figure.

Jack Conway is our dem. Former pretty boy, couldn't whip the Aqua Buddha. Made Heroin the drug of choice despite his very good intent in cracking down on prescriptions.  His family seems super nice on those ad's.  I've never seem him and Obama in the same room, Have you?

Drew Curtis is a cool guy. Strong upgrade from Gatewood Galbreath. He seems to have the craft beer vote sewed up which leads me to lean toward Jack. The craft brew contingent are amazed by almost anything. You put a coffee bean in a vat of beer?  Genius!!! Wonderfffful! No beer sales til 6 won't stop these guys from drinking (homebrew) but they might actually forget to register or go vote so maybe Drew in 2019.

i predict a small turnout (29%). I hope that spells trouble for Bevin. Adopting the Affordable Care is the only progressive thing to happen here in 50 years. Dismantling it would be stupid and maybe a reason to move to Ohio!!!


clip clippings


Have you listened to The Rolling Stones "Smack and Blow" Vol 1-3, the complete Black and Blue Sessions?  Well, i have and a whole lot of other bootlegs on You Tube recently. I'm obviously single, as no wife or girlfriend would put with up hours of grainy jams of variable quality but the fan in me loves every minute of it.

I'm against posting "legitimate" albums for free on You Tube, but bootlegs have always been sought out by the true fan. Not only were the artists stolen from but we the fan's have always paid a high price to obtain these gems. 

I credit Andy Babuik and Greg Prevost's "Rolling Stones Gear"  with getting me on this kick. They mention just about every notable unreleased Stones track in the book. It's great to just click and listen. These boots give you real insight into the Stones creative process and enhance the read.

Other subjects under "study": The Yardbirds, The Smiths, Brian Wilson. All have notable boot's that aren't commercially available and now reside on You Tube. I'm going to enjoy it before someone changes the rules.



101 uses for Candy Corn


I was duped into buying some Candy Corn today.  There's always some left at the end of the Halloweenie season. It always makes me feel like my teeth are rotting on the spot.  This tub claimed it was made of real honey, so i put it in a cup of Green Tea. It worked well as an alternative sweetener. I could image making a Blizzard with it.  It's the title of a Captain Beefheart song.  That's only three that i can come up with, so the other 98 are Landfill emulsifier!!


Death by Selfie Stick


A friend shared an article that said more people have been killed by selfie sticks this year than by shark attack. It says alot of things about the culture. All of them bad. I myself own a selfie stick. Just goes to show if you hang around with dogs ya get fleas.

I blame Taylor Swift (satan's daughter). The Today show reported that Mick Jagger joined her on stage for "Satisfaction" and that this gives her some kind of legitimacy. He did pen the lyrics to "Sympathy for the Devil". In other circle's, they are saying how Ryan Adams covering her tunes validate her "talents."  This horrible music should be shunned, not validated!!  I think Bryan Adams has more credibility at this point. He would never stoop that low.  Ryan is just a bad copy of Evando Dando, who was a bad copy of Gram Parsons (updated with crack instead of Heroin).  Everyone is too busy taking pictures of themselves to notice.  That's why you have me dear reader.


Keep the Faith


Kick off is in about 2 hours. Another Cleveland Browns campaign getting ready to start. To prep, i've washed all my Browns gear, cleaned the grill, started reading a biography on Paul Brown and prepared myself spiritually for another losing season.  It's kind of a Fall ritual to honor the memory of my father and grandfather.  The bottled soda, tailgate dogs, and victory Brownies are all a part of it. For once, i hope Jimmy Haslam and the gang that couldn't shoot straight are right. If this were premier league soccer, the Browns would be in the 3rd division.  

With the lack of offensive firepower, i can only imagine that they believe that our "O" line is so good that even the Hawk could gain 3 yards a carry. I think they wanted to sign Ray Rice but when the "o" Lines coach allegedly assaulted his girlfriend that would have been a bad move P.R. wise.  I'll wear my Jurevicious Jersey and hope that Brian Hartline will extend a few drives.

I listen on the radio so that i can do productive things around the house. I started this practice last season and it helped me deal with the frustrations, particularly during the collapse in the 2nd half of the season. My favorite Plain Dealer writer is Terry Pluto. I discovered that he also writes columns on faith. I plan on checking those out along with the bad news.  Peace by the lake.


Made of Stone


Every hear the theory that we don't realize that we are earning less and less because we have so many entertainment options? I think it has to be totally true (at least at face value). If Television was once the opiate of the people, we have so many varieties of visual entertainment between Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Youporn et al et al. 

Prime has an odd selection of "freebies".  "Made of Stone" a documentary about the reunion of the Stone Roses was how i passed a few hours recently.  I have always thought the Stone Roses were over-rated.  A yobbo's response to the break up of the Smiths, a mass ( or real ) hallucination dependent on club drugs.  They had the one good album, distinguished mainly by Mani's bass licks in my opinion. Ian Brown always reminded me of Louis Johnson (FHS drop out and XS Overdrive Singer) and i never liked his singing or lyrics.  it would make a good de-evolution chart:  Morrissey/Smiths,  Ian Brown/Stone Roses, Liam/Oasis. This holds true for the guitarists but Liam is actually a better singer/front lout than Ian Brown. 

Evidently, The Roses meant a lot to a whole middle age segment of the British public.  The hysteria about their reunion was real.My son watched with me and wondered what all the fuss was about. I told him it was like the american equivalent of a free ZZ Top concert!!! My late eighties opinions still stand. Mani is/was a great musician. Reni reminds me of Rueben Walker extending the Frankfort (i.e. mediocrity) analogy a bit further. "Fool's Gold" is a great jam. "Made of Stone" is cool though it's a cop on "Paint it Black". I always like band arguments on film. Rock and Roll!!


Hardcore Devo


I used to love "rock blocks".  Every holiday weekend, the local FM station would have blocks of songs by the staples of their playlist. Sometimes they would do fake "live" albums.  I was excited to find two new concerts on Amazon Prime.  Thin Lizzy: Thunder and Lightening and Hardcore DEVO.  Phil Lynott looked a little worse for the wear but the songs and charisma were intact even at the end.  Lizzy were the old guard. They could only get faster to compete with the "new wave", they gamely sped up the songs but the writing was on the wall.

Hardcore Devo is a documentary of a concert where Devo played selection from their basement tapes.  Before making it on to Warner Brothers, DEVO did some interesting woodshedding ,particularly in contrast to what was commercial music from 1974-1977. I used to have HARDCORE VOL. 1 on cassette.  My children still remember it as mind warping commuter muzak.  Anyway, the band is in fine form here. They pioneered a music that had nothing to do with the likes of Thin Lizzy and learned how to be more subversive with their children's television soundtracks. Essential viewing.


Mac Mixtape


One of my favorite mixtapes was from the early 2000's. I bought Tusk, Tango in the Night, and a couple of Lindsey Buckingham albums for about $2 at Potato Man's on Woodlawn.  This being when the dirt was about 6 feet on the vinyl grave. ( it's since emerged in a zombified 180 gram vinyl half life)  and records were dirt cheap.  Potato Man would actually have people give him whole collections for a pittance.

Anyway, i complied these disc on a Maxell C-90 to soundtrack my nervous breakdown in my Honda Civic at the time.  I dug and still dig Lindsey Buckingham. It's like the machine from "the Fly" combined Brian Wilson, Buddy Holly, George Hamilton, and George Harrison into the ultimate Pop tron. I recently tried to recreate this on CD but the 80 minutes left me a little short.  It was so much easier to get a groove, when combining vinyl and cd's on to a tape. For the Redux version, i lost "big Love" and "farmers daughter" but added some Peter Green Mac, including his version of Oh Well.  Maybe the secret is the flawless rhythm section of Fleetwood and (mac)vie. They make this group swing no matter who's fronting the show. 


Pick a side...any side


The pre-NFL season doldrums have been such that i've taken to watching Barclays Premier League highlights on NBC, mainly with the sound down.  It's amazing how enthused the fans are about a sport that goes 70 minutes without a score or could end with a 0-0!!!.  It's also amazing how you can buy a player from overseas for 50 million bucks and they can immediately make your team a winner. I still don't understand this red card thing but evidently it makes you a real bastard (but not as bad as a new england patriot). I guess that's why they sell space on their jerseys like Ricky Bobbie on roids.

Taking a cue from my friend, Bill Lynch's book. I decided to randomly become a Crystal Palace fan.  Around 2003, Bill decided it would be manly to root for an NFL team. He had a vague memory of the 85 Bears and their Superbowl Shuffle and overnight became an NFL fanatic for the Chicago Bears. His timing was impeccable , as they soon made a Super Bowl run.  Same with me.  I could have picked Arsenal or "Man united" but Crystal Palace sounded cool and i once saw some pics of the Stones taken there (it's in South London).

According to the internet, your team can suck so bad that you can be relegated to less "premier" leagues. If this were so, the Cleveland Browns would be playing 1a minus ball.  Evidently, Crystal Palace was once just such a laughing stock and now are challenging for the Premier League title. My timing is impeccable (much like Mr. Lynch's on the drums). Go Eagles!!!




It's a sad moment of over-saturation when i learned that there was an alternate version of "eight miles high" by The Byrds about 3 months ago but just now listened to it (It's a bonus track on 5th Dimension, which is in my I-Tunes but that i never got around to listening to). It was recorded at RCA Studios in L.A. where most of the best early 60's Stones tracks were engineered by Dave Hassner(?)

This leads me to a thought i've often had listening to Little Steven's Underground garage. The DNA of all good post 1959 music can be traced to 4 groups: The Byrds, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and the Ramones.   All the "good" music is a xerox of these sources (and these sources are sometimes a xerox).  Pop ate itself and ate it's own waste.  Rock and Roll.


Ain't got time


I don't know if you've missed me blogging but i've been gone......doing stuff. Which is probably how it should be. You don't need a constant dialogue from me anyway. It's been a particularly mild August here in the KY, so i've been in-doors less.  The Hign Heel Sneakers E.P. is complete. There is a boring technical issue that should be resolved by next week. If you "Walked the Walk" with me for NAMI Louisville ,Thank you very much.  I still have a few tee's available and will post on the merch page.

If you do require a more regular peek into my mind, My instagram will give you fragments of tangents to work with Weberman stylee. It's sad to mark the passing of Yvonne Craig. A minor thespian, but an important sexual icon for any male born in the TV age (60-75).  Green and Purple will always be pleasant sense memory color due to her stint on Batman and Star Trek. That is all for the moment. Go enjoy the state fair or something like it. 


Kayfaby face


I've never been much on Podcasts. Mainly because between Sirius , Wolfgang's Concert Vault and my own record collection, i don't have time to delve into them.  Unlike our hipster prez, i haven't listened to Maron (or Maroon 5 for that matter). I struggled with ear pain and insomnia this week though and listened to WOO NATION. This is a podcast hosted by the Nature Boy Ric Flair. I enjoyed it because it's kinda of like Ric Flair "behind the curtain of Kayfabe"  For those of you who don't know this term, it was the old practice of staying in Wrestling character- it kinda of went away in the late 90's though still creates some ambiguity in the modern day. Ric is evidently a fairly insecure and humble guy these days.  Even with supposed rivals like Mick Foley and Brett Hart (two of my favorites) he makes nice.   Factoids: Mean Gene Okerland and Gordon Solie enjoyed a few drinks....Ric enjoyed a few more.  Hulk Hogans a prick (all real wrestling aficionado's already knew this one).I've listened to 4 episodes so far. I'll make time for the other 8 over the next few weeks.


Fun...days of future past


As my summer break winds to an end, i contemplate the state of fun...or is it just escape from ennui? Lacking the weeks and $$$ to take my long dreamed of trip on Route 66 (my bucket list gotta a hole in it) i headed for a night in a Wigwam at Cave City (the only other remaining Wigwam village is somewhere on the mother road) and a visit to Dinosaur World (my daughters don't seem too down with caves yet) a suitably Pee Herman excuse for a short trip.

I love to read the sniffy reviews of the Wigwam village on line and also the real life reaction of the goober couple who rented #15 (they left for the Days Inn i think).  it's a concrete Wigwam!!!! A  real Wigwam would have even fewer amenities.  You get a playground, fire pit and SKI cola. Suck it up! Your cell phone won't work here. They do have WiFi but you have to sleep on the bench outside your Wigwam to get it to work. We had a great night (nary a bedbug in site,though a few Coraline inspired night terrors).

Mucho bluster in the local media about Funtown Mountain, the supposed hipster re-imagining of Gun Town Mountain. i have no nostalgia for this place, having never gone to the original park, but 74,000 of you liked the idea on Facebook and seem to be bitching about the reality. The Proprietor, Will Russell, was busted for having weed at his creation, Lebowski Fest, here in Louisville. This led to a temporary throwing a towel in the ring on this whole Fun thing.

I think he's marketed this thing correctly. It's a dream park (his) and no matter how hip he might be. He isn't the Coen Brothers( or even Sid and Marty Kroft for that matter) So he's gonna be a little weak on content here. If the future of fun is preservation, he needs to embrace the "rip-off" history of these type of roadside attractions. Rarely are they as good as advertised and they never were. They were a cheap shot way to score a buck off of weary travelers with whining kids. it can never be like the past because the net will steer casual curious away.  

As to the complaints online about Fun Town?  The acolytes minding the store were very friendly and helpful (though not good hucksters). They complained about others deserting Saint Will in his hour of need. i had this image of a commune with craft beer and country hams....bearded children! My kids didn't think it was very fun.  I guess it's hard to recruit Can Can girls at Nachbar for live Wild West shows.  Maybe they can team with the Alley theater and do "DEADWOOD: the musical"  it would revive nostalgia and theater in Cave City (the Horse Cave theater now defunct and for sale too). 

Until a man can smoke a little weed in a parking lot at an adult event ( that he paid for), i think fun will be in short supply. We can always dream.


The rainy season


Does anyone actually listen to Prince albums anymore or do they just tweet about getting to see him live or how "amazing" his shows are?  These are the kind of thoughts that go thru my head in this unnatural rainy season here in KY.  My summer garden solitude ruined by a soggy mosquito filled backyard with suck ass humidity.  Sorry i have to take that negativity out on Symbol but his last good album was "sign O the times". He's just a less drug addled Sly Stone at this point.

Middle aged men wearing bikini's frighten me. Don't show up at my home dressed like this or you'll be shot on sight!  i wonder what the under 30's are actually into in sleepy Frankfort town these days #cemetarywithlights.

My hair is out of control.....soon no product will tame it. Why don't i just pick up the phone and call Merle Norman (or even Merle Haggard)   Picking up the phone is a problem i have. Dating myself horribly, i used to buy spiffy home phones at Service Merchandise!! If i had a rocking phone, maybe i'd reach out "and touch someone"

The "forecast" is for 95 degrees this weekend. In i will stay....shunning the noon day light!!!


Sticky Fingers


No...i'm not referring to the riblets at O'Charleys. I'm talking about the Rolling Stones classic L.P. that was recently reissued. All best of lists aside. It is truly in the top five.  Just the original album jacket alone would land it at 100 if the grooves were blank...the warhol zipper is probably the coolest sleeve ever. It is arguably the least Keef infused since he didn't play on Sway, Sister Morphine, or Moonlight Mile. We can rhapsodize about Mick Taylor but that's RY COODER on slide with Sister M.

The mood and rhythms are so varied i would recommend it as the ultimate sex muzak (besides Physical Graffitti). I've found it's been good pregame music on my morning commute.  You can even floss to it!!

The Stones themselves have teased that they might play it in it's entirety on the ZIP code tour.  Mick sniffed that it would bore the audience in a stadium ,so they played it in LA and rearranged the song order. You can hear for yourself on Itunes.  I think they changed the song order for a different reason. While competent in the playing, they just can't recreate the mood of the original live. That aside, Mick sounds particularly strong in his vocals.  Ronnie Wood has continued to carry the ball for Keef since the 50th anniversary tour. It's a shame they can't just carry on with a 3 guitar line up that includes Mick Taylor.  They are a still a hot live band. Just a little shy of being the greatest.


Glad to be Gay


When did Tom Robinson release that one? 1977?  We've come a long way since the movie "Cruising" haven't we! I enjoyed the furor and bandwagon jumping that the supreme courts ruling to recognize gay marriage in all 50 states has created.  Some of the counter arguments were about as intelligible as Bluto from Animal House on a 3 day bender. "if that's legal then put the 10 commandments back in the schools if you like this!!"  "Abstinence works!!" etc etc etc.

#lovewins was cute but very inaccurate. Freedom won.  The attorney's won (their divorce work just increased about 3000%). The only reason to vote Democratic (the best of no real options) became clear again.

I just want to say to my liberal friends who rainbowed their facebook pages in soladarity.  It doesn't stop here. You'd better fucking vote.  Because it starts from the pulpit today.  A religious full court press will be underway to take us back to the dark ages. These people are illogical, committed to their stupidity and organized. Apathy is always the real enemy.


Fathers Day 2015


Is it the summer solstice today too?  My father is no longer here but I will pay tribute by enjoying some of the things he loved:  The Four Freshman, a good sandwich, Mel Brooks, fast women and slow horses (Joke...for me anyway), politics (he would love to hate this particular group on Republican anti-christs in waiting), and sporting events (my dad would pull over for any athletic event. Even if it was kids playing hackysack.)

You are always missed, particularly your blue eyes Pa.  The one lesson I try to emulate is ti enjoy the moments. I know he did until the end.




Have I ever told you how much I like Squeeze? I've starting my days catching up on all the MTV live stuff I missed over the years this past week.  They did a lot of TV. Here is just a small slice . They were a good transitional band for me, growing up with the Beatles but eager for my own thing as a teenager.  Glenn Tilbrook is such an underrated front man. Great guitarist too. I recommend the book, "Squeeze: song by song" fascinating insights into the difford/tilbrook partnership.


Mighty Meek


I was stoked to watch "Telestar", the Joe Meek story again on Amazon Prime.  It only focuses on the absurd elements of the story though.  I hope they finally release the long promised documentary "A life in the death of Joe Meek" I was seeking info and found their webpage with this cool jukebox page. 


Summer Albums


I'm sure i'm not the only one that associates summer with great albums and live shows. That used to be the big "event". An album release and a summer tour!  My first band, Ear Damage, was very much a summer thing. Our drummer, Archer, came home for summer breaks so we only had two months of rockin nirvana. As summer kicks in , i think about a number of records that left an impression. 

1) Some Girls-The Rolling Stones This was the soundtrack on the summer of 1978. Listening to it in the car the other day, it still holds up (side notes:  My first concert was the "Some Girls" tour.  I also remember the cool 12 inch disco mix of Miss You on Pink vinyl that i spent 3 months of allowance on.)

2) Band on the Run- Paul McCartney and Wings I'm not sure if this came out in the summer, but i don't think you could escape "Jet" on the a.m. dial the summer of 73. (side note: Jet was my 2nd 45 that summer. The first was Terry Jacks "Seasons in the sun"!

3) Your never alone with a schizophrenic- Ian Hunter I bought this in some stereo shop in Lexington. Evidently, the first pressing had a skip, because "just another night" would stutter thru that cool drum intro. I had to catch multiple rides to Lex to sort this out but it was worth. Ian/Mott was the first band that i didn't agree on with my older brother. I was on my way to becoming a "dude"

4) Louder than bombs- The Smiths Still the place to start for the curious about smithdom. I'm not sure this came out in the summer but sides 1 and 3 were the soundtrack to my summer (88ish?)

5)The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust- Car jam. Mr. Prewitt had this tape and Simon and Garfunkels "The Sound of Silence"

6) Imperial Bedroom- Elvis Costello  I remember bringing this one home. I'd catch a ride to lexington and buy 5 or 6 albums at a time. This one wasn't immediately accessible, but on the 3rd listen reveled itself to being one of the greatest of all time.

7) Purple Rain-Prince This was a cassette (JP placed an order). I remember popping this in machina in the car. "lets go crazy" indeed!

8)Punch the clock-Elvis Costello and the Attractions Another "skipper" (vinyl fetishist be warned). This also coincided with my first girlfriend. Every song etched in my heart

9) Sigue Sigue Sputnik Love Missile It was supposed to be the "future" of rock and roll.  slight but loveable.

10) T-rex The Slider- I bought this at a yard sale along with "Sladest" by Slade and Led Zepplin I  for 50 cents.  Metal Guru still makes my nips hard.

Next time: Summer beers and the downside of beards.


Cocaine Cowboys and Wide collared suits


I watched the Last Waltz again the other day.  It's Martin Scorcese' document of the last concert by THE BAND (well last with Robbie Robertson- they reuned with out him and two of the group ended up casualties while Levon started to claim he wrote the songs!!!)If that had truly been the end of an era, it would have perhaps been the best musical time capsule ever. The music is timeless. The beards, the ugly suits.....Neil Diamond(not so much) but It's all there in Cinemascope. New Wave would change the fashions, sweeping the old guard away for 10 or so years. This meant that you had to look hip to be in a band (this rule should never be waived). Now we can't get rid of the bands constantly touring or the fashions....ugggh.


Penis Hill Memories


Phoenix Hill Tavern closed sudden like.  You've probably heard the term "Too big to fail"?  I would have thought that would have applied to "the Hill" or "penis hill" as it was know in some circles ( a legendary meat market, it's sister bar, Jim Porter's was referred to as the "wrinkle room" JP once said it reminded him of an episode of True Blood after 2 am).  The news reports implied big money behind the scenes. Who wants the hassle and liability of dealing with a bunch of drunks for another 20 years?

I used to live in the neighborhood. Loud and Rowdy. I even had someone bleed out by my garden gate (time to move on). It was known for lots of shitty shows (the metally/hairy type) but on occasion cool national acts would arrive.  I saw Camper Van Beethoven and The Replacements ( phone call the next day "do you know alcoholism is a disease? Yes. Please don't call me at work to remind me!! the ringing of the phone makes my head hurt and by bum squirt") in the eighties.

In the nineties, we saw Squeeze with no Difford but two attractions.  I enjoyed my first Hurricane while checking out the Coctails who were booked their on a few occasions.  The Jellybabies made it to the roof garden. I was so excited to be performing there i remember very little about it other than almost tumbling down the stairs! Letha drug (or is that drugged) me out to see Karen Kraft and Kicks at Jim Porters. I saw Horton Heat there twice and had to pee rather badly both times!

In this brave new century, i only made it there twice, with the reformed Ear Damage.  The bootleg of our show at the Tap Room remains along with "The Coleman Street Sessions" the best Damage audio evidence. I had hoped to catch my son's band there some day some or a reformed Johnson's Aeroplane auditioning some thursday night. Them was the daze my friend.



Don't believe a Word


These are the words once sang by Phil Lynott,  a vagabound of the western world if there ever was one. He would share his bed and coke with anyone according to a first person account from the San Antonio Inn in Old Louisville, 1975ish.  I think he was the first to spell it out.  That song wasn't written about you.  It's a work of art, which automatically makes it fiction or changes it's essence. We project or relate but no one is captured under glass.

Others make the mistake of telling others songs are about them. Ian Hunter wrote "bastard" after arguing with his wife and advised us all to lie.

Do I believe in Muses?  Absolutely.  Then again inspiration and execution are two totally different acts. The writer is the filter.


The Sheik of Jabronie


Have you seen "The Sheik" on Netflix yet?  The Sheik of course is the Iron Sheik. The man who ended Kayfabe by smoking weed in a rental car with his "enemy" Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The rest is sports entertainment (for better or worse). It's pretty much your modern style doc, lack of footage covered by Slideshows and animation.  We see the low points and the "comeback" as a member of the Whack Pack and a Twitter sensation.

They could have called this "Beyond the Mat II".  The same 80's stars living rough on the indie wrestling circuit. Stoned and lamed by the game and fame of pro wrestling. Jake the Snake is still alive and wrestling 15 years after that film came out. Credit to The Rock for giving credit where credit was due. That's "doing business."






Some of you out there may know that it's Mental Health Awareness month. Rock and Roll and Madness have had a long storied history. So many tragic tales of potential wasted. It is what cults are made of.  Occasionally, you get the miraculous comeback like Roky Erickson or Brian Wilson. Roky's was more impressive if you watched the "you're gonna miss me" doc because he actually seemed to be able to lead the show without assist unlike Brian and his Wondermints (though i like all the records they have facilitated with him).

For the arm chair psychologist out there, It's all about stress-vulnerability.  Fame creates pressure and drugs enhance vulnerability and voila! you have a permanent or transient mental condition. My favorite Kooks in no particular order:

Syd Barrett- The madcap didn't have the last laugh but he made some great fractured fairy tales

David Bowie- The lad insane's mid 70's cocaine psychosis and come down depression made for some good listening

Brian Wilson-  SMILE alone.  His comebacks always warm my heart.

Roky Erickson- Almost done reading the book about the 13th floor elevators called "Mind Eye" 300 doses of LSD will lead to something but it's probably not elightenment.

Joe Meek- the crazed producers story is fascinating. Check out "Telestar", it's great.

Skip Spence- former airplane and moby grape man. "Oar" is the album Barrett couldn't make.

Peter Green- Peter Green is Fleetwood Mac though his name is neither fleetwood or mac.  Maybe the most unsung guitarist of all time.

I'm sure i'm forgetting a few here. Art damage



Pastie Faced Pricks in Blue Suits


Election Day in KY (the ballot for Bachelorette and voting for Dancing With The Stars last night don't count, though "Riker" would make a great agriculture commish).  It's a hot republican primary: 3 pastie faced pricks in blue suits. While all using varying amounts of hair dye, they are resolute in over-turning affordable health care in the nations unhealthiest state and supporting "right to work"  (for less than a living wage).   The cool thing is that you could spend 4 million dollars and still lose, since the turn out is going to be less than 20% of registered voters.  Elephants get out and vote. Select your champion in clubbing the sick and the poor!


Quibil and bits


I saw Jeff Beck last night at the shed (i.e. Riverbend).  He is still the greatest performing British guitarist in my opinion (well it is my blog!!).  He is always worth seeing despite the Jazzbo shit that all the middle class white guys love. By the frequent potty breaks from this tour could have been sponsored by Flomax. 

He's just onery about not doing any Yardbirds stuff.  He couldn't at least do a medley? Jeez.  I suppose the reason he brought Jimmy Hall along on vocals was a concession to playing the summer circuit. He's competent but gives it a bar band flavor.  Forget Rod Stewart or Bobbie Tench. Keith Relf is the best vocalist he ever worked with. 

Highlights?  Playing a Tele on the first song was cool but he soon ditched it. Superstition was good. Danny Boy was cool. My highlight was eating a Skyline Chili dog in the rain in the empty picnic area while he played a Day in the Life. It would have been the perfect end to my movie.


Idols make good kindling


I'm glad to hear that America Idol is getting cancelled (if only the Voice would go away). I've always hated these shows elevation of Karoake singing to "idol" status. These singers only move people who are casual music fan's. They confirm the disposability of music which saddens me.  You have to kill your idols to survive.  It's all to easy to slip these singers the knife.


Ultron: The age of multi platform marketing


I was there Friday night.....are you happy Marvel?  When i was 13, they told me to "grow up".  So i dutifully tossed my comics in the closet and moved on to more socially accepted things (rock and roll- football- masturbation). Now, in the age of Ultron, you never have to grow up. In fact, you are encouraged to live in a nostalgic world of official licensed merchandise and "experiences".  Don't read the papers but buy the comics!! I'm on the verge of a keen political insight here but probably need a few beers for that (damn).

Back to the flick.  I enjoyed it despite my misgivings about the marketing machinery. We demand our Black Widow merch!!! James Spader ruined it for me though.  JS is a great actor but without his face and other body language, it was obvious that he was james spader and not Ultron.  Is it just me or did Chris Evans look more juiced than Chris Hemmsworth? Robert Downey as always maintains his acting dignity. I enjoyed the Scarlet Witches Decollage (and her status as the unknown Olsen).  I hope Ant Man is a flop. The "franchise" needs to be humbled.  How about a 90 minute movie next time too? 


Return of the Greatest American Hero


It had the potential to go horribly wrong. "It" being the Bruce Jenner interview discussing his being Transgendered.  What else would you expect after years of "Keeping up with the Kardashians".  Millions love it but i have only watched two episodes (and never listened to Kanye West...Northwest is a Hitchcock movie to me).  That show disgusted me because Bruce Jenner, Olympic Champion, someone who was an american icon for what he achieved ,was reduced to a the role of a henpecked, seemingly lost man playing with his motorized toy planes.  Years of irrelevance and bad plastic surgery had left  him a cartoon long forsaken by the public eye. 

The ABC special was informative and balanced and told Jenner's story in a captivating way. There wasn't a wisecrack in the house. Oddly, he had to lose his balls on the Kardashian's to finally get them back and set an example for others to embrace their true selfs (he may still lose them again but it would be literally and not figuratively).  As he said in the interview,"i had the real story all long"- too often we spend our time looking away.


Dust and Guitars


I spent saturday sleeping and fooling around with guitars.....Syd Barrett once commented that his soul was reduced to "dust and guitars" that's how i felt psychically.  I think that's where i started when i was 15 and i'm coming full circle. Ever try a "cheaters 12"?  I picked this up from a Billy Gibbons article in an old Guitar Player.  You take a couple of 1st and 2nd strings and put them on the bottom and then tune it standard.  Particularly on a Dano with lipstick tube pickups, it's zingy.

I also capo'd a bit. I'm fairly adept at playing in most keys so i don't usually fool with it, but i was inspired by Roy Wood's tone on the MOVE anthology. You can play "Tonite" legit  with a capo on the 4th fret. Time and the devil they say.


Best Mott albums


In the spirit of Liztomania, here is another list: Best Mott the Hoople albums

1). Mott- a fully realized rock classic. Start's with "All the way from Memphis" and ends with "i wish i was your mother."

2) Best of Mott the Hoople- Distills the Atlantic years well. I had this on 8-track and always rocked out to "keep a knocking"

3) Mott the Hoople LIVE-  I should save this for a future list of great live album's. One of the best

4) The Hoople- I always like the cover and any album with "Golden Age of Rock and Roll"  and "Roll away the Stone" is classic

5) Mott the Hoople- Though all the atlantic albums have great songs, the debut (at least side one) still holds up the best.  The first disc on the Anthology is probably the best way to experience the atlantic years

What about the rest? All the Young Dudes...i never liked the production (sorry David Bowie). Wildlife could have made the list.  Brain Capers and Mad Shadows are probably too dark for frequent rotation.


Fender vs. Gibson


I was watching Johnny Thunders on Youtube the other morning.  There were some clips from Sweden when he wasn't as wasted when he acted silly on national television there and got himself banned. He was so straight that he actually switched to a Strat mid-set!!! The Thunders sound is twin reverb and Les Paul jr on "10" all the way. People are usually either Gibson or Fender players in the classic rock parthenon. Most of the great british guitarists started out with Gibson and ended up on Strat's later in their career (Clapton, Beck, Richards). The except is Page who famously used a tele in the Yardbirds and early Zep and then helped save sales of the Les Paul in the seventies.

I dig both. When i'm in trio mode, a Gibson works better for filling out the sound. I think my best guitar playing on record is on Beggars Bathroom and most of those leads were cut with a custom shop Strat.  All guitars are amazingly fun toys for all of the rocking boyz!!




I have a horrible ability to remember where i bought everything i own. I acquired a video of Slamboree 2000 in Tennessee around fall 2002. This pay per view was at the nadir of WCW...David Arquette was the world champion for chrissakes! What strikes me is the number of dead wrestlers in this one: Mike Awesome, Chris Candido, Kanyon, Curt Henning. The rest are doing yoga with DDP or probably should be dead. It's a sad curio of the days before WWE had a virtual monopoly. It's hardly a pier sixer but it is a slobberknocker.


A penny for your Lizt


Since i've been off work this week, I've thought alot about various lists.  The Penny Hoarder says that people will pay you for this but i know that nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Just look at the fruits of this as Honeyman bonus bucks. Some of you may have seen my recently acquired Motorhead tee on Instagram.  It is a fashion statement for me, because i've been listening to Motorhead since 1980 at least. It was also a damn fine present to receive from my son!! Someone on Twitter sniffed that you should ask anyone wearing a Motorhead tee to list any song besides Ace of Spades. Well, i'm ready boyo's-  hear (ha ha sic) is my top ten:


1. Ace of Spades:  a no brainer. The only true classic rock song produced by Phil, eddie, and Lemmy

2. No Class:  My first band "The Electric Nipples" covered this one. Ted employed the Arthur Kane style of holding his breath between notes (lest he miss em).

3. Chase is better than the catch:  Sexy and sleazy. Album opener from"Ace of Spades" LP.

4. Iron Fist:  I have a permanent image of Prewboy with bong Karaoking to this one in his great room!

5. Stay Clean (live version):  The lyrics are a guide for living

6. Killed by Death:  Aren't we all?

7. Orgasmatron:  Very deep lyrics- they don't seem to relate to Barbarella at all!!

8. Leaving Here: Another early cover for Ted and I- the 5 second bass solo is bad ass

9. Ramones: a nice tip of the hat

10. Bomber (live):  a wall shaker to end no sleep


Honorable mention:  Metropolis, Eat the Rich, Jailbait, Please Don't Touch (w/Girlschool), Dead Men Tell No Tales.


March Madness Indeed


I come to you from overcast KY.....the dream is over until next year. UK lost in the final four. Children were beaten, fires set, vomit swept away......bread and circuses...sports are definitely the opiate of my people (friends and neighbors). Kentucky is a naturally beautiful place. If you don't like the weather, it'll change in 5 minutes.  The horses and women are fast.  They make craft beer out of recycled garbage here in the Ville. Soon whiskey will flow even from the local Kroger (but i'll keep going to Mr. G' local).

The bad news is we rank last in just about every statistical category that counts:  Mental Health, physical health, and education. We are #1 in SEC basketball and addiction!! The 2 seem somewhat intertwined at this point. The KY legislature meets in Jan and Feb and does almost nothing each year.  People just don't care as long as the Cats are winning and they can get their next fix!!! I had the passing thought that if the legislature met after Derby maybe people would pay attention but that is perhaps very naive on my part. Things seem to be getting more Roman around here every day except the showers!!!


Billy Idol


Just finished "Dancing With Myself". Billy Idol's Autobiography.  Sex, drugs,drugs,sex,sex,sex,rock and roll, drugs,drugs, sex,sex,sex,sex,rock and roll pretty much describes it. He probably pee's out of a hole in his groin (his penis has to have rotted johnny depp's nose in "the libertine"). I was interested in the Generation X years.  The US version of their 1st album is a Punk Rock classic. Turns out Billy wrote the music and Tony James handled the words. I always thought it was the other way around. I wonder what Billy thought about Sigue Sigue Spuntnik? Tony and Billy both copped Suicide's sound for their solo years. I think Billy was too busy to notice probably.


Baby Food on a Bun


That's how i would describe the "Veggie Slider".  Almost like they took carrots, beef, and peas gerber and placed it on a steamed bun!! No pickle? Why not! That would have improved the taste for sure.  I'm sure cases of them will be available at Big Lots soon.  To reaffirm my faith in veggie burgers, i had to make a Boca on a grilled bun with Avocado, pimento cheese and Durkee's Famous Sauce (with pickles). It was delicious.


Granny Lennox


Annie Lennox at the Grammies frightened me and made me feel old. I once fantasized about her singing "Would i Lie to You?" to me in my underwear in my early 20's!!!!  She still looks fine. It was just my own mortality poking me in the ribs as she sang her duet with some one who i can't recall to an audience that i couldn't relate to. I caught her on PBS last night. She was in great voice. An elder stateswoman of lady soul. It was the pant suit that bothered me. 70's unhip grandmother!!! Maybe next time she can wear a "day" dress!!




Instead of working on finishing some music i'm watching THE BATES MOTEL.  It appeals to the procrastinator in me. I already know the ultimate outcome but Vera Farmiga is soooo good as an Actress. All the other male actors (except Norman) are intense and wear eye shadow like an 80's indie band.  It's sort of a mash up of Twin Peaks and Guiding Light with horrible psychological undertones. DIG


Mott 2013


Spring....You can almost smell the hot dogs burning.  Time for lot's of outdoor live muzak. Definitely a good thing in my mind, even if around here it tends to be bearded half-ass urban "hillybilly's, Waterfront Wednesday's, Chow wagons. and Mike Linning's has a music tent series, where classic rockers older than me trot out a big PA and rock for the Cod eaters and macro brew drinkers.

What does this have to do with the great Mott the Hoople?  The film of their 2013 reminded me of a really great band at Mike Linnings! Now bear with me here.  There is very little live footage of Mott in the their prime. The T.V. stuff from the 70's is largely mimed. That clip from Don Krishner was subdued because Ariel Bender had only been in the band two weeks. So when i heard there was a bonus DVD with the Mott the Hoople Live 2013, i had to get it.

The band rocks but they're too old.   Mick Ralphs either can't play lead like he used to because of arthritis or is having  to hold Overend Watts and Martin Chambers together (Martin is subbing for Buffin who has Alzthimers- He played with Verden Allen pre pretenders). In the 70's, he could wail and do that but not now apparently. Ian Hunter's age has always been a well kept secret but he's definitely in his 70's, so all the songs are tuned down.  While not a problem with his Rant band, it seems to diminish some of the thunder of the hoople.  Verden Allen is the true star. His organ is thunderous.  Deep Purple should seek him out. He maybe the greatest living 70's Hammond B-3 practitioner out there. His vocal on "soft ground" is a highlight.

All said, Mott would blow the tent down at Mike Linnings.  Maybe, they should forgive Ariel Bender (he's still rocking)  bring in Morgan Fisher and demolish the Yum Center!!


Black paint over the 3rd eye


A recent study revealed that while we are lagging behind previous generations in real income and economic forward momentum, we don't care because we have so many entertainment options!!! Opiate of the people indeed.  In my home state, they're literally on opiates while playing with their "smart" phones and "T.V"'s.  I went to a park last week with my daughter and was approached by a two year old about being pushed on a swing. When i asked where her mother was, she pointed out a teenager about 50 feet away looking rather stoned and texting, tweeting, or facebooking away.

Did i say i like my Smart T.V.?  Money's been tight so i'm digging the distraction just a little (though i know it's wrong).  I watched several great full length concerts on Youtube this past St. Paddy's day.  The Pogues in Munich 1985 (Cait on bass and Shane in top form- diamond bill lynch should check out that snare/floor tom set up). The Pogues in Japan 1987? a more professional show- right before they jumped the shark.  The Waterboys on german tv around 2007..Steve Wickham is the greatest living rock violin player. Thin Lizzy "thunder and lighting" tour....the final tour...they did a snatch of "Whiskey in the Jar". The last one of note was a Dexy's Midnight Runners show called "the bridge", it's a full blown "Celtic Soul Brothers" review...kinda like a mix of Glee, James Brown, and a the new main street singers from a Mighty Wind. How about a raise Daddy Warbucks? I'm in Heaven when you smile.


St. Paddy's Day


Happy St. Paddy's Day. Why do we celebrate?  The Irish Catholic God sez that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland (If only some one could do that at my work place!!! We all know it's hard to be a saint in city though). The full time and part time drunkards use the occasion to party like a frat boy on the Saturday that proceeds the actual day. The sushi joint in the "highlands" was teeming with these people this past saturday. I'm sure their puke was quite colorful Sunday morn.  Tip #1 Shepherd's pie will keep ya in the all day drinking game longer.

There's not exactly a bunch of Irish Americans in Frankfort KY, though my great grandmother was actually born in Ireland. I think we started the corn beef and cabbage because my mom was probably bored with our usual meat and veg. As a kid, they would get me out of the house looking for a 4 leaf clover or the leprechaun and his pot of gold.  Tip #2  Don't mix the grain and grape.

I would blame my "irishphillia" on several events in the mid to late 80's.  The first was coming of drinking age. I couldn't wait to hit the pubs and bars....People! Alive! Wow this is fun!!  The 2nd was "Darby O'gill" on HBO.  I'm not sure i saw it as a child but like "Willy Wonka" they played it alot. It is such a well made movie that it got me interested in the myths and folklore of the emerald isle. The 3rd was  Oscar Wilde, i discovered him at Eastern Kentucky University moldering on a shelf on the 4th floor of the Crabbe Library. He didn't die in Paris, it was Richmond!!!  (historical note: i had never heard of the Smiths until Archer Prewitt said "there's this guy called Morrissey, he admires Oscar Wilde just like you."). The last was the music of Shane MacGowan and the Pogues. We read in the music papers that Elvis Costello was producing and championing this band. In those pre-net days, you just had to buy it. It stirred up a sense of dejavu for me. Maybe, i was in a past life cledah band.  Prewitt didn't dig it (The Prewitt's are Dane's afterall). Young master Lynch did and still does. I'll forgive him for playing with a Scotsman, i only wish it was Mike Scott!!!  Tip #3 Don't mix Bush Mill and WD-40.

Anyhoo. Enough nostalgia.  It's a feast day. A celebration of family, friends, and tradition. C'mon over. You're all invited.





Does daylight savings F$#k up a stone circle? I'm sure the arch druids didn't go in for this clock changing witchcraft. Wendell Ford was against it but it is definitely a cure for SADS and Kentuckians aren't known for their sensitivity or care about mental health issues (still ranked last or 49th i think in that area).


Richard Kiel is a Wrathful God


Lately, I've been trying to wake up for the Sid and Marty Krofft hour Saturday Mornings on MeTV from 7:00 to 8 am (Seems like it was on from 10 to 11 when it was first run on NBC). I don't wake and bake, so H.R. Puffenstuff is lost on my uncaffeinated mind, though i still dig the talking flute!!

Land of the Lost i usually catch.  The movie version was horrible. Some coked up hollywood types bastardization of my childhood memories. Sid and Marty Krofft were important to a 70's kid seeking fantasy programming. I believed every word in their press releases. I even tried to talk my parents into a trip to their (failed) theme park in Atlanta.  This mornings episode was from season two with Uncle Jack. I don't know why Will Marshall (or the actor who played him) couldn't make season two but the cast seems more cohesive around Uncle Jack. Will M. must have been a pain in the ass to work with.  Anyhoo, Richard Kiel from Jaws is treated like a god by the Sleestak. They know that a bond villian can easily chew through their rubber lizard suits and ruin their aspirations for future roles (Star Trek it ain't).  They have to bring him tribute (Holly's panties) or he will flood their caves.  The irony is that Kiel is defeated by a tooth ache!! Jack hits him with some fast acting morphine and he's so stoned that he becomes too engrossed in a flashlight to remain a godhead to the primitives.  Just goes to show that somethings lost should remain lost.



void tracks


Sooo last night as i was konking out, my IPOD Shuffled Bob Dylan's Corina Corina to Joe Strummer to "I'm a Rocker" by the Rasperries!!! I awoke 3 hours later to a Buddy Holly/ Jerry Lee Segue......Aw right!! Sweet Dreams indeed.


Shuffle deep space


Gawd help the man with over 10,000 songs in his itunes with no place to shuffle them other than his living room. You might wonder, when does one find the time to listen to that many songs? Well, you don't. It's like piling up gotta have em just in case it's time to annihilate!!!  

You might recall the lazarus like resurrection of my IPOD classic with 9517 can come back from the dead but there are some shall we say lingering effects. Songs end abruptly. No scroll back. It usually gives you some variation on the 1st 500 songs in the shuffle. Lots of Humble Pie and Blur, with an always welcome interjection of Cheap trick or Trex.  It'll shuffle song intro's from my Wolfgangs vault downloads. I'm contemplating creating a playlist of these for my Spliff smoking friends, you can listen to those things for hours in the right frame of mind.

Since it's been snowy, i'm into 1397 of one shuffle. My longest to date.  There was some live Oasis i didn't remember this morning, Lot's of Lou Reed (his version of Peggy Sue is demented, What a wonderful world from a children's CD sweet), Some actual Buddy Holly, Occasionally some Jimmy Honeyman which is nice since i'm too modest to sit around and listen to my own stuff. Ton's of good blues (take that Melvin Lewis).  At the end of the day, i believe this all syncronicity (sic)



praise and blame


I wasn't raised on gospel music. In fact the only religious music i enjoyed as a Catholic boy was the guitar mass.  We had choir practice at school once a week but Kenneth Michael Gilbert usually had me in stitches with his "reworkings" of the lyrics!!!  I don't believe that Tom Jones was raised on it either, but the notion of him doing a gospel album intrigued me. Enough so that when BORDERS was going out of business, i picked up his album "Praise and Blame" cheap! I listened to it once and forgot about it until this week when i found it in a box.  Based on his public persona, i would imagine Tom would have a lot to repent for, but what do we really know?  He was a real dick to Elvira evidently.

It's produced by Ethan Johns, Glyn Johns somewhat arrogant offspring. If you ever read or heard a Glyn Johns interview you 'll learn he came by it naturally (why not be cool like your uncle Andy?).  EJ gives Tom some organic but fairly uninspired Americana soundscapes to back his gospel emoting.  Maybe this is 20 years too late cause Tom doesn't rip the roof off the sucker vocally like i would have hoped., though considering his vintage, he's maintaining.  It's mostly covers, and to my ears the last 4 tunes which he penned with Ethan Johns are the best. It would have made a great e.p. probably.



Who wore it best? Juniper Hills edition


Every read "Who wore it best?"  in STAR Magazine?  I'll give you a musical version. My friend Bill's band, the Slams, released a song called "Broken Man" which you can listen to here  At first, i thought they were paying tribute to me but they came up with their own "celtic" tune instead of attempting a cover.  Listen to Jimmy Honeyman's "Broken Man" here and decide "Who wore it best?"  Support local music and feel free to actually download these tracks as we could all use the cash!!!


Chitterling Wednesday


 It's the lenten season. While i deny myself other earthly pleasures, i've gorged my forge with fried fish twice this week.  It's all about tradition's are introspection and beating away the mad shadows!!  

I got into the King Cake thing a few years back. It's alway good to have an excuse for cakes and pastry. The weather has been bad here so i couldn't get to the bakery to buy a good one.  For the record, Kroger's King Cake was terrible- dry and crumbly like it was made last year. Plus Baby Jesus wasn't hidden at all!! Next year, i'll have to get my bae to help me whip one up from scratch. It can't be that tough.

So what did i give up?  It was coffee, soda, and Facebook/Twitter phone apps. According to St. Peggy (my grandmother), you can cheat on Sundays. I'm not sure where she got this info, but i won't knock the rock (of ages). Soda seems to be the easiest so far. My esophagus is thanking me already. Coffee is the ultimate fog cutter for me, so conditions have been foggy.  

I've expressed my interest in the digital ADD that has afflicted many of us. I noticed how Pavlovian it was with the EBAY app. It Cha-chings when someone makes a bid or buys your stuff. It woke me from sweet sleep twice in the past week and kinda bummed me out. So Lenten resolutions are as follows:  Phone off at night or in the next room.  I resurrected my alarm clock. Treat that phone like it's a land line, Station it in the kitchen and check it every once in awhile like an answering machine.  It's time to call not text. If i want to Book Face or twaht, I'll do it on the laptop. Let's hope healing my nervous system becomes ARRRHHHHT.



If i ran the zoo


I know the GRAMMIES are a summation and celebration of the american "record" industry today...It was an entertaining show but said NOTHING TO ME ABOUT MY LIFE (except the Obama/Katy Perry bits).  I find some of these things better to watch with the sound down...Miranda Lambert's Loverboy album cover come to life with fiddles being one(proof that factory farms and agribusiness are bad things).  This may blow your minds but i have never heard a Kanye West song or watched a Kayne performance (other than the time he ran into that sign bitching at the paparrazi).

I long to live in my own alternate reality where instead of Paul McCartney still wanting approval, John Lennon is alive and sneering at him or launching into "How do you Sleep" with Motorhead after Paul/Kanye/Rianhanna (Danni Harrison not on rhythm guitar).  Instead of a performance by Jeff Lynne, we would have Cheap Trick backing Roy Wood on "California Man". I wish Charlie Sexton was the pretty boy with high cheek bones jamming out of his talent grade instead of John Mayer.  How about Annie Lennox accepting a life time achievement award from a nunnery and not singing? I think it would be cool if Taylor Swift's parents had grounded her and she wasn't allowed to stay up past her bedtime in big sisters clothes.  All these things if i ran the zoo.


beating the muse into shape


If you come here on Sunday looking for a blog (and i hope you do), i let the side down last week.  I was too busy plotting my Super Bowl snacks to get it together. Though the Sea Chickens lost, i thought Pete "rah rah" Carroll handled everybody 2nd guessing him well. The man makes decisions and sticks with it. You got dig that.  So Brady is the "greatest" of all time?  He has definitely surpassed Joe Montana but that happened when Joe did his first Papa John's ad.  Bernie Kosar is still the greatest living QB. I'm nothing if not illogical.

Katy Perry??? She was my 3rd favorite Superbowl Halftime besides the Stones and Prince. No one died and she didn't give me indigestion. All the Millienials wondered who Lenny Kravitz was and i've always said the same thing.  When my old office mate, Bob Gilliam, used to blare "let love rule"  i used to play "name the stolen riff". FYI, i am available for plagarism lawsuits. "i've heard Led Zepplin and you sir are no Led Zepplin!!!"

Lots of Jimmy Honeyman recording going down this week. Side one is now complete and mixed for the new album.  I will carry on time and energy allowing. Hopefully, i'm not laying a Lenny on ya.


Dennis Hooper


As part of my winter reading program, I finished Tom Folsom's "Hopper" last week.  Every arty 20 something male in the late 80's loved "Frank" from Blue Velvet. His return from the abyss was nothing short of a miracle. He could be counted on for method psychosis in just about any movie stoned or straight.  We can blame him for all those amish boys under the nine drink their PBR. I think "Frank" would have objected to craft beer as strongly as he disliked Heineken in the 80's!!!

Factoids gleaned.....His Dean worship was extreme. JD was obviously his higher power for good or ill. Vincent Price taught him about modern art and he acquired and lost fortunes worth of the stuff. All character flaws examined without painting too vulgar a picture. I think i'm going to go look for my copy of "White Star"  a precursor to Sprockets!!!


From Busk to Dawn


Despite severe red light itis and emotional tendonitis, it looks like the acoustic album is finally taking shape with a proper running order.  I've narrowed it down to 14 songs ( a nice Beatley number).

 Side One (Old Dreams)

1) Xenophobic Blues

2) Meet me in the Afternoon( 7/8 time!!!)

3) Butterfly

4) Daydream

5) Batman Pretty lights

6) Twilight 4:18

7) I know


Side Two (New realizations)

1) The room is empty

2) Disconnected

3) Sometimes she smiles (co-write with Big Bill Lynch- pre punk)

4) Bongo Expresso-remake ( Mike Feedback helped me avoid some unintended plagarism)

5) Shelby Park ( co-write with Ronnie Doo Wop)

6) Anya-  no thanks to Josh Whedon

7) Not in my summer of love


I've been threatening this album for a long time. If you don't see it on Bandcamp or something by Summer. smack me with a wet Jack Purcell!!!!!!




Sing me a song


What song does one sing to a Black European Stork???? I chose to sing All Tomorrow's Parties and my daughter said i "sang like a girl". I guess i did. I was trying to pitch it somewhere between John Cale and Nico but couldn't find it.  She insisted on going to the zoo despite cool rain because she wanted to sing "an earth song" to the Lions (those darn power rangers...bunch of bloody hippies).


Hearts full of Napalm


Who knew that Prez Obama was a Lester Bangs fan??  This James Taylor strategy is right out of Psychotic Reactions and Carbeurator Dung!!!  You can't fight if your asleep.  If only Isis would counter with a reissue of a classic Cat Stevens Concert, the world would be a saner place.


Reality of Wrestiling


Antenna TV is an interesting alternate universe where people still watch Westerns, try on Jeggings and worry about the where to get a new supply of Cautheters!! I prefer it to basic cable though...seems edgy for some reason.  I happened to catch some ROW or Reality of Wrestiling on the SSN network (Soul of the South).   ROW is Booker T's promotion, he of Harlem Heat/WCW fame.  Harlem Heat looked so bad ass in the day, it confirmed that wrestling had to be fake. No roided up white guys could have beat them if it wasn't fixed. He was also the only WCW guy not quashed by the McMahon when WWE bought them out.

Wrestling is largely a monopoly. If you aren't in WWE, you are cut off from basic cable and lots of brand recognition. TNA has tried to be an alternative but with the death of Kayfabe, the shows are just ridiculous soap operas.  ROW was trying the "devil cult" angle. A Manson like wrestler starts a Wrestling cult.  It's funny but who but a 9 year old is going to believe it for a minute?  Teenagers (and adults) now delude themselves into thinking MMA is "real".  A real fight is usually over in less than two minutes- exciting but not enough to build a show around.  Good wrestling is ballet that hits psychological high notes will getting you involved.  Bring back the Saturday Mornings of my youth.   Nostalgia isn't enough!!


Art of McCartney


I'm not sure why it was needed but the Art of McCartney Tribute came to pass.  It's comprised of mainly 70's and 80's artists doing Paul songs with Paul's backing band. My friend Kevin Blevins would be interested to hear what James Paul McCartney sounds like doing "Hello Goodbye" but he can't because he's backed by The Cure...and it sounds like the The Cure!!!!

I enjoyed the boyz from Cheap Trick doing "Jet" (the 2nd single i ever bought).  Kiss doing "Rock Show" was good (Paul Stanley's lisp is always funny).  Robert's Smith's "C-moon" was goofy fun. Chrissie Hynde can sing anything but sounds a bit Karaoke doing "Let it Be" with this backing.  Roger Daltery and Paul Rodgers both cough up Hemmoroids!!! If album rock still existed, they be playing the crap out of this.


Year in Review 2014- Music Biz


If you've ever read my musical year in review, you might find that it doesn't always follow what's being "hyped".  My only knowledge of Taylor, Iggy, One Direction et al is thru New Years "rockin" eve and that leaves me reaching for the alka seltzer instead of the champagne. My music consumption habits are varied like everyone else, though i still think it's important to "buy" music. The whole vinyl thing is incredibly overhyped and another excuse to charge more for repackaged goods (much like the CD in the 80's).

I'm definitely more inclined to buy used CD's and downloads these days (more bang for my buck). I dig "autorip" on Amazon. So i can have a physical copy and a more handy digital version.  Those Apple pricks put the classic IPOD to rest, leaving my 10,000 song library high and dry. These moves force one to go to the "cloud". My own "King Baby" was a Bandcamp/download release. The physical release reserved for vinyl perhaps.

As a slightly agoraphobic personage, i did brave three concerts this year. Gods do walk among us and have to tour since record sales are definitely "boutique" in nature.  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds put on perhaps the best concert i can remember seeing.  I was lucky to catch the Moz Father in Nashvegas (two tours in a row where i caught him before the cancellation). The New Pornographers sing as i've they are using another language (always a good thing from my tired POV).

So Frequent listening this year:

1. The Waterboys "Fisherman's Box"  The vaults opened on the "fisherman's blues"  Mike Scott's creative high mark shared with us all. His book "Confessions of a Waterboy" was a nice companion

2. Morrissey "World Peace is None of your Business" - not so much the pope of mope but the head misanthrope. Lyrical content you will not find elsewhere and non-smithian music scapes,  makes Johnny Marr look decidedly untalented these days.  Along with the Morrissey 25 DVD

3. Soft Boys "Underwater Moonlight"  This was the year i decided to enjoy Robyn Hitchcock again.  This reissue came out 10 years ago. I just now got it

4. Pub Rock-  Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltery's collaboration was a vibrant retelling of Feelgood classics and hopefully exposed VH1 types to Wilko. I also downloaded some cool recentish Ducks Deluxe and Tenpole Tudor albums as well as archival Dr. Feelgood and Ian Dury.  The Blockheads have a smokin short concert on the Concert Vault (another important outlet for my musical mind).

5. Concert Vault-  Some of my favorites:  Jeff Beck Group 1968, Bryan Ferry at the Bottom Line,  Suede at Daytrotter, Alex Chilton with the Boxtops, Count Basie, George Jones, The Meters....not enough hours in the day!!!!!!!

6. Big Star- Watching "Nobody can Hurt Me" spurred me to re-explore all things Chilton and Bell. Grateful for the new live in Memphis DVD. Cubist Blues- his collaboration with Alan Vega and Ben Vaughn was also a discovery for me.

7. Come to the Sunshine- Podcast by Andrew Sandoval.  The most complete and obscure 60's pop source. I often listen to this when paying bills or doing onerous task to stay cheerful

8. Ray Davies "Americana"  lead me to re-listen to "Other Peoples Lives" All his solo stuff is worth checking out though not as Kink like as you'd expect. I think he and Dave are too old to reunite in a meaningful way.

9. Bryan Ferry "Avonmore"  Best Avalon template Ferry since "Boy's and Girl's"

10. The Roth Show- more sociology via a recovered coke addict but i enjoyed watching and listening to this show.


What did you like this year?  It's a nugget if you dug it.






Crescent Hill Radio


I'm happy that Crescent Hill Radio is now available on the FM Dial (100.9 in Louisville).  I know they've been on the internet for awhile but I'm a mobile kinda of guy who likes to hear random local tunes.  To my ears, it already far surpasses the AAA stuff they play on FPK. Hopefully, i'll be listening when they play some Jimmy's that kinda station.



The Connor Shaw Era begins


One more afternoon and i'm free from giving a shit about the football season. It's been another long, painful campaign, though my house is much cleaner since I've chosen to only listen to Browns games this season.  The Cleveland Pain Dealer reports that Josh "Spliff" Gordon missed the mandatory team walk thru and is suspended. I guess we'll get another year for him to work out his shit.

I'm excited to see what Connor Shaw can do, though the runners won't run and all the wide-outs are walking lame. The NFL is always looking for the next Tom Brady. He was a 6th rounder who seized his chance.  I enjoyed listening to the nail-biters and the total domination of the Bengals in the Jungle. Like the famed web-site sez "We are waiting for next year" but we must remember the simple pleasures (Hot Dogs and Chili Sauce).


Moo Dong Miracles


I know that Peter Pan was sooo last week....look y'all cut Christopher Walken some slack. He was once a song and dance man but he's old. This wasn't Neverland reimagined by Quentin Tarantino. Their were the inevitable "more cowbell" jokes. Which leads me to Great Songs with Cowbell!! My top ten....mainly from the 1970's:

1. Honky Tonk Women(Rolling Stones) memorable use in the intro

2. Mississippi Queen (Mountain) Calling all cow's

3. Hair of the Dog (Nazereth)...yes, you are messin with a son of a bitch

4. Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)...inspiration for the famous SNL skit

5. Alex Chilton(The Replacements) combined with a good 80's drum sound, this kicks ass

Can you think of some others????



Support the Arts


I supported the Arts last night......high school band concert. Usually, these things are horrible. They cram you in a hot gym and stick you on bleachers. Every one has their pacifier cellphone. You almost expect em to start crying to be fed (these things are scheduled smack dab in the midst of supper). Then you have to sit thru an out of tune orchestra and a clueless choir.

Any hoo, i won't mention the school name but this one was actually in an auditorium designed for the Arts.  Better acoustics- better seats and 3 minute Nutcracker (they knew their crowd). Also, you didn't have to listen to the "progress" of the music program that your kid isn't in.  Home by 9:15!!!  Yay...Snore.


Hell comes to Fruit Loop


I just finished Richard Hell's "I dreamed I was a very clean tramp"- a memoir of his life til the early 80's or so.  I was often given the back hand compliment that i sang like Mr. Hell (perhaps my early emotionality and varying control of range).  Though he only really did two albums, "Blank Generation" and "Destiny Street", they have stood the test of time (no pun intended).  He created Johnny Rotten's look, founded Television, and is the only real "punk" to emerge from Central KY....worth 200 pages at least.

He doesn't hesitate to portray himself as lazy and lacking substance, this seems very refreshing in an "autobiography". It's a shame he couldn't hop off the couch and do more with his music, particularly since he had the James Burton of Punk, Robert Quine as his guitarist. Now, i'll have to obsessive re-explore the scant recorded evidence. "Blank Generation" is where you should start if you are a novice.  None of it's bad. Your welcome. Now i want to read about his patti Smyth years.....bang bang.


The art of the slow fade


Do you have a favorite fade out? Ya know the best way to quit a song when the gittin's good is to give it a slow fade.  The best one's always imply or hint something cool going on that your not privy to. My top ten is:

1. Hot Love- T-rex- an endless song that you just want to keep going....Marc and Flo and Eddie's end shriek is the best.

2. Suspicious Minds- Elvis Presley- Supposedly the Colonels has a fake fade, then a real one. Another song that you don't want to end.

3. Sulky Girl-Elvis Costello- Love that organ riff that hits as the songs fading.

4. Some Girls are Bigger than Others- The Smiths- a fade up at the beginning and a wind out at the end.

5. Black Coffee in Bed-Squeeze- I always liked the 12 inch because you could hear Elvis and Paul Young's soul improv at the end.

6. All the Young Dudes- Mott the Hoople- Ian's rap makes the song.."I've wanted to do this for years"

7. The End/Her Majesty- The Beatles More an easter egg than a fade. They stuck a tape snippet on the end and the rest as they say is history

8. Hair Dresser on Fire- Morrissey- They fade it just when Vini Reilly starts cooking in a way Johnny Marr never could

9. Crash Street Kids- Mott the Hoople- The end of side one on the Hoople..kinda like The Doors "Unknown Solider" but better. Machine guns..."now your dead" "now your dead"  "now your dead"

10. Just Because- John Lennon- Johnny Rhythm says goodbye on best 50's rock of the 70's "Rock and Roll"




Spot the Difference


The tradition of re-recording your classics for Ka$h is a long one.  I remember a glut of 50's rock and rollers remaking their tunes that were owned by other record companies in the 70's. I used to have a Little Richard 8-track that was pretty rocking but marred by wah wah.  The best such album is the Kinks "To the Bone" where they re-made classics from the Reprise and the Arista years and actually improved a few.  The worst is Joey Molland's "Best of Badfinger"  (no Pete Ham and too much drum machine).

Squeeze came out with "Spot the Difference" a few years back. Being a big fan of the band, i already have these songs in many formats: studio, live, BBC etc.  I listened to this on Spotify. Glenn Tillbrook is such a master musician that he comes very close to recreating most of these. If you've heard his demo's, he can do it all. They even get an adnoidal Paul Carrack to revisit his vocals.  

Glenn's voice is unchanged but Chris Difford has lost the burr. You knew they wouldn't get Elvis for "Black Coffee in Bed" but they might have brought Paul Young in (maybe they sounds a bit generic soul-wise). Sooooo, it's very easy to spot the difference.  i enjoyed listening. I guess Glenn and Chris can split the .000000000000001 of cent they will get for each play.  Is that Love??


Broney Island Baby


I was looking for "family" entertainment and happened upon a "A Brony Tale"..the Morgan Spurlock endorsed documentary about the Broney Phenom.  Mr. Spurlock famously ate McDonald's for 30 days and acted like that was a bad thing. Didn't he ever go to college or High School and have to live on $3 a day?  The scene where he puked after the super-sized double quarter pounder combo looked especially staged.  I've eaten that lots of times and never once got sick.

Sooo. "A Brony Tale" is similarly unbalanced in that it features the super cute and Canadian Ashleigh Ball (undamaged by american gun violence like the rest of us).  She does the voice of a few ponies and probably agreed to this to promote her band "Hey Ocean".  Her perky normality keeps you from focusing on the sad existence of "Bronies".  She coyly debates whether to go to Broney Con....does she go for a free weekend in Manhattan and get to sell signed Hey Ocean CD's for $30?  Will some one kidnap her and make a mask from her skin? While there is a sense of foreboding, she goes,  she is after all the star of the film. All i can say is "come now children, we must all grow up someday"


Charlie is my Darling


I decided for this Thanksgiving holiday, besides procuring some Wild Turkey 101, that i was going to delve into my Rolling Stones DVD/video Collection.  Earlier this week, I rewatched "Cross Fire Hurricane", it's a nice intro but i would have preferred something like the Beatles anthology.  The story just can't be told in 2 hours (it wasn't, they stopped at 1981). 

"Charlie is my Darling" is the first Stones film.  ABKCO crisply restored the footage, and thanks to the miracle of Subtitles, you actually follow the action.  In any Stones film, Charlie's flat affect is Darling.  The man looks incredibly bored or stoned but manages to hold the whole thing together. The concert footage is amazingly primal....deserving of the riots that took place. The Brian Jones interviews are spacey and weird.  You also get to see Andrew Loog Oldham really produce and manage. His contribution has been minimized methinks (though Keef usually gives him a shout out).  Essential.


Looking for Johnny


Looking for Johnny? I think Danny Garcia found him in his documentary about the myth, the man , the legend: Johnny Thunders.  I waited years for Lech Kowalski to deliver the definitive Johnny Thunders story and Mr. Garcia quietly moves in and brings us the goods. Like in his "The rise and fall of the Clash"  he doesn't diminish the legend but informs and brings balance by exposing the warts.

In the bonus features, he mentions that he used Nina Antonia's "In Cold Blood" as his guide.  This movie is a wonderful visual companion to that classic book.  If you don't own "LAMF" you are missing one of the great all time rock and roll albums. It totally changed my style when i first heard  it in 1988. If you've heard any of the later Bam Bam Club demo's it's there in a number of songs. Also i suggest that you too like "Johnny Thunders Hair" on Facebook.




I've had a bit of time to absorb the new Bryan Ferry, "Avonmore".  I jumped the gun in declaring it his best since "Boys and Girls" on Twitter (Twitter declarations and jumping the gun might be slightly redundant).  I think I still like "Frantic" a little more because it was a mix of pre-Avalon roxy and his more elaborate productions. All Ferry albums since "Moumana" seem to be a mix of new and old tracks dusted down for a release.  Since his style has remained static, these tracks could fit on any of his albums.

The cover is an interesting choice:  a pic of himself from 30 years ago at least (I should do that on my next album).  It's a shame he already used Kate Moss for "Olympia". This album is worthy of a stylish "Roxy Girl" cover.  We get a lot of Johnny Marr and Nile Rodgers on this LP.  Both super tasty but hard to distinguish one player from another (too many tracks? again the post Avalon style). The cover of "John and Mary" is terrific. It's a matter of debate on who wore the black suit and fashion model thing best (Bryan's videos are always super awkward but he is the true lounge lizard). 3 out 5 stars. Check it out.


Electronic Lazurus


F#%k Apple...I'll just say it now. They quietly mothballed the Ipod Classic without offering an alternative for those of us who need 20,000 songs on our daily commute. I know there's clouds but i'm not so that's not going to give me testicular cancer. With an IPOD, deafness seemed to be the only health hazard.

Bad timing and me....mine decided to stop working around this time. Evidently, they are going for around $500 bucks now. I have had 3 classics and they were all "glitchy", probably because they are all reconditioned. After throwing mine across the room and putting it in it's IPOD casket, I let the battery die for a month, recharged, and it's back to normal. If only Steve Jobs could have done that.  A free market in electronics is a good think. Bring back the ZUNE.



Nodding out in the Houses of the Holy


The other night i was tossing and turning with a nasty stomach bug....luckily i didn't try the Sushi.  I was unable to sleep but struggled with tracking the Bill Nighy marathon on Antenna TV.  Reading makes my head hurt. When i'm in this state of mind, i find that listening to ON DEMAND shows on Sirius is music just talk.  I was able to listen to all of the Billy Idol interview on Howard Stern. Billy is a good sport. Open and informative...humorous and not too self-conscious. Still no sleep though. After another grand hurl, i tuned to the Jimmy Page town hall and fell straight to sleep!!!

As an interview, Mr. Page is quite the opposite of Mr. Idol.  You essentially learn very little. It's all there in the grooves of his Led Zep albums. Don't be fooled by what he says. There is no great music forthcoming. He needs Jones, Plant and Bonham for that and Bonham is dead while Plant pounds sand in Nashville.  Imagine if Bonham had lived? I'd like to think that he might have slowed down and perhaps hosted "Top Gear" in addition to be one of the best drummers who ever lived (it's true Ginger Baker).

Evidently, Page is promoting the amazing new Zep reissues and his own "book".  In Guitar World, when asked what guitars he used on "Houses of the Holy", he said something to the effect of "i'd rather not say". It's not like they asked ya what demon incantations led to your success Jim.  Inquiring minds want to know.  I can only guess that Jimmy has been on the cover of at least 200 guitar magazines in the past 30 but almost nothing is revealed.  Back to my original point. He's a fascinating guy with almost nothing to say about himself.  I will thank him for his great music and helping me get the rest i needed though.


#1 on the Reverbnation Singer Songwriter Charts


Thanks to all my fellow musicians on Reverbnation who helped me achieve my first #1 on the local Singer Songwriter charts! I join the hallowed company of my friends DJ inndagroove ( #1 Frankfort DJ), The Slams (Frankfort's #1 and only Punk band...reflecting the musical taste of middle aged disgruntled state workers), and Special E (#1 DJ Louisville).  To celebrate, go out and buy "King Baby" now of Bandcamp!!


The Note I Never Wrote or 10 things i meant to ask Denny Laine but was too shy


Any Wings fan's out there?  If so, then you know all about Denny Laine. He was Paul's 2nd banana thru all the various line-ups. I was intrigued by his announced appearance at the "To Sir Paul with Love" event. It promised a reunion of the final Wings line up: Steve Holly, Laurence Juber, and Denny himself!!  

Denny is perhaps most famous for one of the greatest songs ever, "Go Now".   He co-wrote "Mull of Kintyre", introduced me to Paul Simon's "Richard Corey" on "Wings over America" and "Again and Again" from "Back to the Egg".

I assumed that theres would be the final set of this 3 day event.  My friend Mike Feedback was in town, so i thought this would be a nice diversion on a sleepy sunday night.  When we got there, things seemed to be winding down. Juber was in the elevator and a band on stage was playing "Say, Say, Say".  Steve and Denny were milling about in the hallway. Sadly, we missed it. Whatever it might have been.

I pointed Denny out to Kevin. He looked a bit blue. The crowd was criminally sparse.  I decided not to approach him...didn't have an album for him to sign with me.  As we walked back to the car, Mike pointed out that Denny had overheard me and seemed to be expecting an approach. I felt bad if my lack of real acknowledgement hurt Mr. Laine in anyway.  So here are the 10 questions i would ask Denny if i ever get the chance again (based on my limited knowledge).

1. Do you still smoke a joint every time you change a string (per Tony Visconti)?

2. What was your favorite Wings Album?

3. What was your favorite Wings line-up?

4. Why did you cover "richard corey" and reference John Denver on Wings over America??

5. Did Paul get pissed about your ex-wife's tell all?

6. Linda's best keyboard moment?

7. What was your favorite song with Wings?

8. What do you think of the Moody Blues music after you left?

9.  Are you fed up being asked about Paul?

10. Favorite Drink? (i'm buying)


Again sorry, if i added to your bummer.



Jimmy Honeyman




Sheik of Arabica


The last of week of October i went on a major Caffeine binge....I was swilling coffee like it was 1988 all over again. This was largely due to my house guest, Mike Feedback.  Needless to say, my sleep was terrible that week. Back in the day, i could down all that coffee and sleep like a baby (but not a King Baby).

To be hospitable, we sampled a number of the local coffee shops......Sunegros....Heine Brothers....Sister Bean,  All serving the super "burnt" varieties of "roast". I guess they're competing with Starbucks.  I prefer Maxwell House.  The best cuppa we had was from Annie's Vietnamese restaurant- a Cafe Sua.   

Conventional wisdom is that the best coffee is 100% Abrabica.......Marketing is everything. I recently had a k-cup that purported to "organic rainforest medium roast 100% peruvian"  It makes me feel like Scarface in the morning.  The Cafe Sua was sooooo good that we had to go shopping at the oriental grocery and were directed to Trung Nguyen- a blend of arabica, robusta, excelsa, and catimor.  I didn't sleep for the next three days and it was tasty.

It's a good thing that we didn't hit the ice cream shops or i'd weigh 300 lbs at this writing. Maybe next time.


Kill the Eagle (the coke sniffing egomaniacal breed)


I'll spare you my annual CMA rant.  I didn't bother to watch it this year....listened to the Knitters "Poor little critter in the road" instead.  Hank Williams should have rolled out of his grave and made a "Carrie" style appearance, splattering the corn fed Miranda Lambert in red Karo syrup and all the other guilty involved in "it's all about the bass" appearing on a "country" show.

As many of my friends know, i'm into to just about an music documentary you might throw my way. Even for bands i detest. "the History of the Eagles" on Netflix is in the latter category. The Eagles were (and are) the enemy. A dipshit high school jock version of CSNY, Gram Parsons without the heroin or Byrds connections, precursor to all this shit "crossover" style of country.  It's not insignificant that they reunited for the money and a Travis Tritt Video!!!!

The first part of this lengthy beast is interesting.  More for their Jackson Browne and Bob Seger connections. The legal battles with Geffen and their Napoleonic manager, Irving Azoff.  Glyn Johns telling them they can't rock and their steadfast denial about that fact. Bringing in Joe Walsh was like spraying lysol in a nursing home: it covers the shit just barely.

Again, the first two hours are interesting, almost essential if you're interested in 70's rock.  The last reel is laughable because they have written no iconic or interesting music since reuniting 20 years ago. They did get Joe sober God Bless (just don't listen to his Jeff Lynne produced "One Day at a Time"- you might want him to relapse).


Cold Cuts


A horrible weekend for football....The Colonels got cocky and lost for the first time. The Browns were....well the Browns. Losing to an 0-6 team and looking lame doing it. The running game has finally been throttled and none of the receivers are named Josh Gordon. They might wanna wait on that contract extension for Hoyer like i said last week.  Little Colt McCoy was a hero in Tennessee, finally recovering from that Steelers induced concussion that made the last 3 years a blur.

Today's tailgate was Garlic Bologna, Cotto Salami, Turkey, Colby-Cheddar and Durkee's famous sauce on an Aunt Millie Bun. I washed it down with a Stewart's Cream Soda so the day wasn't a total waste. F#$k the Ravens!!




I listened to Ian Dury's "Laughter" album today (download version with 30 tracks). My original was a Stiff America promo copy i think (Cruser had no use for the Blockheads on Double Q). The critics were sour at the time because jaz Chankel had left, but Wilko Johnson joining the Blockheads was a cool move. The band's groove remained funky and Ian's lyrics witty. "Over the Points" is like a demented episode of "Thomas the Steam Engine" and "Fucking Ada" always shocked my mom when she noticed i was playing it (but not too much).  "Superman's Big Sister" and "I wanna be straight" were good singles. It's a shame they didn't include Wilko's "Lonesome me" from the same sessions.  If you don't laugh, it will amuse you.


Hoy Hoy Hoi


Greetings sports fans! A great weekend of ballin' (wink wink nudge nudge)....The Colonels came from way back to sing Cabin on the Hill and disturb the turf in the end zone.  The Browns beat the Steelers with a wet rowdy rag....31-3 rout. Even Buster Skrine got some love picking off Big Ben (he's about half his height). Alex Mack broke his leg....that's why you hold someone like Haslam for an $8 million dollar ransom. This guy is such a stud, he played the week he had his appendix out and they still wouldn't make him a Franchise player.

Which brings me to the "quarterback" controversy in Cleveland!?#  Brian Hoyer strings together a 3-2 record and the football pundits are already declaring it a "mistake" that the team didn't sign him to a long term contract. He ain't Brian "F$%King" Sipe....He's not even Derek Anderson 2007 edition. C'mon....calm down. Let's end up with a winning season before we speculate further.

The Panthers and Bengals play to a tie.....Bullshit. Turn out the stadium lights and let em play in the dark til me have a winner.

The Cowboys win....their Troglodyte fans jam the phone lines of every sports call in show in america. Again chaps, as Bob Dylan once sang "time will tell just who has fell and whose been left behind."


King Baby out now on Bandcamp


You can download the "King Baby" e.p. now on Bandcamp. Kinda of like the song Destiny Street by Richard Hell but in real life.


Monday Morning QB Winners Edition


Rainy morning to ya.....still enjoying the afterglow of one of the greatest comeback victories in Cleveland Browns history. I was ready to vomit up my Butter Beer and Hot Dogs after that desultory first half. I decided to avoid the darkness by working on my garage. Clutter is the bane of any man who spends 16 hours a weekend watching football. I have years of garage to go thru. I thought they blew it several times but low and behold they made a miraculous 26 point come back.

That new guy on NFL Today, Bart (?) is such a dummy.  He didn't know that the man crush between Tom Brady and Chris Collingsworth has enough mojo to dampen the surging tide of the who-dee nation. I miss Shannon Sharpe. He may have been a dummy but he was our dummy.

The Colonels and The Irish are both undefeated. My dad must be smiling somewhere. I have stayed away from College Football, except for EKU. Cats fans...calm the f$%K down. Ole Miss will still beat your ass! Let's take a long ride on motorbike like Freddie Mercury or Bobbie Petrino.

Still need to get out for a Cheese Boulder....I keep forgetting about Thursday night football. The Vikings are like a Bridge over troubled water without Bridgewater. I still say the NFC north is wide open. The Packers defense is still liable to collapse and the Bears have the most explosive offense in the division.

Next week's tailgate...peanut satay and grilled chicken. See ya there.




Little Games


One of the better digital reissues out there is The Yardbirds "Little Games".  Jimmy Page takes off where Beck left off on "Over Under Side Ways Down" and makes some serious raga rock/blues fusion.  Sadly, Mickie Most made 'em record the laughable "Stealing" and "it was the night"... a bavarian oom pah!!!! Just replacing those with the singles "Goodnight Sweet Josephine" and Think it Over" would have made it a legit rock album........I dig the Phased version of Josephine. The radio sessions are revelatory:  with better management there would have been no need for Zeppelin to fly.


Monday morning QB on Sunday night


You might wonder what my credentials are for football blogging are? I figure if Jay Glazer or Jim Rome can talk pigskin i certainly can. I conquered EA sports NCAA 2005 in 2006. I was an ardent Madden player on the Sega Genesis and i was responsible for refreshing many a drink on the visitors side of Sower Field, where Indian Jack would pontificate about my dad's glory days at FHS though he actually went to Stamping Ground High!

It was a light week with no Browns loss to cloud the day.  I found i'd risen in the rankings at Buffalo Trace pick em from 756 to 358 this week. i almost picked the Bears over my Packers, they seemed to be the team to beat in the NFC North until Cutler returned to (sulking shithead) form.  I need to start a ritual of going to Buckheads for Cheese Boulders every time the Pack wins. Clay Matthews will definitely be injured by the time you read this....Chunky Soup burns on his taint.

i'd like to see a Papa John's commercial where Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning talk about how concussions will make you endorse anything or force Papa to take the ALS ice bucket challenge using chilled urine from William "the refrigerator" Perry. 

Teddy Bridgewater emerged a star today...i'm sure Gary Durant Payne is cleaning his gun and running his mouth about that. The Falcons looked poised to shut him down but ran out of lineman who could execute in the end.  This lead me to watching 2 and 1/2 hours of IGGY POP videos before tuning into Sunday Night Football to see Dallas up 17.  They could definitely still lose. I'm going to watch another episode of SAXONDALE. Do hope that Drew "Nyquil" Brees comes back or that Romo gets injured and Harry Nilson gets to QB. Til Next week


It's 1988 O.K?


Hey Peabody! I like to use YouTube as my personal time machine. 1988 was the first time I got to see one of my heroes, Iggy Pop, in concert at Bogart's in Cincinnati (Jane's Addiction opened...I didn't get it at the time but would later). Ig was in"professional" mode, promoting his "Instinct" album. It's was one of his more metallic offerings being co-written by Steve Jones of the pistols. He had Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks on guitar and they rocked his back catalog (check out "Iggy Pop live at the Channel" for evidence and this clip  I'm watching a show filmed from the balcony in Brazil and it's every bit as good as I remembered. Special mention of Alvin Sanders with the cool explorer bass and his tour memoir that I bought at Hawley Cooke for $3 in the 90's. JP...don't lend it to anyone named Todd or Chris. I just might need to re-read it now.


It's a BYE week...everybody wins!!!


Both the Browns and Colonels had a bye this week, meaning i'm free of the emotional slavery of fandomonium.  The older you get, the more amazing it is to have 8 hours free!!!  I spent some of that time working on teen sensation "Nightpain" s debut single and wishing I was eighteen. The days were endless and the time limitless.


Monday Morning Quarterback


Another  football week that was ....Browns lose again. They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with those two missed field goals and choking on their last possession. Why does Rob Bronias have to die while Billy Cundiff lives? Life is sweet and cruel at the same least I got my kitchen cleaned.  The EKU colonels are making it look easy this season. I need to make it to a home game before Homecoming (I can almost taste the bloody maria).  Bengals are 3-0...Dalton still looks like Howdy Doody.  The Colts roll the Jags and despite the blow out WLKY doesn't switch to the Browns/Ravens? The Packers whiff it up against the Lions. Clay Matthews needs to worry about his balling more than doing every endorsement imaginable. Tony Gonzalez is handsome...almost as cute as that dream I had about the Panthers Cheerleaders serving me sweet tea in bed....ta ta.


That jokester isn't funny anymore


i love a good laugh....Dennis Miller 180 only gave me a few ha ha's (the equivalent of a golf clap). What happened to Dennis?  His first HBO special way back when was one of the best ever. Like a british comedy, it got better with repetition as the more obscure elements sunk in.  I guess lorne michaels must have produced it.  Monday Football broke his back..joe and betty bag of doughnuts didn't get his references(neither did Dan Fouts). Now's he's an angry conservative, like someone with a copy of Ayn Rand's "atlas shrugged" jammed up his ass (a crack the old Dennis would have appreciated).

Though we differ politically, i did think his comparing John Kerry's face to a Dali melting clock was funny. His clinton cracks were good too.  It's a sad fact that the conservative crowd he caters to just won't get any joke. They are too mean spirited, ready to laugh or hate and not see the irony inbetween.  For good former weekend update stand up comedy, Norm McDonald and Kevin Nealon are both terrific. I was glad to see Dennis at least trying to return to form. 


Random Thoughts


It's always good to see the Broncos "trail"..........I like the WIKI description of Rasputin's occupation: Peasant, Wanderer, healer, advisor (I can relate) He also got into dessert wines after getting knifed in the gut, who could blame him...........Manziel "short" in height and playing time but not charisma........Brownies with icing are overkill (unless they're pot brownie in which case it's necessary for ediblity).......Some musician type guy on twitter compared getting the new U2 album to waking up with herpes, last I heard you can't delete herpes....having listened to it a few times, it's more like waking up with prostatis! Good luck, good lord, and no more sugar blues.


Cynical Days


Yesterday, I seemed to run out of juice...Our Kid broke his phone (Nightpain). The T-Mobile site was crashed by wankers pre-ordering the IPhone 6. It really seemed to me a sign that civilization is doomed. I include myself on the sinking life boat because my immediate response was "replace it're going to go a weekend without a phone...Arrgh".  It's back to that whole I-disorder/ phantom limb thing. Who really needs to be reached 24/7...not even the president (one less air strike for oblivion). the restlessness and depression sets in though.  I really believe a recent study that said that people don't notice they are doing worse financially due to all our entertainment options. TV used to be "the opiate" of the people.  Phone's are the "crack cocaine" of the people mixed in a speed ball with mescaline, rendering reality unreal for children, seniors (facebook), and adulterers everywhere (no more pay phones). I'm checking mine, are you checking yours?


Buffalo Trace Saloon Battle of the Bands- Vote Daily


September is here. That means the finals of the buffalo trace saloon battle of the bands. We won in January and now need votes everyday. Do it now!!!   We're getting thrashed, so all hands on deck. Follow me on Twitter as I try to come up with 30 hashtag reasons to vote...Save the children has been #1 so far.


Joe Bonamassa Sucks


I guess Joe Bonamssa is the social media bluesman eh?  At least that's what all his annoying ads on Facebook imply. He's taken up John Mayer's mantle of self-promotion of his guitar "skills" to offset his otherwise bland and unoriginal music (Mayer's "busy" if you know what I mean and I think you do...that I do admire).  Joe is constantly giving his music away for free in these ad's and touting his status as #1 Bluesman in Billboard. Who is he up against? Kenny Wayne Sheperd? Jeff Healey? Dweezil Zappa?

Listen up...the blues should not be promoted. If you got time to promote them or hire someone else to do so, you ain't got em. The only people who think you've got the blues attend a lot of BBQ fest and love "Reggae" but can't name any songs beyond Bob Marleys greatest hits. Bonamassa sucks.  Playing well crafted blues licks for middle aged and future middle aged white boys is a way to make a living but not become a legend. Waaaaah!!!


The Bitter Brothers "we could make you cry"


It was exactly 30 years ago that I first stepped into a recording studio, albeit a middle aged man's bedroom who was living with his parents in Bald Knob looking to make some extra cash off some likely lads instead of Abbey Road!! I'm referring to my performance art/musical duo/drinking partnership with Archer Prewitt called "The bitter brothers".  There will be no lavish box letters to Arch come back "Return to Sender" these days.   Ever the careful archivist, I lent one of the masters to Hawk many years ago and he actually erased part of one song. For you cassette fetishist out there, pop those tabs out!!

The only "release" is a page on that slag heap of musical history called MYSPACE  For me, I can smile and laugh at the frivolity of it all (pre-auto tune/garage band kids). Our best gig was dressing as prisoners and invading a breakdance contest at Western Hills High School. Sadly, we couldn't get arrested but we did come in 3rd. I was the weak link dance-wise. Like Saunginist in a coffee shop in Brussels, we spent hours drinking wine, huffing nitrous, and listening to some of the best records ever by Bowie, Simon and Garfunkel, The Damned, James Brown and Waylon Jennings! Dim were the days!!


Why is daddy sad on Sunday?



Go Ronnie Go


Did you see Ronnie Wood taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? If not here Tis . Ronnie just seems like a fun guy straight or loaded. I was looking for his "Now Look" album on Spotify because I was too lazy to dig out the album. I suspect that the grooves were worn out by Ronnie Doo Wop is his good pot bad coke college days!!

They don't have his Warner Brothers albums on there, but I did rediscover "1234".  It was recorded post New Barbarians and full on free base. It actually sounds pretty good today: great drumming, dylanesque vocals, and mac's rollicking keyboards.  I'm sure his brain pan was shining yet he still managed a soulful album. I never liked Andy Johns "production" too muddy. Makes me want to take out  a 2nd mortgage and buy a Zematis.


Fairground attraction?


Does anyone remember when they gave out free cigarettes at the Kentucky State Fair?  Those were the days.  They should hand out Prilosec and Crestor samples but sadly no.  Here are some random notes for the 2014 fair:

Doughnut Burgers are best with Bacon..$9 bucks is steep for the pleasure though . Linnings had balls to charge $13.75 for a fish sandwich (they must be raised in a gold pond).  I couldn't consider the hot brown on a stick. What next? Are they going to collect vomit from the tilt a whirl and deep fry that?  They do serve "craft" beer now, that means they can charge a $1 more. Make mine a deep fried Falls City Spew please!!

How many booths can Direct TV have? I think they're stalking me since we ended our relationship. I hope i win a night at the castle in versailles.  I hope i don't win a night in Lawrenceburg but i'll take a bottle of Wild Turkey (or two).  I wanted to snap some piss take photos of the giant Colon but thought that might be inviting Karma.

I collected a bag of Republican bumper stickers so that i can do some Burroughs style cut and paste on my next guitar case (all anti-mitch of course).  The democrat grandmother was nice as she put the Alison Grimes sticker on my crotch. I wish Alison was Ashely Judd and spelled it with two L's.

Sadly, Gary Lewis and the Playboys were a no- show at the "Happy Together" tour. I guess being a geriatric playboy means you get a bit tired for gigs in the hot sun. I hope he is well and wasn't eaten by Chuck Negron. I had forgotten how huge Three Dog Night were in the 70's. My brother bought their albums but the covers always repulsed hippies. He was the only act who wouldn't be played on Little Steven's Underground Garage. It's true my favorite radio format welcomes AARP member to mix. My son dug it. We used to listen to WAKY when he was a kid because i preferred 60's schlock to 70's Album rock radio. He said he enjoyed just listening to music on a summers night and not fighting for his life in a mosh pit. My trivia about Flo and Eddie being integral to the T-rex sound meant nothing to him.  His only complaint surrounded by grandmothers was "where are the pretty girls?" and "i hope they leave their tops on". Very appropriate for his 18 summers!!!






Still alive..3 more years


Some who are regular watchers of this space worry when i don't post on heart did stop back in June but last week i was attempting an electronic fast, brought on by watching Lewis Black's "Old Yeller" on Netflix (not his best...he seems kinda of bored with the blander of two evils. Where's the rock star charisma now prez? I guess it's at Jimmy Johns where in a world without real rockstar perks, the kids today swill energy drinks and deliver sandwiches really fast). He posited that back when we had only UHF for entertainment that ADHD did not exist. Interesting point.  Though i turned my phone off, i experienced "phantom limb", feeling it vibrate though it was off.  On a happier note, my bedroom was really clean for a change. I may have to push this experiment further to see if the brain lesions heal and the central nervous system returns to normal.

In other news, i renewed the domain for another 3 years. After that, it can become the porn site it was always meant to be. Until then, i will continue to share my muzak and views with the world, heart and mind willing.


Ride a White Swan


Or the Lives and death of Marc Bolan by Leslie-Ann Jones was one of my summer reads. It was extremely slow going, which was somewhat baffling. Marc Bolan was known for being infinitely quotable in his hey day.  I'm not familiar with Ms. Jones previous work but she had an annoying habit of tying every year of his life to a major event like a moon launch or hunger strike. It took her til about page 67 to mention gay sex and even then it was in some over elaborate code.

The only new knowledge I gleened was that Marc played with Ike and Tina (kinda cool) and that all his royalties seem to have vanished in the Bahama's. Rather than do some investigative reporting and really giving us insight, she referred to this documentary which is more interesting than the entire book.

Every home should have a copy of "Electric Warrior" (or T-REX WAX CO singles A and B)


Save the Irish Whip


To quote the immortal Gordon Solie, it takes "intestinal fortitude" to watch Pro Wrestling these days. Even 8 year olds know it's fake now. It's role as retarded adolescent male soap opera seems to be culturally passe (even the network have cancelled most of the soaps in favor of cooking shows).

I was dismayed to hear that SPIKE was cancelling IMPACT Wrestling.  While the show was of variable quality at times, I felt obligated to watch every Thursday. The wrestling business needs competition. WWE is a virtual monopoly. Where else can the wrestlers go when they fail their drug test!  All joking aside ,TNA has some cool stuff. The X-division (smaller guys who can actually wrestle), The Knock-outs (lady rasslin, not just swimsuit competitions), 6 sided ring, and Saturday morning carny nostalgia factor.  "Performers" like Austin Aries (Joquan Phoenix doppelganger) would never be featured on the Growth Hormone centric WWE.  So here's hoping they find a new home fast in something lower than the 400's on the channel guide. Until then, I'll have to figure out what time OVW comes on.


Woodchipper Easy Action


I was excited to hear that my musical associates Jack Skinner and Ronnie Doo Wop were involved in the Heartwood festival, a KY save the trees type thing. They even covered my chestnut "Spring" though I hear it was in the key of D (very Flamenco).  "Spring" was perhaps the easiest of all my songs to write. I literally watched Teenage Fanclub on Saturday Night live, set the drum machine to "punk rock" and it was done in five minutes. First thought Best thought.



Kid with the Replaceable Head


I don't do crowds, but if I did I might have attended Forecastle to see the Replacements redux. I saw the 2nd line-up with Slim around 1988 at Phoenix Hill. It was a rocking show and Danny Flangan's opening act pretentions made me laugh (Hopscotch Army??? like the hari krisna's hijacking UTOPIA!!!)

The next day, my aching head took itself to work and I was lectured by a friends mother who didn't make it about the dangers of alcoholism and how I was a bad influence (I think it was the other way around and history proved me right).

It's funny that Stinson has played bass in the fake Guns and Roses because this seems like a similar gig. Westerberg has been criminally ignored as a solo act. Without Chris Mars or Slim or Bob Stinson this more a tribute to the songbook than anything. As I mentioned in an earlier blog Billie Joe Winter Solider should add some nice les paul junior licks as y'all stroll down memory lane,


Swine before pearls


My son asked me the other night while we were watching VH1 "classic" why I watched concerts/shows by bands that I dislike. Fair question that. I think it's more about my interest in the process. How did these groups and their fans come to think that they were so great? Where did they succeed and fail?  This head space led me to watch "Last Days Here" on NETFLIX ,  This flick combines heavy metal, Satanism, co-dependency (the aptly named "pellet"), hair dye and MYSPACE into a tale that somebody cares about. For me, it was like rubber necking at a car crash!!

On another note, a show I caught that didn't suck was "See a little Light" a tribute to Bob Mould.  The Husker Du/ Sugar man wrote probably one of the most compelling rock bio's ever mainly because he really educated the average indie rock fan about gay culture. The SUGAR albums, b-sides, and BEASTER were some of my favorite 90's music (you'll believe a strat can fly). Dave Grohl's presence at the tribute made a lot of sense because he took his whole act from Bob!!!!!  So son, no Bob Mould no Foo Fighters. That's why I watch.


Can't stop the Muzak


Most places don't subscribe to MUZAK (as in elevator) anymore. They usually just pick a fairly benign Sirius XM channel and let it rip. I was at a doctor's office and was frightened to discover I knew all the MUZAK tunes: Daydream Believer by the Monkees, Alison by Elvis and Bluebird by Macca.  Though the arrangement was mash potato schmaltz, any song from "Band on the Run" brings back good a.m. radio memories..the ghost of summers past.


Rik Mayall


RIP Rik Mayall. "The Young One's" was my generations "Monty Python".   We watched every episode at least 50 times until we finally started to get all the British cultural references but the physical comedy and attitude needed no explanation. The People's Poet is dead!    


Wah wah wah


The ole saying in regards to opinion "like ash#$les" everybody has got one"  is X 10 in the digital age.  I have yet to be so moved  to comment on anybody's thread other than Brandt Birkholm Prewitt's. Anyway, I make my comments here.  I have been amused by the haters complaining about Billie Joe Green Day playing with the Replacements (I was more annoyed by his uncredited appearance in "The Winter Solider").  He owns several Les Paul Jr's and wears eyeliner...he's perfect!!! The bass player has  been in "Guns and Roses" the past 12 years so, it's not that special a gig anyway.

I am more bemused than angry about Morrissey tour cancellations but you should read the shit that his "fans" write on Morrissey Solo. If you're not familiar with the routine.  Morrissey has a long history of blowing out tour's whether it's due to depression, food poisoning, bad catering ETC. I've been fortunate to only have one rescheduled date in the past few years (Columbus was rescheduled from 2012 to 2013 due to illness in the family). I caught the current tour in Nashville before it was called off due to illness.  Fan's...the rule of thumb with any co-dependent relationship is to detach and keep your expectations low!  Only buy airline tickets etc if your prepared to do something else in that town!!  You know there's at least a 30% chance of cancellation (like rain). Stop bitching!. Anyway, Cliff Richard is still playing NYC for free (as if Devil Women had never been written).




I was watching one of my favorite flicks "Muriel's Wedding" when I was struck by how much ABBA'S "waterloo" is a total rip of Roy Wood's "Wizzard" sound!  Of course, Anna and Freda were much easier on the eyes than Roy in his glam period


Fathers Day


Happy Father's day to all you dad's and sperm donors alike. I read in the recent "Esquire" that there are about 17 million of the latter, which is troubling. This world needs a father, even if it's to teach you to do the exact opposite to matriculate.  I myself have often felt like Don Knott's in the "the reluctant astronaut  Many time's I've felt KO'd by being responsible for another human beings basic needs but have tried to answer the bell for each round.

I learned this from my own dad. I missed him terribly this weekend. Whether it's listening to "graduation day" by the Four Freshmen (his favorite group) or spending time with my brothers and children and watching the cool traits that they all picked up from "Big Jim". I won't mention the bad ones.  He wouldn't haunt me over it even if I did. He was cool that way. He had a "sea refuses no river" kind of attitude about it all. I also got to know him long enough to get past idolatry and into a real relationship. I will be listening to Freshmen and raising a glass. Cheers Dad!


CMT 2014


Forget the MTV Movie Awards, The CMT Music Awards are the most surrealistic awards show on television ever! Kristen Bell host this "mash-up" where all genres of cool are looted and presented by the most uncool people imaginable.  Punk, metal, surfers, Klansmen, EMO, teen idols, rappers and taylor Swiffers...all are welcome as long as you declare yourself "country" (and you can be marketed by the clear channel machine).   This goes back the carny/wrestling promoter roots of modern country where anything is co-opted to sell tickets to the lowest common denominator.  Like Wrestling, I have to watch sometimes despite more important things to do like watching Veronica Mars reruns.



Upside Down: The Creation Records Story


Well worth checking out on NETFLIX is "Upside Down: The Creation Records Story".  Besides the irresistible Scottish accents of Alan McGee and Bobbie Gillespie, you marvel at arguable the greatest line-up of talent ever assembled on one record label.  In the States, these acts were all licensed out to other labels but included all my favorites from the 90's:  Teenage Fanclub, Sugar, Primal Scream, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Oasis.  All done for the Art and the party, the way it should be!


3rd man from the sun


Recently went to Nashville on a pilgrimage of sorts (fancy talk for a diversion from the existential drudgery of daily existence).  Business and pleasure.  Scouting some publishing deals, Morrissey at the Ryman, Tennessee BBQ ( sorry Moz- I am a subspecies), Vintage guitar browsing, Yuengling bootlegging, In store at Mellow Matt's in Bowling Green on the trek back. The foot was sore but the heart was full.

Also went to Third Man Records.  Jack White might think he created power duos ( Flat duo jets, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Bitter Brothers would beg to differ) but he did innovate a way to market indie cool.  The place is staffed by cute, friendly girls, in sixties air hostess grab with black fishnets. Everyone is welcome (unlike the douche chill you might get in the vinyl shop in your hometown). You too can record in the booth (unfortunately, I think Neil Young broke it so Jack Skinner and I couldn't lay one down). Terrific selection of 3rd man only records. Well worth 30 minutes of browsing.

The story had an unhappy ending (and proof that Vinyl isn't so great). Baby Bro was shifting our road booty  in BG and stuck my black 3rd man bag in the car window.  Cooking Vinyl is unplayable! Warped like me.....


Love, Love, Love (isn't all you need)


Another memorial day. Another Abbey Road on the River. If you haven't been, it's a fun time.  When I heard that the Beach Boys were coming, I decided to stay home this year.  You see, I can't stand Mike Love. The lead singer of the Beach Boys. I'm sure his version of the group probably helped attendance (i'm not sure, but i'm too lazy to google it). He might even have brought his pal John "uncle Jessie" Stamos along (i'll need to check with the health department on that).

My dislike of Mike (rhymes) began in the 80's when he buddied up with The Regan's. He's always doing something shitty. He hated SMILE. He tortured poor Brian and then trotted him out like a wax dummy at those 80's era concerts.  He sued him and then bitched about him not wanting to play with the group. He's bald. He has a beard. He fired the other founding members after using them for a 50th anniversary tour. He replaced Dennis with John Stamos!!!!! Once a douche- always a douche.

I'll say one good thing about him. "warmth of the sun" other than that ,he gives rock and roll and TM a bad name. Here's hoping they get Joey Molland's Badfinger for next year. How about the RUTLES? I'm thinking of starting a rival fest across the river. Sticky Fingers in the alley. Beatles vs the Stones. It'll be huge.


Late Night Wars- Senior Moments


I stayed with my Mom the other night. She asked me which Late Night talk show I preferred. I told her that i'm usually in bed by 11. This made her happy because she presumed that i'm staying out of trouble. She went on to school me about her senior citizens perspective on late night T.V.  David Letterman "i don't want to see that damn Lindsey Lohan....what did she ever do. I hate that Paul Schaffer. I'm glad he's retiring."  Jimmy Kimmel "Who's that? What happened to Ted Koppel?" She then proceeded to gush about Fallon. "He has a great band. I like it when he gets up and sings with them.  His "thank you" notes are funny. Watch this...he's doing it. Love it!"

I dig Jon Stewart. I'm glad there's still a generation gap.


Mellow Matt's


On the way back from Nashville, I will be stopping at Mellow Matt's Music and More in Bowling Green for an In-store acoustic set. I will work on my natural impulse to pee on someone's shoes when i'm in Hilltopper country! Show starts at 5p.m.  Central time. Jack Skinner and I will sign anything you like except loan agreements.


Tracks for my tears


Mobile recording can be quite Onerous but at times absolutely necessary (re: the flood of 2014). Home Studios are only good for a tax write off anyway. You get way to comfortable and find many legit reasons to procrastinate. If you have children FORGET IT! Inspiration will come but you will never have time to realize it.

So i packed up a bunch of mic's and my ZOOM Desk and headed to Headley Grange (real name changed to protect the equipment!!!) this weekend to lay down tracks with my soul brother, Jack Skinner.  He ably handled bass and drums.  Headley has a great selection of guitars and amps but I learned the hot tub room was only good for hot tubbing and cat shit. The florescent light and toxioplasmosa render the tube amps a bit too hissing and buzzy even for a garagophile like myself.

Tracks cut:  "Candy Town"  a beefheart/john lee hooker blues yarn,  "Volvo Seats" (Delta of Venus #4) a sexy instrumental track, "Easter Egg Man" The Prewitt/Burch ED song, "Eighteen" Alice Cooper cover recorded for Nicky Honeyboy's Debut single. "Batman Pretty lights"  country ballad (two versions...WAMZ mix and San Francisco style), "Butterfly" a gasoline alley style ballad of rebirth. 

Hopefully, next weekend will do it for the basic tracks of Honeyman III.  hope y'all enjoy them as much as we did making em!


Temporarily at one with the Zeitgeist


True story....I was at Hot Topic with my daughter last week wearing my comfy red "Amazing Spiderman" Tee.  The Sales Kid started chatting me up. I thought he was going to take the piss based on past experience(I once picked up some skinny jeans there a few years ago and the clerk sniffed that I should try them on first....I totally rocked those jeans, so f#$k Him!)  Any who, He asked me if I'd seen the new Spiderman like I was a fan or something.

Then it dawned on me. He must have thought I was sporting the shirt because of the movie. If I had known I was going to be one with the Hot Topic zeitgeist, I would have left the Spidey at home and worn any other shirt. I'm surprised that he didn't offer me any spidey "swag"....Last years "lone ranger" gear was 1/2 off! It's weird to be one with the universe every once in awhile.


Bob Hoskins RIP


Sad to hear of the passing of Mr. Bob Hoskins.  "The long good Friday" is one of my favorite all time movies. We'll forgive him for "Buster"


Best Live Albums


In the digital age, we have a glut of accessible live material from our favorite acts. Every live performance is seemingly available for our consumption. The Live Album was either an event or a sign that the end was near for rockers in the vinyl age. They fall into 2 categories:  really live or fixed up in the studio with audience tracks.  One of my favorites is Thin Lizzy "Live and Dangerous" where evidently the only original "live" performances are the drums and the crowd.

So here are my fav's.  No particular order

Thin Lizzy "live and dangerous"  - The cowboy song segue into the Boys are back in town is magic

Graham Parker "Live Sparks" - This was quite rare when I bought the promo vinyl. I treasured it particularly the bonus tracks or Mercury Poisoning and I want you back.

Beatles "Live at the Hollywood Bowl"-  we whipped out the tennis rackets and minnow buckets for this one. No one wanted to be Ringo

Dr. Feelgood "Stupidity"  The title track was the template for Eardamage

Rolling Stones "love you live" -  Another "doctored" live LP but if you listen to the LA Forum 75, they could deliver the goods without "fixes" on this tour.

Tin Machine "oy vey Baby"  Really the best Tin Machine album and hard to find these days I think.  "Stateside" and "Goodbye Mr. Ed" are highlights for me.

Elvis Costello "Live at El Macombo" The Attractions in hyper drive!!! They made CLOVER sound geriatric in comparison.

Bob Dylan "hard rain"  Sloppiest live album ever but a lot of fun

Mott the Hoople "Mott the Hoople Live"  This was another great tennis racket LP. I finally found music that my older brother hated and I was happy in my rebellion!!!

The Who "Live at Leeds" - A classic live album...too much the magic bus!!!!!!!!!


tin machine


Post Darby post haste......another uneventful derby day. The wild times seemingly in the past. I'm not feeling particularly nostalgic today so I'll spare you the War Stories from "the big one" or "pork chop hill"  (once you lose that's hell to retake it kids). I was remembering a derby 1989ish where I made my last purchase at KittyHawk Records in the Frankfort. They didn't make the transition into the CD age, but my last purchase there was "Brain Drain" by the Ramones and "Tin Machine" by Tin Machine.

"Brain Drain" was the last with Dee Dee as a performing member. He claims in his autobiography not to know who actually played bass on it. It has two great tracks; "i believe in miracles" and "Pet Cemetery"  The Drum sound from Marky is great and I suspect that Johnny probably stayed home too, since the guitar is slightly more accomplished.

"Tin Machine" was a different beast all together.  Bowie getting back to his "roots"  using the Lust for Life rhythm section of the Sales Brothers and Reeve's Gabrels fusion of Fripp and Ronno.   Listening to it today, it's good stuff. At the time, people didn't no what to think as it was post pap pre grunge.  Did they do those black suits post Robert Palmer pre reservoir dogs?  The Beard is always a sign of an artist in distress or decline.



They can rebuild him...


It was Another low-key Saturday Night watching RDTV ( it feeds my nostalgia for pointless 70's style hokey rube TV), until Lee Majors "the Six Million Dollar Man",  looking kinda of like Christopher Reeves after the horseback accident ,beckoned me to consider his new "Bionic Ear".

Like many aging musicians, i'm mildly hearing impaired.....I can't make out childrens voices on the phone... I drool when i see a Marshall amp turned to 11...working on my lip reading skills!. I've always wanted something like the Bionic Ear at work so that I could walk by my enemies offices and "eavesdrop" when talk shit about me behind closed doors. This seems too good to be true.

The key feature is that it's battery is rechargeable. Those hearing aid batteries are pesky. Ask any oldster.  The Charger for the "Bionic Ear" looks like my old contact lens sterilizer as reimagined by MacGuyver, so you know it's going to work great (or turn you inner ear yellow).

I guess Lee has to make a living and someone must have let a trademark lapse since he could remind us it's Bionic and worth "six million dollars" though it's only $14.95!  Lee is perhaps Eastern Kentucky Universities most esteemed Alum, getting past the casting couch of Rock Hudson to matrimony with Farrah Fawcet during her "Angels" peak. His Toupee looks good....30 day money back guarantee....let's consume.


Consumerism for hipster dad's


Record Store Day was upon us again Saturday. I wasn't as excited as last year. No unreleased Big Star to get me out of bed early.  I did partake at THE GREAT ESCAPE who just lay the stuff out and don't make too big a deal about it.  When I got there 11ish, the fanboy e-bay investors had split.  I found an unexpected treat...a free jazz album by Wayne Kramer of the MC5 about his stay in federal prison for drug trafficking called LEXINGTON. Many a famous junkie went to the federal prison treatment facility....burroughs, Wayne K, Mickie Hart, Frankie machine (THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM). Nice essay on the inside about how the war on drugs begat the industrial prison complex (just as bad as the industrial war complex).

I passed on The James Williamson single..i bought too many of his subpar Stooges bootlegs over the years to trust him!! The Devo at sundance disc looked interesting but in the first vinyl age,  picture disc were notorious for sounding crappy.  Plus this was from 1995. Not primo DEVO (they are de-evolving after all). Jake Bugg live didn't appear to excite the locals either.

I did land the only thing I wanted, The Gram Parsons alternate takes (3000 only worldwide). I only buy for my listening pleasure!!


Gems Honeyman Orchestra


I posted some new tracks on the audio page by the GEMS HONEYMAN ORCHESTRA....they perform instrumental selections from my  back "catalog".   Enjoy it now. I'm sure these guys will unionize and I won't be able to afford them!!!


Beware the IDES OF MARCH


Something Shakespeare never said was "you must be kidding" but he did say "beware the IDES of March" in Julius Casear.  It was eight years ago I had my big accident and was run over by an SUV. I try to stay in bed most years when this anniversary rolls around but not being particularly superstitious I have ventured out, particularly when I read that there are several IDES through out the year.

 It did change me in a number of ways: I'm against talking, texting, and driving. I'm against Assholes running redlights (which happens about every 5 minutes here in the Ville).  Don't drive without insurance.  Don't eat seal meat (just threw that in to see if you still listening).

This all brings me to Ray Davies "Americana"   A gripping read for me because I loved the Kinks Arista Years and it describes Ray's recovery for his gunshot wound in New Orleans. I was laid up for 3 months myself. These Traumatic events can be life transforming. Ray does a great job of capturing this and has improved markedly as a writer since "Storyteller" back in the 90's.  Believe it or not, he spends no time dissing Dave. Refreshing.




Magicallly delicious


Have you tried the 50th anniversary Lucky Charms yet?  They are of course magically delicious. I did not know they had been around only 50 years. I assumed they had been around forever but 50 years would match the breakthroughs in Food coloring that made it all possible. I never pay much attention to the shape of the marshmallows. This limited edition gives you a bowl of Green Milk.  American Celtic Cool!!


The indescribable and the inedible


If you have your own celebrity clothing line have you made it or totally sold out? Rock and fashion have always gone hand in hand but the truly cool rocker has to dress better than the audience and shouldn't be telling you where to get the clothes because they won't look right on you and you should be yourself anyway right? I use the term "rocker" loosely because it's so broad it covers Adam Levine and Keith Richards.....Good old Adam stalks you with his procactiv rosy skin as you walk into Kohl's and K-mart beckoning my fellow middle agers to find "find their voice" and "join his team". A guy like Adam Levine is a marketer not an artist. As Nigel Tufnel said "it's a fine line between stupid and clever".

I like that brett "rock of love" michaels sells clothes to dogs (and their owners).  If only his music was recorded at the dog whistle pitch, so i'd never have to hear it again. 



Best of British


Chris Carter recently saluted the "British Bass Player" on his British Invasion show on the Underground Garage (love the show Chris!).

Got me thinking of my top ten:

1) Paul McCartney- He wrote the book- Any Beatles album after Revolver features the best song supporting bass you'll ever hear.

2) John Entwistle-  Though he is incredibly noisy and loud. He created a sound like no other. "Quadrophenia" some of the best bass playing ever.

3) Bill Wyman-  Never cracked a facial expression his entire career.  That samba line on "Jumping Jack Flash" is classic. No one plays like him.

4) Andy Rourke- Smith's bassist. If Johnny Marr didn't have him, he would have just sounded like Peter Buck or something.

5)Jah Wobble- PIL metal box introduced us spuds to dub bass. Good stuff.

6) Bruce Thomas- Attractions bassist who Elvis can't stand evidently.  If you listen to the "impostors" you know he was irreplaceable.

7) JJ Burnel-  Massive sound - best to emerge from the 70's "new wave"

8) Trevor Bolder- Ziggy/spiders from mars bassist.  "john i'm only dancing" was his best of many great performances.

9) Ronnie Laine- Small Faces and Faces. Great dancer. Watch him attack the bass on those beat club clips

10) Colin Moulding- XTC bassist - Check out "all along the watchtower" funky and melodic.




Winter Haberdashed


It's been a crappy cold winter in KY. I miss the variety of seasons for which my home state is known. I'm usually very warm natured, but i've been freezing my ass off and wearing the winter cobble of sweaters, henley's, long underwear, and sweatshirts that i haven't touched in a number of winters. I got rid of all the crappy grandma jc penney sweaters so i look cool even while trying not to go into hibernation! Like a demented J. Crew Ad!


Prince cause the king just won't die


Prince (the symbol) seems to be getting a lot of press lately. He was on "New Girl" for godsakes, to which my son cracked during the Super Bowl "she's not so new if he's on there."  He's suing his fans for bootlegging (i guess he got tired of suing Warner Brothers and decided to pick a fight he might win)...always a shitty move even if he's in the right.  

I would say Prince is greatly over-rated (nowadays). He was legitimately funky and weird in the 80's, mainly because he harkened back to classic funk and psychedelic rock (run thru an 80's boss pedal). He never transcended those influences and stopped playing the corporate game.  the critic are still overly-reverential but that's all group think. At best, he's a sober Sly Stone. He didn't take us higher which is very disappointing.  If you ever want a good laugh, Check out "Under the cherry moon" ...he makes Tom Cruise look tall.



January Winners


All the heavy voting paid off. Once again Jimmy Honeyman will be a finalist in the Buffalo Trace Battle of the Bands Come see me when the check comes in the mail!!



Something New by the Beatles


The Beatles U.S. Albums were reissued again to capitalize on the 50th anniversary of the Ed Sullivan thingy.  While most beatlephiles know that MONO was better for the early stuff, there's definitely a nostalgia factor. "Something New" was my first beatles album.If you don't know it,you can find it on Youtube.  I got it when i was 8 years old at Hecks Department Store in Frankfort KY.  It contained songs from "a Hard Day's Night" and "I want to hold your hand" in German!! The whole album lasted about 26 minutes (perfect for my attention span). The new CD has both mono and Stereo versions but not the fake stereo (with extra reverb and what not that's better).

"Yesterday and Today" was my 2nd acquisition at age 10(and the 2nd of the three reissues i listened to)..famous for the butcher cover (plastic babies and meat). It was a protest about Capitol's creation of new albums albums. You get to slap on a sticker of the more acceptable "replacement" cover if you want (i think mine will go on the guitar case). Again the stereo mixes seem different from the original vinyl.  It's combo of "Help, Rubber Soul, and Revolver" tracks makes it the best of the U.S. album in my estimation.

Finally, i picked up "Hey Jude", It was a compilation of singles spanning 1964-1968.  It's a credit to the Beatles that these songs from different eras hold up as a single collections. The reissue is a bit chintzy (28 minutes) why not give us the mono mixes too (where available) though "Ballad of John and Yoko" appears to have a stray snare beat that i did not recall. 

I'm A/Bing  them as i write this and must say the Vinyl is better ( plus side i always took good care of my albums and needles so they are still playable) but if you know me then you know i like Reverb!!




On Myspace no one can hear you scream


I saw a funny crack awhile back about someone getting drunk and accidentally getting on to their Myspace account.It's as echoey as an empty dining hall on there. It's like a mansion with all the furniture covered in sheets.  I miss the good ole days of Myspace...none of the high school types were around and you could discover some good tunes. I'm glad they allowed us to reclaim our blogs. I'm hoping to repost some of those at a future date. I was an inveterate blogger a few years back and was easier to kibitz with others on that platform.  All things must pass. I moved some of the content over to Reverbnation. Somehow i ended up 26 on the singer songwriter charts and the Slams are Frankfort's #1 punk band. I suspect payola.


Buffalo Trace Battle of the Bands 2014


Thanks for the votes so far....Hoping to win January to secure the $500 monthly prize, then we can lay off til the finals in September.  Here is the link.  You have to register to vote but you can give us 5 shots every 24 hours.  $500 will buy enough firewater to keep us loose til September.


Since Yer Gon


In what's become a MLK tradition (2 years in a row), I'm posting a new track  A version of Since Yer Gon with Gary "Durant" Payne. He is gone but not departed.  Gary educated me a lot about civil rights though he is more Malcom X than Dr. King (though he does a lot of chatting about these rights with the ladies of Central Kentucky on the King Center's computer in Frankfort!!). He adds a fine harp on this rehearsal take. Check it out in the  Audio Player.


Monday Morning QB


The Superbowl is set...The Seachickens taking on Horse Boy and The Orange Horseman (evidently Beelzebubs favorite son..sorry Giselle). My team(The Browns) is still floundering, unable to find a coach after pissing off the various football families. You see there are distinct football schools with their acolytes and they have all been Thru Cleveland since 1999, so only an ambitious outsider could truly save the day and it's not likely to happen (Roy Kidd is too old).

As wholesome and healthy as team athletics can be, professional sports seem so tainted. Take this story about Devon Bess  This guy obviously seems to have a mental health problem but no one stood up and addressed it(except his family).  This is similar to the guy who played for the RAIDERS whose name escapes me (he ended up getting shot by the Miami police when manic).  As long as they perform in the coliseum on Sunday like circus animals, all is well. I was one of many fans who was disappointed with Bess' performance this year.  Knowing what we know now, he had no business on a football field this season. The stigma about mental illness is so great that if they admitted a problem their careers would be over and these guys made millions.  Anyway, pass those chips..


I see an #Orangeroom and want it painted black


The Good Morning Americanization of TODAY is complete.  Morning TV is in Flames with Elizabeth Vargas in rehab (u would drink too if you had to wait for Diane Sawyer to move on..ain't happening).  Stephanpoloous fighting for screen time with twitter feeds, Katy Perry's puppies and Lara. He got to interview Putin but on the condition they both did it topless!!!  Anything for ratings.  On CBS Charlie Rose is only 10 years younger than the birthday "girls" that Wilred Scott was always celebrating (Harry Smith was too hip for the demo).

Anyway, Bad Weather in KY means I have to watch and I've always liked TODAY despite it being on WAVE 3 (John Bowles has an Orange Tan to match the Orange Room on TODAY)  Al Roker, Matt and Natalie Morales (my #2 hard news fix after Elizabeth V.) have always been solid and non-annoying. Now though they have this Orange Room thing, Where Carson Daily stands like he's waiting Matt to die so that he can step in and tells us what's trending on Twitter (like me can't check for ourselves). Are they hoping that 30 somethings are nostalgic for TRL live?  Don't know, but it is ANNOYING.

I loved this Sam Champion Clip because it was like a DC character ending up in a MARVEL comic, the twain are not supposed to meet but Shock they do!!



Fisherman's Box


It's was a lonely planet joy when I got my Waterboy's Fisherman's Box in the Mail last week. I've said before that this album has always been somewhat grail like for me. I remember driving down US 127 trying to tune in WRFL from Lexington when "We will not be lovers" came thru the static...1988?  I had to pull over and hear this song. Mike Scott was a Scotsman in Ireland fusing rolling thunder Dylan with my celtic soul. Unbelievable...I didn't find it pretentious at all for some reason.

I'm on disc four..trying to savor this like a six course meal!!


Snow Buddies


The years  go by quickly was 20 years ago that the big snow/freeze hit sleepy Louisville and made it sleepier than usual. I have fond memories because that's when I did most of the pre-production for what became the JellyBabies "12 + 1" album. Mike Feedback was supposed to stay for a long weekend of home recording that turned into a week of snow bound madness strumming our guitars.  We were pretty disciplined without external distraction, though we made a few trips to the Video Kastle (blaxplotation and karate flicks) and Steak and EGG (it never closed). I wonder what the baby stat's were September 2003?




Ever listen to Public Image Limited's Album?  It was RAD at the time because Rotten replaced Keith Levene and Wobble with Ginger Baker and Steve Vai!!!!! Probably one of the best metal "fusions" ever.  Since there was no internet, the unsuspecting PIL fan had no clue. Needle drop surprise. The opening track FFF (farewell my fair weathered friend) always springs to mind when I get "defriended" on Facebook. Check out a live take here.

As some already know, I'm not currently playing with Gary "Durant" Payne.  He does appear on the Website, though like VAN HALEN, I should probably photo shop him off the Beggars Bathroom art work. That would negate the good times and fine music that we did make together in the past though. Plus, My original vision for Jimmy Honeyman was that people would come and go or that I could hook up with different bands for new projects.  I'm kinda of glad that he gave me the heave on Facebook because I often found his views asinine and incongruent with how I knew he actually led his life. It bothered me.  I take the rest of you on Bookface pretty much at face value. I struggle abiding with liars or hypocrites so it's bye bye Durant for now.  I will gladly buy him a round in the real world.....send me a postcard.


Here you are 2014


I'm a little wary of new years resolutions. If i look back on my journals, it's usually the same shit...lose weight, write more songs, make money Etc Etc Etc.  So i decided to resolve to do somethings that aren't the usual suspects:

1) develop my 3rd eye.  since my others are becoming increasingly myopic, I think developing the third will help me artistically and professionally (becoming a cyclops might be a valuable mutation where i work).

2) Release some new stuff and rock out.  I think i've unconsciously practiced crop rotation principles the past year and a half, largely putting the electric guitar on the shelf.  The noise is ready to bloom again.

3) Study the piano and play it in front of people. I have this dream of playing "Maybe I'm Amazed" to an appreciative audience.

4) Headline at the Frankfort Convention Center on a rocking new years eve with EXILE,CAMEO, Everyday people, Sacre Bleu and Cross Eyed Mary.  Brandt can dress like baby new year and then we rock out to "She cracked" by the Modern Lovers.



A heaping pile of Brown


The Browns are done for the season. All my Brown and Orange gear is neatly stacked in a Rubbermaid bin for next August. I think firing C.H.U.D. would be a mistake. Give him at least 3 years. We've lost so much, we've really given up hope of a miraculous turn around. I wonder when enough will be enough be enough for me. I decided this year to multi-task during each game so the 3 and 1/2 hours wouldn't be a total waste, but I still think Haslam owes me a free coffee at his truck stop for my devotion to the team that is always waiting for next year. Hoyrer would be a mistake...they made Weeden a head case like they did with Couch. Keep Norv. Maybe fire the Horton,  Lebeau lite is like bud ultra light (piss water). Go Packers


Sweet Summer Sun


Had to check out the Rolling Stones "Sweet Summer Sun" since I own all the other tour films. The weather and the "birds" looked amazing. It did confirm my initial thought after watching the 50th anniversary show  that Keef has become the weak link (he previously carried Ronnie for oh the last 30 years, now a change has come he's under his thumb).  He just seems a bit stiff. Mick sounds great as always. He outlasted all his hard rocking vocal contemporaries.  Mick Taylor was/is under used. The three guitar attack is good on rambler and would help the other songs go "beyond the numbers" . Emotional Rescue was a great bonus in a set with no suprizes.



US 60 memories


We all know that Route 66 is considered "the mother road".. well I was nursed on US 60. It was the exotic right turn off of parkside that led to another world (the dripping barrel and orange soda, The game farm- fish and buffalo, Claudia Sanders, Bubba Q).  Driving it from Louisville the other day was lamentable. It's gotten quite ugly from Shelbyville road to Shelbyville. it fulfills Richard "dick" Futrells prophecy as an under=assistant sociology professor at EKU that Louisville and Lexington will become a "megopolis".  The stiffs at city hall might want this but I hate it. The farms and roadside houses replaced by humungous homes and subdivisions and ugly shops to serve the servants.

It's actually about the same from Shelbyville to Frankfort, though Frankie G has let the Weeds reclaim the Starway (where I saw my first tit driving by as a young kid despite Mom's attempt to cover my eyes..or maybe she thought we were asleep). Most of my nostalgia is about sex and food (roads lead to houses whether it be longview or a cabin in Bagdad). As a novice driver, you could leave your house on Juniper drive and end up on Frankfort Avenue and never get lost!!! Just turn back around and go home!! Wow!



Magical Mystery Tour


Happy post Festivus/ Pre New Year! The Beatleologist in me gravitates to The Magical Mystery Tour.  Famously released on British Television on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas...damn we should get that day off too!!).  It was considered their first "flop" cause it was shown in black and white (big f#$k up) and basically an Art Film.

The Soundtrack is terrific. How could any album with Strawberry Fields, I am the Walrus, and All you need is love fail? I remember buying it at SEARS in Frankfort when I was about 10, having somehow saved the $6.99.  My copy is in good condition and wasn't stolen by WL! I prefer it in Stereo, though most of the mixes are "fake" stereo...Ringo and Paul really shine on this collection.

I always found the movie to  hard to get into. My chums and I rented it in the early days of VHS. We were likely stoned and/or drunk and the low production values kept it from synchronizing with my drive state (unlike say Yellow Submarine- vivid and awesome under the influence of corn flakes!!).  I watched it the other night on YOUTUBE, over-caffeinated and with lowered expectations and actually dug it. It's as good as a lot of Goddard flix I've seen. I think Paul was high when he tried to claim it influenced Spielberg and Coppola.  Nice Striptease at the end with the Bonzo Dog Band. How did I ever miss that?




Psychotronic on Facebook


I've been pleased to discover "The Psychotronic Magazine" page on Facebook. It appears to be curated by the real Michael Wheldon, now retired from the magazine biz.  I would wait faithfully for each print edition in the 90's. His descriptions of movies and their sociological context where usually better than the films themselves. Stay Sick.


Much Ado About Nothing


I watched Joss Whedon's home movie version of "Much Ado About Nothing" on the recommendation of "Accidental Genius", she and I often have long Whedonesque conversations....It was good, though I found the Whedon home to be somewhat claustrophobic as a set.

Shakesphere's plot still resonants...treacherous gossip coming between lovers and ruining lives. On the advice of a priest??! you fake your death so that others see the error of their ways!!! "For love to live it must die to be reborn" As Buddy Kearney would say "Ain't that a hell of a note".   Alexis Densihof(sic) and Amy Acker's romance resonants with a Whedon fan...the satisfaction when they finally end together, it was almost like Angel Season Six !  Which I would be all for by the way. Bring back Spike.


The Sound of Music


I was glad they replayed "The Sound of Music" last night. I don't DVR and forgot to check it out "Live".  They probably inserted the dress rehearsal for the bum bits but I thought it was OK.  These things are dopey and perfectly suited to the talents of an "American Idol".  Much more convincing than Carrie Underwood the country singer (Lucinda Williams she aint't...hell she ain't even Shania Twain!!).  I wondered what the hell Bill Compton was doing there. I'm a few seasons behind on "TRUE BLOOD" maybe this is the true death now!!


Change that date


The Honeyman Festivus Hootenany is now on FRIDAY December 20!!!  Change your flight plans accordingly!


What a dollar will get ya!


While a good marketing campaign,  I find the "Dollar Shave Club" concept annoying   You get what you pay for with a Razor. We are blessed to live in a time where you can buy a 4 blade razor that won't chop the bumps off your face and neck. The disposable razors of our forefathers were shit, that's why they went to a barber for a close shave.  I guess we've gotten too lazy to go to the drug store once a month?? They were more "manly" cause they burned their faces with Aqua Velva?

Would you join a dollar condom club?  A dollar deodorant club? A dollar shampoo club?  A dollar Tie club?   You get what you pay for and sh$t is Sh$t.


Honeyman's Festivus Hootenany


We had such a good time last month, we decided to play one more gig before the year is through at Buddy's Pizza in Frankfort. This will be December 21 from 6-9.   It's the 2nd Honeyman Festivus show (the last was 2010?) where we air our musical grievances. Confirmed guests so far include Brandt "bongo" Prewitt (Eardamage singer/hearthrob) and Nicky Honeyboy (oedipal musical prodigy). It will once again be an acoustic show.


you are what you eat


I sadly didn't have enough Turkey to make a hot brown last week. If you don't know how to make one. Here's how I find Kentucky Colonel Flour is the magic ingredient when doing it myself.  Speaking of Turkey's, We Browns fan's are going thru another slow death of quarterback misadventure.  Poor Brandon Weedon, despite looking like Harry Nilson, he is constantly dissed and booed.  The"Weeden Burger" is the newest affront to his sanity and self esteem. 




What are you doing today?  I'm watching the thanksgiving day parade on the Tee vee.  Feeling sentimental for the daze when I had no commitments and could pick and choose from the sloth/slacker menu of activities: Eat, watch football, play football, eat again, drink Belgian ales and whiskey, order pizza, listen to music, go to a friends house, eat some more. play some music, Stay up late, go bowling, sleep late, not a care in the world except when is the Turkey done!




Bye Bye Fishwrap


Louisville Music News dropped it's last print edition in October.  It will be missed, even if it's just for the free cup of coffee coupons and use of the word "Fargin" by Eddy Metal.  It is available on-line at

One of my modest dreams in days of yore was to grace the cover but it wasn't to be. Their color process was so poor, I would have had to confiscate every copy. Then I would have gotten hopped up on the argo coffee and committed some weird sin.

LMN is where I found Rob Magallon with his Studio 2002 ad (I think that ran every issue for about 15 years).  I would have never known about David La Duke's rock hard rocking (Jeffery Lee wasn't  hip enough for that..only in an ironic way). The cool kids looked down on LMN but musicians from all corners of the county read it.  My only gripe was they never took an axe to grind about any local artist. A few bad reviews would have made it more entertaining. They either ignored what they didn't get or wrote something tepid.

Good luck to Paul Moffet and gang. I will read you less on-line but people actually come to this site (probably looking for porn).


"Love Training"


Watched another episode of "The Roth Show" on Youtube. This time he described how he works his baritone voice out to the song "Love Train" before going on tour.  If he can sing it 20 times strong- he's ready for the rigors of an arena show (vocally only).  He made a good point about having to push from the mid-point to the end to have a show people would pay to see. if you watch him work, join me in saying "fuck Sammy Hagar" Dave can sing. He's just a baritone.

  I myself use "Ziggy Stardust", If I can sing thru the entire album, I have a pretty full range. When you finally hear the "king Baby" e.p.  my vocals are the result of weeks of "Ziggy" to prep for the session.  Dave is willing to dispense advice to anyone with ears.


Morrissey Autobiography


Finished reading "Morrissey Autobiography" it was already a Penquin Classic the day it was published!!! You can tell he actually wrote it himself (that's both good and bad).  His character assassinations of Sandie Shaw, Geoff Travis, and Siouxie Sioux are especially funny. He comes off like a guy who is stuck paying child support and alimony for life when discussing the Mike Joyce court case (insert bitterness in every sentence). It makes sense, in that the Smiths were definitely his baby.

The descriptions of the early burglary years are certain people i know he never cops to much wrong doing which is the only real flaw and shows more appreciation for other humans than his reputation previously suggested. The boy with the thorn in his side indeed


Mersey Beat


Picked up Beatles at the BBC Volume #2 today at "I'd rather die than go to" Best Buy. I was pretty sure they'd have it, otherwise i wouldn't have darkened their over stimulating door way.  The BBC stuff is a bit dated but reminds you that the Beatles honed their craft on the Rock and R and B classics and could have kicked the Stones and Pretty Things asses in a real live battle of the bands. "Lucille" and "Talking About You" give me that chill that turned me on all those years ago listening to "Something New" on my cheap phonograph. YEAH YEAH YEAH


For the Benefit of Mr and Mr's Kite


Fun friday night at the Bye Bye Cancer benefit in Frank's Fort. If only it would really go goodbye. I was glad to participate because it actually helped another Human Being!!! These bloody do gooders fill the Brick Alley for an Animal Shelter benefit but look ass-kew at their fellow wo (man).  Defintely felt the love from the Lynch Mob, Captain Black, Big Bob, little Kathryn et al.  Where were you Les? Hope you didn't catch cold.  Capped  it all off with a  haunting, meatball sub and Night baseball!!  See you in December for the festivus gig.


Lou Redux


I did a little mourning of Lou last week.  Wolfgang's Vault were offering up a variety of free downloads for members, adding to my already swollen collection of Lou Reed Live recordings. ROCK AND ROLL ANIMAL was perhaps the most famous...he turned is Velvet gold into heavy metal lead.  It sold but i hated it.  I would recommend "Live in Italy" because it has plenty of hits but features the licks of Robert Quine, who nursed Lou back to guitar health. While many dreamed of a Velvet's reunion, it's Lou that lets the side down on that particular live album (his diminished skills couldn't hang with Cale, Morrison, and Tucker).  Any Lou Reed live album is listenable cause they always feature about 4 of the greatest songs of all-time. SPOTIFY


Bye Bye Cancer


Friday the 15th,  JP and i will be appearing at Buddy's Pizza in Frankfort as part of the BYE BYE cancer benefit. It will truly be unplugged. Our father will roll in his grave as we abuse the tools of bluegrass in our Folkabilly Fervor. We are "pencilled" in for 7:45 but you never know with these things. We will give a $2 of every CD sold to the cause and will also have some copies of "Autumnal Vol 1"  if you like hard copies of such things!


Green light fever


Ever want to toss your "smart" phone on to the fire?  The communication age is definitely responsible for it's share of nervous breakdown's!  In the 18th century, if you wanted to communicate with someone across the pasture, you would have to send your note thru a "go-between"..a man servant or a girl in a boys cap with mud on her face. They would wait patiently having a cup of tea while you wrote your reply. They either returned with your reply or were killed en route. Either way it was quite romantic and smelled of the human touch.

In more modern times, you might bicycle by someones house and toss a rock at the window hoping to rouse them from slumber to have a freezing cold conversation on the stoop. Concealed carry and stalking laws have but pay to that though...

Like a phantom limb, i find myself looking at that damn phone for the green or blue light. It keeps me out of the NOW. It offers the potential of connection but leaves us dangling in phantom arms and hands! A seeming conversation that is one sided and can end mysteriously for any reason unknown to both party's. At the end of the day, a smartphone is only good as a pacifier, something to twiddle with whilst waiting for connection but keeping us from really connecting.  Damn, i think i need a man-servant!


Velvet Sunday Morning


O.K.  I will weigh in on Lou Reed's passing. I had to grieve a bit. Several friends sent me condolences like me was actually a member of my family! I thought it was sweet though cause they knew how important his music was to me.

My first Lou Reed record was an Arista Comp called "Rock and Roll Diary 1967-1980" it was one of those cash in on Punk/ New Wave godfather status compilations.  Purchased for 6 bigs one (lot's of mowing/lunch money)at Cut Corner. It was a promo (Kruser needed the money). The 2nd disc was a bit of a mess (it was the Arista years) but the first disc was all Velvet Underground.

It was inspirational because I thought "I can do this". Obviously, I couldn't but it set me and many others off  on The pursuit of a rock and roll dream (look up Brian Eno's infamous quote about the VU).

The appeal?  Decadence. No one wrote about drugs, mental illness, etc in such detail. Lou could pulverize your brain like a Pneumatic drill or sing a romantic love song...sometimes in the same song ( even good love is decadent in our puritanical world). Another appeal was the simplicity.  He rarely strayed from the simplest chords, which helped us all learn the craft of song.

I started covering his stuff live going back to the Bam Bam Club days. Let's see.... which ones? Waiting for the Man, Pale Blue Eyes, Femme Fatale, Sweet Jane, Beginning to see the light, Walk on the wild side, Rock and Roll, I found a reason, Oh Jim, and of course Satellite Of Love (on Autumnal...Lou you should have held on a few weeks so that I could cash in on your I look like a johnny come lately). 

For the record.  I thought "LULU" was great. I still await Anne Brickle's review since that would be definitive. Good night ladies good night.




The Roth Show


While doing some Van Halen Research last night stop the presses. Who does "Van Halen" research?  Me of course!  I was interested to see if Wolfie had the goods after the typical Sammy Hagar David Lee Roth hating. Van Halen with Sammy Hagar is total shit..don't care how many records sold. I hate to find myself agreeing with mr. Hagar on anything but he might be right.(Dave goodman liked it).

O.K please ignore that the rest of this is in italics (please don't ask).  So I started Watching the Roth Show.....I was gaining an hour. Why not waste it on meaningless shit? Anyway, David Lee might be a genius but this is undermined by his untreated attention deficit disorder. Ten minutes of this is better than Sammy Hagar's entire catalog....just saying.


Every Picture Tells a Story Doughnut


Listened to alot of Rod Stewart this week during the commute (don't worry nothing after 74).  These records would never get made today. The record company would have hired a song doctor to "punch up" the lyrics instead of leaving it to Rod to scribble something out the day of the session on a napkin in the pub.

"Every Picture Tells a Story" case in point.  The lyrics are so awkward and un PC but it's saved by the incredibly abandoned performance. It's not in tune or in time but the dynamics are incredible. They would have ruined that too with pro tools. The syncronicity moment was driving to Krispy Kreme and this song coming on cause the lyrics of the song are often misinterpreted as "Every Picture Tells a Story Doughnut."



Kinda Kinks


Listened to Kinda Kinks today.  Any album that start's with "All the Day and All the night" is favorite Kinks rocker. That solo still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  Plus you get to enjoy the development of Ray Davies more melodic side:  Tired of Waiting, Something better Beginning, Don't ever change. The Dave songs are a bit clunky except Come on now.


Dead cicada rock and roll


If you check this space, you might wonder "Where's Honeyman II?"  or  "thank god maybe he retired!"   Well, it's almost done.  I had some productive sessions with Jack Skinner back in August and now just have a few vocals to finish. It's the folk fest I've always promised it would be ( no drum kit in site).

It's being bumped back on the release schedule by the pending drop of the "King Baby"  e.p., a lost session with Archer Prewitt and Mike Feedback from the 90's. It was recorded much like a BBC session: one afternoon- 3 songs tracked and mixed "the British Way". I always meant to go in and do some more with the songs but didn't and now the multitrack needs some shake and bake. So it's first thought best thought.  You'll hear us ripping off T-rex before the Black Keys even had pubes. I'm hoping available at I-tunes Et al by the first of November (an all souls release would be nice).

I'll be offering another e.p.  "Autummal Vol. 1" on this site at the same time.  It features My folkabilly renditions of "Lonely Planet Boy", "Taste of Cindy", "Satellite of Love", "Norwegian Wood", and "You were the bird that I held in my hand".  This one will be free to download for a limited time. Hope you like 'em.




Happy Jack


Happy real birthday to my esteemed bassist Jack Skinner ( Facebook had it wrong yesterday).  If you listen to "I could die" or his playing on "gamera" you know i'm glad that he's alive (despite all the times he tried to kill me when we were kids).


I am Jimmy hear me ROIR


I had to drive the Sante Fe yesterday which not only has a bitchin stereo (like a gershman mobile in his prime) but also has CD and Cassette!!!  I laughed when they had cassette record store day. I still have like 600 cassettes...most have ended up on mp3 somewhere but i have a few treasures that still play without the dreaded squeak. My first release was a cassette "the Bam Bam Club" with mimeographed Archer Prewitt cover (in-box me and i'll make you a copy, it's long out of print).

Yesterday, I listened to Johnny Thunders "Too much Junkie Business"  On The ROIR label.  It was my first JT.  They also released "Stations of the Cross" was shambolic and thrilling at the same time. He was too stoned to get a whole album together but you had to buy all his releases on various foreign labels to find the nuggets in the silt. Johnny wrote and performed "So Alone " perhaps the greatest unfinished song of all time...two good verses and then nothing!!!

My friend Adam Rave sent off for the ROIR list and we would read the descriptions and dream about having the money to buy them all just so we could hear them. There was no internet. The Trouser Press was very influential in those days, if they gave it a good review, you had to give it a chance.  He bought all the GG ALLiN


the irish keep gatecrashing


I enjoyed the Sinead/Miley feud this week.  Sinead laid out some home truths that only an outsider to the biz can spell out. You can't accuse her of milking it,  because she didn't ask to be named as an "inspiration" in the first place. I would like to have all knowledge of Cyruses lazered from my brain. Drinking doesn't seem to be working to get the job done.


Beware the Jersey pimps


I guess my last sports related blog must have fired up the Browns (they've won their last 3 proving me at least partially wrong but they have 11 more games. A losing season is still probable).  I enjoyed the thursday night game but am always struck with all the energy the NFL puts into building up the Quarterback as a super human icon ( buy the jersey take the ride). 

NFL network were in full blown Brian Hoyer overdrive. They loved the fact that he was "mentored" by Tom Brady...hometown tail gating in the parking lot...solution to the Browns "Quarterback Problem" (it's actually a blocking and catching problem but the quarterback is super human and must over come that and eat at subway on game day).  Then WHAM!!! Hoyer is injured 3 minutes in...Torn ACL and Brandon (Harry Nillson Doppelganger) Weeden is back at the Helm! The crowd and the announcers are confused. This wasn't the story line (Rudy Rudy Rudy).  Brandon played like a guy who everyone gave up on after a season and 2 games but eventually pulled together a competent game ( thank god for sports psychologist..he probably needed daily sessions). Travis Benjamin made the difference with his TD return but who do they interview. THE QUARTERBACK!   It was weird to say the least, but Weedon is getting paid alot to be gracious (and sell shirts).

NFL shop knows. They emailed me an offer for the latest shirts/free shipping.


Not tickilish but can be tickled


What do GARP, this little piggie, and The Who's Quadrophenia have in common? They are all memories from my childhood on Juniper Drive.  All these things "tickled" or moved me at one point in my life and they all came together on the couch yesterday. Very strange.  It's at those moments you should always grab your guitar and your pen.


The Brown Sound


Maybe it's the whiskey talking but i'm taking the trade of Trent Richardson to The Colts very badly (almost as bad as the day they cut Bernie Kosar!!). Maybe the coaches know something i don't but it seems like the Browns are writing off this season two games in. It's basically telling us fans to go fuck ourselves this season.....give up the hope and dream of victory.  Trade our star back and start the 3rd string Belichik cast i still have time to cancel sunday ticket?


labor day


Let's make Labor day mean something this year( an unreleased James Brown song).  No really.  After all these years of erosion and propaganda, many think that forming a Union is BAD.  These same people enjoy Weekends (well not anymore, if your a wage slave- you're probably working today).  If you do happened to be "salaried" you can still lose your job and pension in the blink of an eye.  Let's embrace universal health care and demand more!!! If you get sick you'll still go bankrupt while the health care "industry" rolls in profit.  A good day to listen to some Creedence, Billy Bragg, The Clash, MC5 while dining on the finest angus beef you can get your hands on!! Take that Fat cats!!!!


Wig Wam


Listened to a few of my Record Store Day 45's today.  Wig Wam is a real unreleased find from Mr. Zimmerman! He really knows song structure...He should do an album of instrumentals. That would be so cool.  12 x 5 never gets old..."confessin the blues"  "round and round" "empty heart".  The stones are the only white boys to pull off the blues in my opinion.




Sooooooooooooooooooooo  We are in the finals for the Buffalo Trace Battle of the Bands.  If you vote for us everyday for this month only, we will win $10,000.   If we win i will invite all who voted out for a drink ( or butterscotch sundae)! So let's shampoo the Buffalo together!


Twerking Crocus and escape velocity


I had to "unfollow" Perez Hilton on Twitter...I knew things were out of whack when i was even aware that Katy Perry and Lady GAGA were having a chart war!!  (Go can have all not part of me). Then The VMA's....Justin Timberlake was reuniting with someone and it wasn't Mickey Mouse.  Twerking- miley cyrus.  Then i started having spontaneous conversations about Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus multiple times!!! I know they have records and books to sell but get out of my head!!!  Then i heard vague whispers of SYRIANA ( wasn't that a George Clooney flick?? Former Sexiest man alive?) Chemical weapons?  Genocide?  Bad Intel?  Twerk over there you Twerk.  I follow Huffington Post now.  Hope that's better.

The point being...drop anything that distracts you too much from what really mattersJimmy Honeyman King Baby


Ten Album Deal??


I was checking out my old Nick Lowe Albums this week...all on CBS records.  He kept chasing the chart success of "Cruel to be Kind" post Rockpile.  He must have had a long term contract because he wouldn't have been allowed to keep making marginal records on a major label that long in this day and age. They all have some great tracks, good covers but overall he was searching for a new style which he found during the YEP ROCK years.  Rockpile was a hard act to follow. He deserves credit for not selling out like Dave Edmunds did with the ELO sound.

Some of my favorite tracks?  "Two many teardrops"  " Rose of England" "Half a boy and Half a man" "Love like a Glove" His version of "indoor fireworks"  "she don't love nobody"


September: Shampooing the Buffalo


The finals for the Buffalo Trace Battle of the Bands is in September. So if you are inclined to vote for us everyday that's when you should. We already qualified in February.  If we win the grand prize of $10,000, I promise to put it to good musical use.  Consider it a kickstarter for the next few albums that will cost you nothing but your time and care!


Studio 2002


I heard last week that Studio 2002 was shuttered. Owner/Engineer Rob Magallon retired from the biz. You could see the writing on the (virtual) wall.  I had a sense that "Beggars Bathroom" was the last project we would do together. Every teenager has pro tools. The digital age freed the average person with song from hiring a semi-pro studio -always run by the owner/engineer. (If you didn't get along it could go horribly wrong).

I did Five projects at 2002:  The Bam Bam Club;  The King Baby E.P. with Archer Prewitt/Mike Feedback;  The Jelly Babies "12 + 1",  "Jimmy Honeyman" and "Beggars Bathroom" with the Quartet. As i spent many a sunday afternoon laboring over the last two albums, we developed a relaxed working relationship. His harmonies were great. He would swish some cold coffee and sing the bits i couldn't. He would always try to find a way to cope with my Beefheartian sound ideas like "make it sound like ball bearings on a plate" or "it's not cruel enough". He finally accepted that I wanted everything to sound like "Revolver"...he was no Geoff Emerick (just as i was no John Lennon) but i will miss our sessions.


Ten "punk" records Lynchee poo probably doesn't own


i read an interview with my friend and sometimes collaborator, Bill "New wave dave" Lynch.  He and his bandmates are working on claiming their "punk rock" turf for the paunchy, married, suburbanites who have "never been in a riot." People like labels...they are limiting but necessarily reductive for 98% of the people out there, especially when it comes to music. File me under....What is "punk" though?  to me it's about taking chances and like W.C. Fields said "never joining a club that would have you as a member".

Anyway my top ten "punk" records ( feel free to come over and listen to them bill)

1) Funhouse- The Stooges ( free jazz for glue huffers)

2) Raw Power- Iggy and the Stooges (sex music for now people)

3) The Sonics- The Sonics (11 years ahead of it's time)

4)BlankGeneration- Richard Hell and the Voidoids (He created the look and he was the poet)

5) PIL -2nd edition- (unlike "Never Mind the Bollocks" couldn't be mistaken for a metal album with bad vocals)

6) Metal Machine Music- Lou Reed (so punk it's unlistenable)

7) Sandinista - The Clash  ( an F#$k you to the bands trying to be punk by aping someone elses look and attitude- punk was multicultural)

8)Machine Gun Etiquette- the Damned ( Captain Sensible and the boys update the MC5 and create goth!!)

9)Bad Music for Bad People- the Cramps ( subverted UHF/Southern culture to a drive beat with a great singer)

10)Trout mask Replica - Captain Beefheart ( hippies on bad acid- should have been the "Helter Skelter" soundtrack!!


Hey Ho Hey Ho What?????


During my weekly Crate dig i pulled out XTC'S GO 2 and The ALARM "Declaration" and "The Alarm" EP.  GO 2 is terrific...great cover concept and includes "Are you Receiving me?"  perhaps my favorite XTC track. I'm not sure i ever actually listened to these Alarm Albums first time around ( i think i bought them at Potato Man on Woodlawn for a dime at the height of "vinyl is dead").  They sound great but even with the lyric sheet i'm not sure what they're singing about except "chin up boys" Stand strong.  Blame Adam Rave for that one.


Drive in Saturday


I had to go grab some picks of the Kenwood Drive In before it becomes "THE DR. PEPPER/ SNAPPLE " factory....It has been disused for years. You might know it. It's on Southside behind the KenBowl.


I always had hope i'd win the lottery and bring it back.  They say digital projection is killing the surviving Drive-in's- Even Scorsese can't get a print of his own movies these days to project from Celluloid. So you can't even show art house flicks without major expense and work.

The Kenwood was not my favorite drive in but it was classic.  It was a little frightening..a strong undercurrent of sex and violence. Not a "family" drive in (though i suspect some families were started under steamed windows and stained jeans).  Due to it's proximity to Americana, I pictured rival vietnamese gangs shooting it up late into the night.The movies played all night dusk to dawn.

They had AM sound- an improvement over the busted speakers on a pole.  The fries were hot and greasy.  The concession stand ad's were vintage 1973.  The last movie i saw there was "the World is not Enough"  James Bond with Remington Steele...he made Roger Moore look like Daniel Craig....It featured that horrible one liner "I thought Christmas only came once a year."

Sadly, I guess i'll pop open a snapple and  watch "Machete II" in my man cave.




I savored every page of Jo Slee's "Peepholism"  the art of Morrissey and the Smiths.  Together She and Moz created a great run of sleeves.  Art design has been somewhat lost in the digital age.  My other favorite designer from the original "album age" was the great Barney Bubbles and his Stiff/ Costello Sleeves. Get Happy and Imperial bedroom deserve a shout out.




I was compelled to watch Snopp dog's "REINCARNATION" the other night.....more as a Jamaica travel log than anything.  Bob Marley is so much like Mickey Mouse to reggae neophytes i find it hard to listen to him anymore.  Snopp coming to town to adopt his persona didn't seem to bother the locales that much ( cash in their pockets)....peace, love, and ganja is certainly a better message than being a pimp for sure. Snopp is quite likeable as you see he has tried on many personas and evolved. Once you leave the's hard to find an alley to reinvent yourself in.


The"real" Chuck


AMC had a "Death Wish" marathon yesterday....all 5 movies!! I can only imagine what watching all 5 movies in a row would do to your psyche. Even a potato would mutate with all that trauma and violence!  Charles Bronson was the original Bad Ass Chuck, when Norris was an extra in a Bruce Lee movie!  I thought Bronson was cool.  Here in Louisville, a women left her estate to him or the Louisville Public Library. They tried to public shame him into donating the cash to them. He ignored that and gave it to her family. They obviously didn't see these flicks before they tried that move.


Angler 's Ethics


Don't be a litter bug...pick up your trash.  Throw the small one's back give them a chance.  enjoy your man gossip....impart wisdom to other generations about patience and ecology.  You are what you eat!!


I keep reading about dead people


Bill "the cool ghoul" lynch forwarded me an obit on DEVO's original drummer, Alan Meyers. He was a great drummer.
The early live DEVO were kinetic to say the least. Music has deevolved since then.


No more Cinemoi?


Directv dropped Cinemoi.  I guess there weren't enough Franco-angolo philes out their who wanted to watch flicks from the 60's instead of mediums, fat children, and flea trainers.  I'll miss it.  I got to watch "girl of on motorcycle" and "the go between"  I would have watched it more but Jimmy Honeyman stays quite busy.


China town


i could eat Chinese everyday.....I really should so on a Morgan Spurlock style binge to try General Tso at 30 places in 30 days but I'd probably be dead by the end.


Disney after the Atom age


Anyone rate any disney movies after say 1968?  I've been watching "Hercules" with my daughter- early 2000's?  Late 90's?  Animation is great. The song's suck.  Embarassing use of celebrity voice (James Wood's, Danny Deveto, Paul Schaffer !!!!!) like that's really a selling point for us parents.


Dream vegas special


It was Beth Orton and Maria Sharapova...i died with a smile on my face!


Teen tootings


Great Jackson's ghost!!! Miley singing about doing bumps in the bathroom- bieber needing weed instead of starbucks to get thru the day.  All performing seals need their fish. Yet the manufactured outrage is even more ridiculous. Mom and dad are stoned in a lonely town, why the hypocrisy?


Getting more of the picture


Now that You tube can go past 9 minutes,  I've caught up on a lot of cool rock and roll T.V. and movies that otherwise would go unseen ( good reference for this- the recent ish MOJO with Dylan on the cover).  Eat the Document was mercifully t.v. special length- i can't image sitting thru 4 hours of Renaldo And Clara.  Maybe Scorsese could make a good movie out of that footage but not Bob.

 Stones at the Marquee 1971. The farewell to England pre Exile. Sticky Fingers still sticky  (a must see).  Bryan Ferry Tokyo 1977 (jerry hall must have been getting sticky with Mick by this point). Chris Spedding's guitar playing is AMAZING.

Concert for Kampuchea is next in the cue- hope it will stream well




Watching the Sharapova/Williams French Open Final, I'm amazed at the emotion that Maria S. takes us thru in a match and how nuanced Serena plays it now ( where she and Venus the first yellers?) Maria is kinda of like the Bernie Kosar of tennis with the awkwardness making the majesty even more impressive.  Men's tennis isn't half as interesting.


Rock and Roll Heaven is getting full


As the boomers lead the geriatric boom, rock and roll heaven (or hell) is loading up with great musicians who are reaching their natural sell by dates. Unlike a few of my friends, i'm don't slavishly follow the Obit's but there were a few i wanted to comment on.


Ray Manzanerek -  Known as keyboard player for the Doors. Terrific player (covered the bass and melody- brought the funk)  and producer (those first 4 X albums). Always came off as pathetic in his building up of the Morrison legend (of course he benefited financially).


Trevor Bolder- Ziggy's bassist with just the beer light to guide him.  His bass lines were common ground for me and my mate Mike Feedback when I was with the BAM BAM CLUB. Listen to JEAN GENIE or look up WIDTH OF a CIRCLE on Youtube.


Andy Johns- Producer/Engineer.   Engineered "Exile on Main Street",  "Zepplin IV",  all the early MOTT, and Television's "Marque Moon" also produced Cinderella (everybody has to eat). His interviews were always informative- unlike Eddie Kramer, never took credit away from the artist to build himself up.

RIP and thanks for the great music.




Finally got to see the entire Morrissey at Wolverhampton gig on You Tube. Sort of like seeing "birth of a nation" essential historical viewing but not necessarily entertaining on it's own merits If you've watched the Hulmerist you know the pandemonium around this show. Free entrance for a "Smiths" reunion without Johnny Marr at the dawn of his solo career.JK Rowling wept at the corner sweet shop.

Vocally, it's impossible due to the stage invasions, though moz clearly feels the love.  Craig Gannon, while looking like Richard Davalos in "East of Eden" fails to keep up on guitar, though his quiff looks the part (Imagine Jason Cebe taking my spot at a Jelly Babies gig and you get the idea).  Mike Joyce fails to play as well as Andrew Pareisi. Andy Rourke is steady as a rock and good humored thorough out.  Why couldn't this have been included with the Viva Hate Reissue?


T.V. is just a bore


T.V. was so boring yesterday, I watched a Bengals/Lions game from 1994 or something like that on NFL Network. Neil O'donnell was quarterbacking the Bengals!!!!


What's that loud interesing sound?


Why Jimmy Honeyman of course!


So Random Vol one


Like Larry King in the Old USA Today, thoughts that i couldn't work into a blog from this week.....I can hear the grass grow.....pass the salt... OASIS "All around the world" is like a four year dressed in it's mum's clothes playing "Hey Jude" poorly but fixed with pro tools. Carrie Underwood replacing Faith Hill for the horrible Sunday night football theme...all shit is mainly brown i guess.....Gordon Ramsay would tell the chef at China Wok in Frankfort "you've lost your passion...when was the last time you did a deep clean?".....can't wait to drive to the Highlands to buy the new Iggy and Stooges so I'm downloading it in the next 20 seconds...F#$k off Jack White -I'm too old to whack off over the deluxe gatefold version just want to hear if James Williamson has the goods.....left to my own devices i search for Joe meek sides on Youtube on a lonely friday night.


liberty Belle and the black diamond express


It's been raining cats and hounds lately and i don't mean rain only. BUT it makes me queue up "Spring Rain" by the Go-betweens from Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express. A lyrically and musically dense album that i first discovered for .25 cents in  bargain bin at a Meijer Food Mart!! The tiny cover caught my eye and knew of Grant Mclennan, so i flipped the coin.  It soon started i upgraded to a CD. I enjoyed for years until i loaned to a girl who lost it!! luckily you can find an Australian import on Amazon that is a two disc edition (Early versions and Radio sessions). Anyway, Youtube "Spring Rain"  you'll love it.



Sex, Drugs, and hash brown casserole


I used to spend many a derby/derby eve under the influence of the 3 listed (alcohol is a drug).  I have many good memories, though the past 4 years or so it's been Kids, Dogs, and Cake! If you've never had a chance to experience Derby City , read Hunter S Thompson's "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved" for a beautiful literary reference. My horse placed.


Injury Time


Cracking a rib has put a real damper in my six string activities. Unlike Robert Fripp (in so many ways), I need to stand when playing electric guitar. So i haven't given my new Jazzmaster the full shakedown cruise. I can play piano with my left hand but the chords that i gravitate to are mournful/funeral in nature. The Kaossilator is great for trance music but i have no drugs to enhance that experience!!!!  The lyrical mind has sprung back to life, which goes to show that like with our senses we can compensate creatively.


If only i could remember your name...


The Rock Autobiography is tricky business.  Memories are often frayed due to years of... well....ROCK.   Bill Wyman is the only guy who kept a journal and it was boring cause he focused on his own sexual exploits rather than what was really going on. With any of these reads we are looking for revelations that intrigue and get us closer to true artistry. They are all ghost written to some degree.  David Dalton and Stephen Davis tend to pull these "recollections" together well.

I recent finished "ROD", the Rod Stewart book.  Not as bad as i thought it would be but the parts that pertain to the golden faces/early solo albums was clearly sourced from his band mates book's "Ronnie" and "All the Rage" by Mac. Rod just can't stop falling in love every couple of years and starting a new he'll need to sing whatever Clive tells him too as long as the Red Hat club is still buying.

I also finished "Waging Heavy Peace" by Neil Young.  I still think "Shakey" is the definitive tome on Neil.  It does seem to be mainly self penned though.  He is far too charitable to Stephen Stills and struggles with letting go of ANYTHING! It does give insight though. His obsessions lead to greatness. The music speaks for itself.


Buffalo Nickels


Thanks to all who have continued to vote for Jimmy Honeyman at the Buffalo Trace Battle of the Bands. It was great winning the prize for top band in February. Winning the grand prize in September would put us in a new tax bracket!!!!  I have a little side group going there called WELLER 107 Antique Road Show for Jimmy Honeyman fan's who love bourbon. Join us if you will.




I decided to participate in Record Store Day this year.  The Big Star Album "Nothing can hurt me" intrigued me.  There is alot of pretentious talk about vinyl these days. I have about a Thousand albums that i collected between 1972 and 1991 thereabouts. Some sound better than CD's , some do not.  I once knew an audiophile (with a $50,000 system room) who claimed that the cartridge gives the record the low end umph.  Howard Stern hilariously skewers his employees show "For What it's worth" where they rave about how great vinyl sounds (but can't tell the difference between the album version and a 12 inch remix).

MP3's actual reawakened my interest in new music. After i'd amassed another large collection of CD's and cassette's, the magic ipod met my needs. The sound trade off is an acceptable one for me.

Anyway...back to record store day. I rolled out to the Great Escape about 7:20am and was 5th in line. These guys were there for Ebay and Mumford and Son's!! Alot of pretentious talk about quality and resale etc. It was the very same Mumford and Son's freak who hesitated for a second and let me spy and grab the only copy of the BIG STAR release (it was going on EBAY for $120 last night).  Pleased as punch at that point. I picked up some cool reissue 45's for my future voiynal jukebox (dream dream dream).  The rolling stones "5x5" with "Empty Heart", Trashmen, The Animals, Bob Dylan etc.  I love vinyl for the ART DIRECTION...each cover a work of art to me. It also slows down your attention span going a side at a time. Something the world needs now (besides love sweet love).


Are those tears are just allergies?


I ended up crying while watching the last episode of "WEEDS"....I'd watched it for about 65 hours in my little house made of ticky tack. It was a good cry. I felt much better after.  I could relate to it's themes of loyalty, dysfunctional love, and driving thru the hurricane of life. You survive and (occasionally) thrive but always lose something along the way. 

Other movies that made me cry:  "Little Women" (trans-generational familial love), "Andre" (about a loyal seal), oh yeah that one with Shirley McLaine and Debra Winger,  "Terms of Endearment??".  Books that made me cry "A farewell to Arms" (doomed loved- cycle of life), "World according to GARP"- (trust is broken-tragedy strikes- all heal together), "Hotel New Hampshire" can't remember why!!

Music rarely moves me to tears, though Ian Hunter's "Michael Piscasso"  did on the day of my grandmothers funeral. It's a beautiful tribute to his friend and my idol Mick Ronson.  Pass the kleenex.



Roger Ebert


I am very saddened to hear of Roger Ebert's passing.  Even when his health was in decline he stayed vital.  His twitter feed was brilliant. Writing "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" would have been enough for immortality.  He was the perfect mix of high and low brow. RIP Roger.


Easter Theater


My Easter weekend's always have a good bit of ritual involved (like Jim Carroll, I am a Catholic boy after all).  I try to watch Bob Hoskins in "The long Good Friday" put's any shitty day i might be having in perspective!  You're never too old for an Easter basket ( or type  II diabetes).  "LIfe of Brian" is always good viewing, to have true faith you gotta have some doubt (I think my older brother said that).  The Movie of "Jesus Christ Superstar" is good if you can catch it.  We used to have that and the "Godspell" soundtrack around the house. I couldn't  dig the "Godspell" christ (too Leo Sayer), Like Dennis Miller, I prefer mine more Barry Gibb.  Patti Smith's "Easter", The Stone Roses " I am the Resurrection", and XTC's "Easter Theater" are all solid musical selections.  After watching Al Pacino in "Phil Spector" i'm going back to mono (but not adding it to my ritual).


The imposters


I saw the movie The Imposter on netflix instant this week. I highly recommended it. Just goes to show if you really want to believe something, you will, even if it doesn't add it up.  Soon after, I watched Foreigner  Behind the Music...Of all the corporate FM payola dominate late 70's band's they at least had a few songs i could enjoy as a guilty pleasure ( Hot blooded- Dirty White Boy). Like their brothers in bland, Styx and Journey, they canned the lead singers (and bassist, drummers, and keyboard players) and clean up on the state fair/casino circuit. They pick slightly less middle age guys to fill the void.  I reckon that their soceer grandma fan's can lie back and almost imagine it's 1978 again. Just don't ask them which album they played on in the morning!!!


cut more bait and switch


Happy St. Patrick's day.....pull up for a stout and a scotch egg. We'll adopt you for this one day. One of my favorite paddy albums is "Fisherman's Blues" recorded by a scotsman in Dublin!!! (Mike Scott and the Waterboys). I have now purchased the original album Three times!!! (vinyl, CD, Collectors edition) and let's not forget the sessions album that came out around 2001.  Those of you who are smart with money (or have no money) can catch up on Spotify. My first taste of the album was a hazy FM signal from WRFL in lexington on US 127. I had to pull over to listen to "we will not be lovers".  To me it's the perfect distillation of non-drunken 80's rock, folk, and celtic leanings ( the pogues had the drunken down.)

These reissues get ridiculous.  I would be happy with a really good box set to  bring it all together once and for all.  Because i've been into songs of guilt, revenge and paranoia lately , i decided to catch up on The Rhino two disc Elvis Costello reissues. These reissues are out of print and some are quite pricey on the grey market. The current Universal reissues have no bonus tracks.  The bonus disc leave off stuff that was on the RYKO DISC reissues. Blimey, who sez the cd is dead??


Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash


Dusted off early for the St. Paddy whack season.  Side one is might near perfect and the reason I celebrate St. Patrick's day. The CD add's Rainy Night in Soho, London Girl, and Body of an American. Matt Dillon was right about something.


Mind Games


Added  to my IPOD collection of basic John Lennon CD's this week with "Mind Games"  (all except "Sometime in New York City). During the house  husband years, most of his albums were hard to get at KITTY HAWK, you had to order them via Phono Log (?).  "Mind Games" was probably the weakest at the time. Now I can detect the influence of T-rex in the return to 50's Rock and Roll boogie and flux fiddlers. My brother once was of the opinion that Wilco's "blue sky blue" copped it's sound from this album and i'm not inclined to disagree.  I enjoyed Boyce and Hart's " I wonder what she's doing tonight" more this week. Progressive Bubble Gum.


You could have been a poet or you could have been a fool


Spent a few days traveling to and hanging out in Washington D.C. this week. I overheard a lot of pretentious conversation this week. Everyone seems to be a "go getter" who think no small measure of themselves (and the value of their tweets and blogs).  God Gawd, the number of people multi-tasking and staying fit. It's down right unhealthy!


February Winners!!!


Congratulations to Me and mine for winning the Buffalo Trace Battle of the Bands for February! It's a long road to September with a lot of ballot stuffing competitors, so do count on us winning the whole thing ( though it maybe astrologically correct). Other bands that i like on there are Black with White Stripes, Sister Midnight, and those Piss Drunk Whiskey kids.


Kinky boots and aging queens


My friend and former drummer, Bill Lynch and I were reminiscing about KINKS experiences past this week.  I think the occasion was Mick Avory's birthday. Don't know how old he Ringo in the Beatles, he's probably the handsome one now!  Lot's of teenage kicks associated with this stuff that shall remain private.

I saw 5 KINKS KONcerts in the 1980's.  Louisville Palace, Louisville Gardens, Rupp Arena (twice), and Riverbend. They were enjoying their arena run on the coattails of Van Halen!!!!  Also saw a Ray Davies Storyteller show in the late 90's.  You could get alot of Kinks Kompilations cheap...Golden Hour was probably my fav in the pre-digital age. An original 60's Kinks album was about 20 minutes long!!

They had a bunch of opening acts...good bad and the ugly. Back then opening was a big way to get exposure cause radio was probably all payola and play list were restricted to alot of Stairway to heaven. Anyone remember the Producers? I barely do. I think Brandt Prewitt tried to claim they were better than the Kinks (he earned a kick in the balls for that). The Romantics (a bit repetitive- not as good as the records), Tommy Shaw-- Styx nuff said, Joan Jett was probably the best (and the last).

If you want a good taste of sixties KINK's, see if you can find Andrew Sandoval's Come to the Sunshine podcast featuring their music. Great stuff. God save the Kinks (and the village green).


the cost of nothing the value of everything


Why would anyone ever pay for anything when it's all for free?  They scoff at my old fashioned ways...paying for downloads, still buying records, subscribing to satellite. I guess it's part of my values...if it means something to me it has to be worth something and I want to OWN IT!  I do listen to a lot of free stuff on You tube, pandora, podcasts...but that's like listening to the radio for me.

I found it sad that Mr. Earxtacy is now a local DJ because of this problem (though he is an excellent jock).  The ability to drunkenly order any CD you want at 2 in the morning and never having to leave the house was compound fracture to the local shops on top of a generation who never bought music (so it's less meaningful to them). It was too little too late when they had to actually be nice to the customers they didn't know from the Back Door!!!  Mr. Timmons himself never came off like that though.

Anyway plant a seed grow a someone's CD today (preferrably mine)


100 thoughts


My IPOD shuffle sends me off on a larry king in USA TODAY style free association...there half been some clever bastards...Where is Roy Wood now?.....You say you don't love me by the Buzzcocks and Save it for later by the English Beat are two of the greatest pop songs about Love ever!!!.......Stranglers Blackand White is a great album you probably don't have........the kids are furry heroine.....The 1981 had one good show!!!....New Barbarians (like birth of a nation- i once spent $100 i didn't have on the bootleg- like ninja's they navigate the line between standing up and falling down of rebel yell and cocaine)....time to right a murder song if i'm gonna be a real folksinger.....James Burton is the bees knees. I need to buy me a real tele.....The strokes (so influential)..time to shower.


At home with my hologram


THE WHO are playing at the local chicken least the "brand" called the WHO (pete townsend and that guy who looks like my great aunt). I love the quadrohphenia LP but need to buy groceries for the next two weeks so going was off the table. I saw the band with Kenney Jones 3 times..twice on the 'Farewell" tour.  Maybe they could stage "Liztomania" in IMAX"..i would go hungry for that.


Buffalo Trace Battle of the Bands


The Buffalo Trace Battle of the Bands is once more upon us.  We have managed runner up the past two years. I have gladly cashed the Musician Friends gift certificate each year ( I'm a gear whore).  You can vote for us once a day. Any help you can give is appreciated!!


Beans and toast


I went to see Morrissey in Columbus Ohio....not a moment too soon as is want to happen in the mid-westery winter ( band sick/dates cancelled). Great show as always...He doesn't need a SMITHS reunion. Their greatest song "how soon is now" was Marr swiping the riff from the Stones version of "Mona". It was the vocal melody that transformed it into the anthem for an awkward age.

The "meat is murder" closer had 'em squirming in the aisles, with the crowd trying to decide whether to puke or run back to the dead end of their middle aged office jobs. The PETA people were there with hand outs "Morrissey and Paul McCartney would want you to read this"- That is actually enough for me to sit down and read the literature. There are lots of good reasons to go veggie but Pamela Anderson's claims of pigs who can play"SCRABBLE" aren't among them. I wonder if the celeb's who are so adamant about avoiding cruelty actually practice that with their fellow human beings on a consistent basis. I'm a people first type of person and that might be the reason to make the switch. Meat, Meat, Meat as a business is probably killing the planet. I'll put that in my Hookah and smoke on it a bit....


Acute schizophrenia reality t.v. blues


Did you watch the Lance Armstrong confession?  I'm  flipping between that and IMPACT wrestling and the wrestling looked more sincere!!!!  I'M convinced that all the Baltimore Ravens are blood doping now (in addition to their other satanic rituals that explain their success).

The bachelor almost lured me in the other night (i love the blog on EW- much better than watching the real thing). But How many contestants going home in ambulance teasers can you have? It's almost as predictable as the helicopter rides and non-weddings. I wisely watched "Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" again more believable than so called reality T.V.....the gettysburg address finally makes sense now that i know it was directed at VAMPIRES!

Finally a shout out to the Cyndi Lauper show...I was lured in by her Louisville episode where she cussed at the Pegasus Parade ( i mean hasn't wanted to!!) A lot of fake drama about vocal warm-ups, cool wall eyed manager, slacker hubby and son.  You need to see the Ron Wood and Cyndi jam at CANNE can make that shit up!!


New Jimmy Honeyman Quartet track streaming now!


Drowned (MLK Dub) is an exclusive mix and preview of the upcoming Gamera e.p. (and limited edition colored vinyl 45). The "quartet" for this session is Denise Martinez, Durant Payne, Jack Skinner,  and Jimzy Honeyman.  Check it out on the audio page or music player. If you want it for your Mp3 player, message us in the In-box.


your right to cast stones


Dear new mutants who are against an assault weapon ban,  I support your right to own and bear shotguns, pistols, mace, samurai swords, rocks (smooth and jagged),  broken glass, a lacerating wit etc et al....a six shooter should be plenty to protect your casa if you are that well trained and practiced at the art of firearms.  Like the right to protest outside abortion clinics, i think that we should show "bowling for columbine" in the lobby while you wait for your concealed carry is an example of free speech and entertaining (except for marylin manson's crotch). Your gun is a "symbol" of free speech and doesn't trump all other freedoms that we enjoy.


Kitsch fritters


Lynn's Paradise is shuttered....all my fellow mutants will have to seek out other dining experiences. I never really liked the joint. It made diner food "kitsch" for all dry and sundry. Buy yourself an IKEA lamp and make your own homemade meat loaf. You'll love yourself more!!!


all the cheese


Spent 7 hours watching football is a sickness. I could have done any number of more productive things. The Pack lost. The defense just didn't have it this year. It was a great season to watch though.  The Niner's looked impressive but probably don't want any of the Seachicken in the NFC championship game.

Changing the subject to pact's with Satan...Manning choked on his 2 million pizza deal (karma chamillion) allowing the thug, Ray Lewis, to claim God was responsible for his teams good Ray,  Art Modell made a pact with the devil (or mayor of baltimore) and your teams success is the sign of a thousand years of darkness. The signs are obviously there. Why else would i root for the broncos. If the Ravens aren't evil.


Best of 2012?


I don't know what to say about music in 2012 that would impress you. I gave up trying to be hip awhile back. So many shitty records that the critics rave about, so little time to hear it all.

Actually have a car with a CD player now ( to replace my 8-track). So i got to rediscover many of my 800 CD's. my IPOD is still central to my music consumption due to my busy double life.

Local music- I really like the band Dr. Vitamin...their CD impressed me mightly.  I tend to ignore the hype about the rest..preferring my evening gown to a morning jacket ( read my theories on quality of music< facial hair!!)

My appreciation for the music of John Cale deepened this year. "Paris 1918" was spun many times, even after i heard that Little Feat was the backing band.

Downloaded the Stones 1975 LA Forum gig off of Google play.  On all these archive concerts, they start slow and pick up steam (like a mighty locomotive) Mick starts out froggy and comes to life mid way thru. Best version of STAR STAR ever.

Steve marriot took over my IPOD shuffle!  I downloaded the new small faces reissues and some humble pie. I finally understand why "Ogden's Nut" is so great.

My friend, Kara, turned me on to Nina Simone... "Nina sings the blues>"

Wolfgang's  vault is still a great source of musical joy for me. $25 to subscribe is a deal.  Great stones, elvis, rockpile, B-52's concerts this year.

I also still dig Andrew Loog Oldham and Drew Carey's shows of Sirius




The regular NFL season is coming to an end. Not a minute too soon i guess. It's been a long losing campaign for my Brownies. Even my 3 year old asked "why do they lose"  There is always next year...always next year.


Kennedy Center Honors


Did you watch the Kennedy Center honor's?  I won't comment on the first 75% of the show though Dustin Hoffman is an American treasure. The Zep tribute for the most part reminded me of a Fire House open audition at the Toy Tiger! Except for Heart and Foo Fighters. Jimmy Page should call up that Taylor Hawkins guy.  Kid Rock and Lenny Kravitz were just bad club rock or worse karaoke ( loved the prez's 'rock" face though). Heart are the best zep impressionist in the biz (was that Billy Squier and the rest of Zebra in the backing band).  Kudos to Jack Black for bringing up the satanic pact..going down to clarksville indeed.


platters of christmas past


My IPOD shuffle gave a blast from Christmas past. The tune in question was "Powderfinger" off of Neil Young "Live Rust"...We blew my brother's tweeter with that one. He was very clever. He'd talk me into asking for something that he wanted to add to his collection. It started when i was 8 with "Sgt. Pepper" then followed with "Every picture tell's a story". I can also remember getting Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle" at some point. Fuzzy memories indeed.


Christmas Treacle


The savvy music marketer has a Christmas PRODUCT!  I reunited the Electric Nipples for just such an occasion, thinking  that my least commerical band doing a Christmas single would leave me Karmaically neutral. Sadly, it's not quite finished. That's what i get for starting it in December!! If only global warming hadn't ruined the mood.

I do try to add to my own collection of Christmas music each year. I finally found a good version of "Backdoor Santa".  Downloaded the Reverend Horton Heat's Christmas Album (he defintely did that to pay his mortgage). The track's I previewed off Paul Carrack's Christmas sucked. Do not buy that one.

Best Christmas Album?  The Beach Boys!  Ringo's isn't bad. I also liked the Fleshtones "Stocking Stuffer" they need and deserve the money!!!


Stoned Again


No...I don't believe that the Stones 50th is the last time (unless Keith or Charlie die suddenly...Mick will live forever and his penis is now larger than Keith's officially). Of course i had to watch. The mix was TERRIBLE.  You got no Ron Wood running cover for Keith who needed about 10 more gigs to warm up. He was almost PBS stars of the Sixties former member of Herman's hermits off at times.

The special guests.... not so special other than Mick Taylor and the Black Keys. It was fun to watch John Mayer lose a cutting contest with Gary Clark Jr. Gaga sang great but was obviously super nervous. Mick claimed that this show was for the fans but how about something other than Greatest hits (blues jams excluded) and Why not have Mick Taylor play on the early 70's stuff?  Complaints aside. I wouldn't have missed it cause "time waits for no one and it won't wait for me"/


Join the mailing list and get free stuff


Drop me an email at and get some free holiday swag! Offer good thru 12/31/12!!


My trousers are flat front only


Every time i visit my mom's, i'm confronted with more ghost of rock and roll past in the form of old music magazines. "Musician" magazine was always my favorite. It struck the right balance of rock and roll promo and practical information about how to do it (which of course was my dream).  "Spin" has not dated well, when you're trying to be too hip, you often get caught believing the fads will define the zeitgeist. "Creem" was always fun but covered too much mainstream for my liking.

in the pre-internet/ easy access to foreign magazines age, "Trouser Press" was the best. Their first record guide is still a must have. I used to get the "news" about acts i was interested in there.  An issue, i looked at yesterday had the KINKS on the cover and featured articles on IAN HUNTER and PETE TOWNSEND (i probably stained my pants on that one!!) It also had "Women in Rock 1980". The great thing about the new wave, was women did have a role other than pin-up or folkie. It's interesting how sexist rock and roll has remained. Though someone like Patti Smith continues to make great music, she wasn't allowed to define the zeitgeist cause most journalist were probably male. It's like TV and Film, A man "ages" into more roles while women have to struggle to get the same opprotunity.  ERA ERA ERA


Second Hand News


I went CD shopping with my son...He has seeking Smashing Pumpkin B-sides (yes, really....i stopped at a walgreens and gave him a quick dna swab over dinner). I ended up picking up a few 90's disc.  These seem to be most plentiful at the used CD stores.  Aging sports fan's cleaning out this basements i guess ( don't forget the songs that made you cry...there probably listening to them online). Anyway GOOD DEALS FOR ME!

The best of the bunch that i picked up was Mick Jagger's "Wandering Spirit" ($5.99)...better than any Stones album since "dirty work". Mick gets the Rick Rubin treatment and comes up with a jamming but lyrical album. I had this on cassette in the 90's and wore it out. It should have inspired Keith to come up with another great album, but he just poured another drink and belched.

I picked up U2's Zooropa  ($4.75)because i love their collaboration with Johnny Cash, "the wanderer" whose protaganist sounds like a cross between Durant and Mike Feedback. underrated

Finally, for $1.99.  Hole's "Live thru this".....much maligned by the press. Hey, if Cobain wrote it as rumored, it's much better than that last Nirvana studio album.

So now you know the price of everything and the value of nothing!


Limey's road tripping


Must be getting restless to get out on tour (though i still have this pesky 3rd album to finish). I watched Billy Connolly's Route 66.  Traveling the Mother Road has long been a dream that i need a little more than 2 weeks vacation to pull off. I'd better get a move on cause there appears to be less to see every year.

So after that,  i gravitated to Steven Fry's America, where he endeavors to hit all 50 states.  I suspected that he would attempt to play Oscar Wilde again and wasn't disappointed.  Oscar Wilde in the west, was the topic of a certain unnamed bass players senior English term paper...something i just happened to be an expert in...( No thanks needed for the diploma, just send $20's!!).

He actually spent a bit more time in our beloved KY than some other places, checking out Keenland and touring Woodford Reserve. The master distiller is easy to take the piss at...he embodies every bad trait of the whiskey/craft beer counniseur with bullshit discussion about "tones and notes", he even claims that his parents worked at Woodford Reserve. the location of Woodford Reserve was indeed a distillery but it was closed for a long time. Brown foreman created the brand and the fake history to sell you a $40 bottle (it is fine drinking though).

I propose to the BBC a Honeyman tour of the MI in a Chevy Chevette!!!


happy thanksgiving ( the ghost of turkey bowls pabst!!)


Happy Thanksgiving all....Hope you are all enjoying it whether it be with others or in solitude. Many of my old traditions have faded. When i was a young kid, I watched the Macy's day parade (not much to do whilst waiting for the grub in those days). We used to have a Turkey Bowl, wind, rain, snow or shine. Side yard football at it's finest. It died out due to infirmities, rehab, and the younger generation's lack of athletic interest.

In later years, it was party time! Whiskey, 3 day games of RISK, other types of bowls (nudge nudge wink wink). Even that's faded due to infirmities, rehab, and lack of athletic interest.

You won't find me shopping, whether i develop a new tradition or not. That's just a spiritual Maliaise...check out "Century of Self" on U tube for the full details.  Give thanks brothers and sisters....we're alive and it can't be bad.


Dust bunnies and mouse tracks


I retrieved my MUSIC MAN 212 HD, from storage yesterday.  The amp i got in lieu of a trip to Europe in High School!! The six string pimps hadn't colonized korea and china to mass produce decent low end gear. There was no middle ground. It was either pro quality or shit!  I ended up with the MUSIC MAN, partly cause Joe Strummer used one, likening it to the classic pre-CBS twin reverb. Steve Jones also used them on the SEX PISTOLS american tour in the movie "DOA"

The big day came with $800 check from my dad in hand (i missed out on the euro trip cause his company was re-organizing and he ended up with a severance after the deadline but still kept his job....incredibly generous).  Archer Prewitt and I auditioned amps at CARLS MUSIC in Lexington on a cold january day ( He showed off his sony walkman that he got for christmas $500!). The Fender Twin sounded like "billy squier" according to prewboy JR. That withering comment struck the decisional balance. When your 16/17 bigger is better in your mind. It's a great amp but one i could rarely turn up without rattling the windows and getting compliants from the neighbors. I decided to lend it to the BLACK and WHITE STRIPES....let them figure it out for themselves.


Fear and Loathing


Heading to the polls soon......It's mean business (so i guess i'll have to listen to "The Firm" later today).  Fear is born of ignorance and darkness...loathing born of too much familiarity. Neither one will make the planet a better place. A vote and a prayer that the world comes to it's senses.


the ghost of Jim Fix


I love that the runners are pissed that the NY marathon was post-poned.  All i can say is WHAAAAAA! Some things take precedence over our ego and "goals". If we put as much energy into the common good....we'd be rocking the dream.


Asia Fantasia


I've always been interested in the group ASIA much like some people enjoy watching crash footage. Four talented musicians who together don't amount to much worth listening to (a prog one hit wonder- "heat of the moment"). ASIA FANTASIA must of been the result of a millionaire who really liked the group cause i'm not sure anyone else was looking for a reunion (though i watched the whole two hour concert on netflix).  Keeping with his Greg lake lite status, john Wetton has thickened but is still a superior singer and bassist, Odd that the King Crimson song they did was Lake's though. Steve Howe:  fabulous guitarist- now looks like the crept keeper! Carl Palmer- keep his shirt on (nuff said). Geoff Downes- wishes he was Trevor Horn and just goes to show that all that fake classical stuff can be played with one hand!  Checking up on John Wetton was the main reason i watched it all. Glad to see he's still around. Maybe he could get with Fripp again- RED is my favorite Crimson.


Back to the Egg


I finally got my vinyl in order (about bloody time). To be fair to myself, i own over 800 albums so that is no small task. Especially since i had some stashed different places. I pulled "Back to Egg" by Wings because it has the 2nd best Denny Laine song "again and again"..."Go Now" is of course the best DL tune. If you believe Tony Visconti's account of hanging out with Denny, He rolls a Jay for every string that he changes. This could be the reason he only had two great tunes!!!

Anyway, "Back to Egg" is underrated (or not rated at all).  Great rockers- melodic ballads- concept shit...what more could one ask for?


All the way from Memphis


I think the fact that i teared up when hearing the story behind "All the Way from Memphis" by Mott the Hoople, in the essential documentary "The Ballad of Mott the Hoople" tells you what a rock and roll sap i am!!!


Guitar Player


I don't always self-identify as a Guitar Player (i usually prefer to view myself as an entertainer).  but when i read "Guitar World"or "Guitar Player" I just want to pick up an axe and strum a few licks.  I doubt i'll ever get burnt out that notion.


Southern nights


Making a brief southern jaunt this weekend. organized in part by my friend the great white lizard. My brain is like a seashell so i need a change of scenery. Thanks to the Dali and the Carnegie library for hosting me. We will see what damage i can do with a smartphone, a guitar, and a case of Yuengling!


Blurred Photo


This weekend saw some significant recording toward the next "Jimmy Honeyman" record. It has it's share of moody acoustic tunes, but also works in some of the middle eastern and blues influences (in other words i'm making a Yardbirds record Ha Ha)  Really though..the version of "Ayazein" that i finished really is my "White Summer". 

My "solo" approach is much more impressionistic. Bang a guitar and vocal down. Set up mic's during playback, run to the keyboard (or Banjo) and strike while the iron's hot. At this point in modern music, you've heard it all before (again). So this one is for me. I'll keep you posted.


Propaganda and popcorn


Or subtitle: Obama 2016: What a load of S#$T!  Have you heard about this OBAMA 2016 flick. I was thumbing thru my movie listings email on my phone when i saw this movie was playing at my local cineplex (not at a tea party rally or Klan meeting). The trailer reminded me of those exploitation movies from the 70's about Nostradamus and the end of the world. They would play for "one week Only" because when the word of mouth got out about how bad they were the theater would be empty during week two.

2016 conjectures that the prez is on some 3rd world manifest destiny that will destroy the free world (slowly). Lots of Pseudo "Evidence".  Now my more conservative acquaintances might argue, "Hey Honeyman, didn't Michael Moore put out Farenheit 911 in an election year?" That is true, but it was based on events that already happened. Even if it was skewed to prove the directors thesis, you could research the events and come to your own conclusions.

I'm ready to get on the FORWARD train, If the prez doesn't stoke the fire of his base soon though, he'll be overseeing elections in foreign countries and working with Habitat for Humanity instead of leading us to the apocalypse.


A good ghost writer makes all the difference


I recently read two Hard rocking biographies; Steven Tyler's "Do the voices in my head bother you?" and Ace Frehley's "No Regrets".  Tyler's benefited from his manic thought process and the talent of David Dalton ( i always enjoy his books...He did Marianne Faithfull's and James Dean: The mutant King). Steven's book is a valuable rock and roll primer, covering why drummers suck, how to get back at scumbag club owners, and addiction to well... EVERYTHING.  Even his enemies he treats with respect which makes him look better.

Ace obviously had to have a ghost writer and it should have been subtitled "and you'd have no regrets too if were drunk all the time". You get a sense that he was just lucky...right place...right time. The only real revelation was the whole band getting crabs from Gene's KISS costume.

So read the Tyler book and skip ACE's


English Breakfast


Having some baked beans on toast for breakfast......stand up wind after lunch. Maybe I should whip out the SPAM too! Probably just mourning my aunt who passed away. She was a native of Nottingham England, who married my uncle when he was stationed there (He was like a southern Michael Caine- dashingly handsome). They came back to live in the states around 1976. It seemed so exotic at the time. As I learned in the "Filth and the Fury" later, living in England really sucked with garbage strikes, power shortages etc etc. Coming to America was a solid call.

It didn't hurt to have an English cousin who had actually seen Mott the Hoople on Top of the Pops....Though I found his love of QUEEN a bit suspect at the time. I really have to blame the Beatles for my anglophillia  but these things certainly fueled it.


The brown M and M's


Pre-season Browns football started last night. I listened  until they took the first team out. If i have insomnia at 2am Sunday morning I might catch the rest. Looks like another heartbreak season ahead...Fujita, Gocong, Richardson and Haden all out for some or all of the season. All our previous #1 picks are causing trouble in Seattle. At least i have the EKU Colonels......Here's hoping they find a way to upset Purdue (and Danny Hopeless)...3 yards and a cloud of dust indeed.


You give geek a bad name


So sad to hear about the shootings in Colorado. Just when it seemed like geekdom was in the ascendancy something like this ruins it for all.  Unstable minds and easy access to weapons are a frightening thing with bad outcomes.  They will of course blame it on the movies, comics  and the "liberal" media.  "Bowling for Columbine" says it all better than i ever could. 


Summer reading program


Summer time! Hope you've had time to read a few books.  My taste tend toward non-fiction, particularly Bio's.  I've actually managed to finish two books this summer. Bob Mould's " See a little light" and Tony Visconti's "Bolan, Bowie, and the Brooklyn boy".

Bob's book was an eye-opening education about indie rock and the gay lifestyle. I never much enjoyed Husker Du but the SUGAR albums where the soundtrack to my early nineties life. 

Visconti's book was more you're standard rock bio. It did reveal Marc Bolan to be a total prick and ingrate which was kinda sad to hear.  Bowie came off as a genius , artist, and a good human being.  Visconti has produced so many of my favorite albums, it was a page turner.

I'll have to let you know about Steven Tyler's "are the voice's in my head bothering you?"   "They call me baba booey" by Gary Dellabate and "X-saves the world".


The Blues had a baby and the bastard couldn't sing


I want to wish the band "Sacre Bleu" a happy 20th birthday. They are Frankfort's only good blues band and should be acknowledged as such. 20 years is a long time for a band with no break-up's. As far as I know, the only thing they ever put out was "Just a taste" but they did not have the great Bob Allen on guitar yet. They have played many a wild show over the years...surely someone has some tapes!!! Please share if you do.


Under-roo confessionals


Whenever they start talking bout Comic Con, I get a little nostalgic though i've never been.  Before I became obsessed with Sex and Rock and Roll, there was COMICS. I would read the blurb's about upcoming comic-con's and dream the 10 year old dream of "if only i could go...."  Now we are surrounded by films in (CGI) many. The geek in me decided to re-watch "The Dark Knight" (still the best in my tired mind) before the new one. Here are the rest of my top ten in (tentative order):

2) Iron Man- Great story-great acting. Could have been #1  if Gwenth Paltrow wasn't in it

3) Superman- Let's not talk about the "donner cut" if you're familiar with that you need to go get laid NOW. It made us all believe a man could fly. Gene Hackman was also great in it.

4) X-men 1st class- As much as i tried to like the 1st 3 X-men, this one captured it best.

5) Batmen Forever- Laugh if you want. Great soundtrack. Val Kilmer could have been the best Bruce/Bat if they gave it a chance.

6)Captain America- So stirring it made me weep at times.

7) Watchmen- K nerds. I know the comic is better but this is a good kinky flick.

8) Daredevil-  Again an unpopular choice, but this was a comic flick that didn't bore us with the drawn out origin. Affleck pulled it off- good supporting cast too

9) Wolverine- This get's in cause Hugh Jackman was about the only reason to watch the earlier x-men movies. It's a solid one

10) Thor- had the potential to be the worst. I've seen it 3 times now and It's still good.


Alright that's my list. I'm gonna go off and do something adult now.


Greetings from the south end


Many thought Jimmy Honeyman went MIA after his last gig and you would be right. JH does not like 100 degree plus temp's.  Actually the Rudyard Kipling is a portal to another dimension....the afterparty was like a Dr. Who episode. I still haven't found Gary "Durant" Payne but like a boomerang he'll be whizzing past my head soon.  I took the opprotunity to "feed my head" which you have to do.  Read Books, no t.v., IPOD on POD fed me mucha country and R&B plus Adam and the Ants! I'm not sure if i'm a cowboy or an indian now


Unshameless self-promotion


I will be making my only summer appearance in Louisville at the Rudyard Kipling this coming Saturday June 30, 2012.  It will be a stripped down show with my faithful man friday, Gary "Durant" Payne on percussion and Harmonica.  We will playing a bunch of new stuff, so I'm very excited.  I'm also glad to announce that my special guest will be Ahel El Nagam (two chicks and an Oud) and Blackberry Jam (urban cowgirls with a sweet tooth).  The show starts at 8 pm. Hawk will be there to collect your $5!!


The laziest Sunbather


If you know me, I'm sure you can't picture me as a sunbather (cadaver more like).  I have gone for a "healthy" look on occasion, meaning a mild amount of sun lounging.  The pool is annoying cause they are playing either DJX or WAMZ.  One of my favorite Sunbathing records was a german import "There are but four small faces"...i can almost smell the lemon juice and hawwiann tropic now!  I opted for the "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" reissue yesterday...sounds terrific to these tired ears (especially the phased drums).  Other albums i enjoy in the summer heat:  The Zombies "Odessey and the Oracle" and Love "Forever Changes:.


Government Cheez-it's


My family are all Cheez it manics now. It used to be it was my snack (low fat-non nutrive). Now 3 boxes a week is not enough. Speaking of which, i saw a benefit flyer for a Government Cheese reunion. I never really liked them back in the day when they were regulars at Tewligan's (maybe it was the WKU connection).  In a way, The georgia satellites ruined it for the cheese and Jason and the scorchers.  There was room for only one kind of roots band like that in the 80's it seemed. Now the room is crowded for us all.


Acid (reflux) alliteration


"Acid Alliteration" is how Mike Love once described the lyrics of "SMILE" the world's greatest teenage symphony for God. I would describe The New Beach Boys disc as "Acid (reflux) alliteration".  Those who check this page know that I dissed the beach boys reunion...the grammies were awkward...the QVC special seemed like a hostage situation. I had planned on skipping the new album til i heard it was being produced by Joe Thomas (no...not the Browns all-pro tackle). He did a great job on Brian Wilson's "Imagination" pro tooling Brian's still melodic scraps into harmonious tuneage.

The new album is actually very good for what it is...Beach Boy albums (except Smile) are mostly terrible lyrically. The melodies make even those sub-par offerings memorable. I still enjoy driving around hearing an unexpected great tune on the radio and i'm sure you do too. "That's why good made the Radio" indeed.


Jimmy Honeyman at the Rud


Check out this great flyer that GEMS HONEYMAN art director, Jane Doe has created for my up coming show at the Rudyard Kipling. This will a unique gig because it will be the first in a long time as just "Jimmy Honeyman".  Durant is confirmed (he has been a part of every JH performance since the start) as are my friends "Ahel El Nagam".  Opening the show will be "Blackberry Jam" (The Sweeney sisters cowgirls get the blues).

I want to take advantage of the acoustics and vibe of the mother lodge to premiere songs from my next Jimmy Honeyman album that i demo'd in the spring and plan on recording over the next 3 months between live dates.



Hayseed communion


Most who have read my blogs before can expect a predictable rant about CMA/CMT/CCC awards show's that suck (IMO). I'm gonna shock ya....the 5 minutes i watched the CMT awards, I enjoyed. Kirsten Bell is hot (not sure why she was there) and Toby Keith is like the Rob Halford of Country Music (so macho it can't be real). I would have loved to have seen a cage wrestling match between the "Pistol Annies" and Lucinda Williams, the dirty white girl, and melissa etherridge...I dreamt as i fell asleep watching!!


Man called Destruction


I was cruising around listening to Alex Chilton's "A Man called destruction" last night. One of those CD's i bought a long time ago, mix taped " What's your sign?" and forgot about. Alex always vexed us by eluding trying to sound like classic Big Star while he lived. Now that he's gone, this R and B infused stuff sounds great to my ears. Now that we'll never get more. We have to appreciate what we have.



Bloody show off


Watching "one night in Dublin" a tribute to Phil Lynott, will give you some perspective on how good a guitarist the late Gary Moore really was, making the case that he was the best in a band that featured some great players. He plays "Jailbreak" by himself while eating a subway double meet sandwich.  He then runs rings around Brian Robertson, Eric Bell and Scott Gorham on their lizzy tunes while sing lead vocals in place of Phil.  Gary Moore kicked ass!!!


River Dancing


Another Abbey Road on the River. They were hinting on their facebook that they might have peaked in the ville. Since I haven't headlined the festival yet, that's doubtful. It's was F#$king hot. I would have bailed if not for my daughter urging it on. Enjoyed Mario Silva and his string quartet and watching the Apple Records documentary. Couldn't understand why the original music showcase was a restricted event. I did try on a Rubber Soul jacket. I might be delusional but I thought i looked spiffy. Otherwise, check out my CIA agent in Cuba look.


What if?? the Criterion Collection version


I always used to enjoy the "What If" title in Marvel Comics where they would re-tell the origin of say the "Fantastic Four" with a different outcome.  I was watching "Paris Texas" and imagining "What if" Wim Wenders had directed Neil Young's "human highway"? Dean Stockwell and Harry Dean Stanton were in both (or am i imagining that? Stockwell was involved in "After the Goldrush")  Wim would have used DEVO in a more atmospheric way too...could have been a classic instead of a cocaine nightmare.


Turn me on Deadman


A friend on FACEBOOK started a thread about "memorial" bands on this memorial day weekend. I think the best punk rock band of dead guys would be Joey Ramone on lead vocals, Johnny Thunders on lead, Fred "sonic" smith on rhythm guitar, Ron asheton on bass (remember Raw Power?) and Jerry Nolan on drums.

Psychedelic hard rock?? John Lennon on vocals, Jimi Hendrix guitar, john entwistle on bass, John Bonham on drums. That would kick ass!

Who do you think would be good?


Shindig #26


Enjoying the latest Shindig! Great Small Faces pic's and story. Shindig! reminds me of when i used to read "Psychotronic" magazine in the day. They made these long lost movies sound better than they actually were. Something's are lost and unknown for good reason. MOJO and UNCUT have probably even had Captain Beefheart of the cover 3 or 4 times by now( see my standing complaints about the beatles, stones, floyd et al).  In my opinion , most singer-songwriter stuff from the 70's was absolutely they're acting like it's godhead (or is that good head). to pad the latest issues. I buy them for the free CD's and the nice pics.



Reality ??


I've hit a (un)reality TV rut....Didn't watch the conclusion of "Wilson Phillips; Still Holding On"..Did Chyna baptise Carnie??? Did the group hold the knife on Billy's vasectomy? Can you earn Capitol One points while doing it? 

I've tried to watch America's Got Talent (AGT) but sadly we don't (have talent that is). Dancing with the Stars???The wide receiver always wins!!! Bachelorette?? It's getting way too Magic Mike...these " bachelors" look like there a bottle of grey goose away from finding their "inner man".  The bachelorette is a pretty and goes to show that love is blind (and deaf and dumb).

Still hanging with Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares cause it's a look in the mirror for me. It's not a reality show anyway.  He's transformed over a 100 failing resturaunts  and not one owner has had a drug problem!!!


That's why god made the radio and satan owns the internet!!


The horrid beach boys reunion rolls on...This time selling a new CD on QVC. I just know the songs have to be awful. Brian looks beached like patty hearst or something sharing the stage again with Mike Love. He isn't even singing. Cashing  in for their heirs...raise the estate tax!!!


politics #@$


Since local news and news channel's give me GERD/anxiety with their hypnotic vertigo spin cycles, I get my info from the NY times, Colbert, The Onion and Rolling Stone!!!  I always intend to read the in-depth puff pieces on Obama so i can convince myself he is the lesser of two evils. I hate to say i read the Gregg Allman excerpt first though, in the recent issue with the prez on the cover (whole lot of dooji going on!)  When i almost convinced myself that it was cool to support Obama again, i read the article about Dodd-Frank in the new issue by Matt Tabbi that basically says that the prez being tough on regulating wall street is still all hots on to nowhere. At least Jann lets contradictory opinions slip in his rag, though musically he's worse than Fox news, championing the same old acts month in month out.




My local hardware store, Moneypenny's is closing for good (boo!) Besides having a great James Bond name, they had had a Q like ability to tell you what you needed to fix your home problem and do so in like 5 minutes! While i've spent plenty there, they can't compete with Walmart down the street. That really sucks!


Avengers IMO


I know your not waiting to see what I thought about the Avengers but Old Friends always ask me my opinion on the comic book movies (i read enough of the damned things when i was a kid) so here goes....short and sweet.  I thought it was a little long.  1hour 50 would have been better...3- d made it worse. Joss Whedon is way over-rated by the Fan boys..Faverou would have done better. He did manage to make the Hulk a viable character at last though. Too many characters for an origin (the original only 5 on the team and ant man and wasp really only make 4- cap would have been better in a sequel). The real actors shone in this flick (ruffalo, downey, johansson) while the pretty muscle boys were a bit 2-D in their armor and spanX. Janie gave it a C+...i say B..maybe a B plus if i could have seen it in 2D.  I will probably go see it again that away.. anyone up for a trip to Georgetown drive-in?


Graham Parker Bootleg Box vol 2


Spent alot of time listening to Graham Parker's Bootleg Box Vol 2 (but only in about 3-6 minute increments-no privacy-thank god for headphone eh?). I had forgotten how good he was...especially when he had the Rumor.  If Van Morrison had written those songs, he never would have left the top of the charts. I hear that he has reunited with the Rumor for an album and a cameo in a movie. I will definitely check it out.


Are you Siri-us?


I already ranted about the douchey Apple "rock god" ad.  I laughed when I heard about someone filing a lawsuit because Siri didn't perform as promised on TV (the kid still sucks at guitar no matter how much money his parents want to give him).  It's amazing how much privacy and civil liberties one will sacrifice for a really crappy star trek communicator experience. A friend of mine was trying to show off Siri's yesterday, It couldn't find tomato soup delivery, Shake rattle and roll, or pot cookies but it did reveal where you could get a BJ in Shively (7th and Hill FYI). So it delivers the sex but no drugs or rock and roll!!! 


Derby Tips


I am a Kentuckian (Proud and kinda tall). I have no betting tips for the Derby other than if it's a Grey horse "box it" (ticket to win place show) or save your money for hot dogs and $7 beers, the track will always come out ahead.

 I will be enjoying a Mint Julep constructed with sugar water, alot of ice, and Old Charter 101. Rather than stand in line for the loo, i'll be at home watching it on t.v. with Donna Brothers and Bob Costas. Read Hunter S Thompson's "the Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved" and skip the mud, and the blood and the beer.


Jimmy Honeyman wins Buffalo Trace Battle of The Bands for April 2012


We won the Buffalo Trace Battle of the Bands for April 2012!! It was a tight race but we vanquished astar place riot who look like they've never even seen a riot on CNN. I don't look for us to win the whole shebang since some of these acts are more dedicated than the State of Florida board of elections at their 'job" of balloting, but we do get some more gear for the Honeyman House of Hits.


Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll


I must admit some trepidation about actually watching the Ian Dury biopic "Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll". The quality of the acting helped it rise above TV movie of the week fare. Kudos to Golem (Andy Serkis) for channeling Ian Dury!


Bean soup baby


Still "holding on" with the Wilson Phillips "reality" show. For those non-musos, you learn that every band always wants a better drummer. We'd probably want to get rid of John Bonham for playing too loud if he was alive!

Evidently, Carnie farts alot on stage. I had a similar problem in EARDAMAGE, when Brandt was on the  turkey loaf and organic bread regime. Wendy and Chyna do a lot of waiting around for Carnie to show for rehearsal (she never does)......I too have had this experience ( which is why I'm now a solo artist). No sexy stockings but alot of praising god...another good episode.


Jelly Redux


I have been hinting about a reissue of the Jellybabies 12 + 1, with the Sugar Delights E.P.  added on, for sometime. Rob Magallon remastered the album, after we finished "Beggars Bathroom".   The main hold up has been the art work. The original handcut Archer Prewitt cover was specifically for the Audio Cassette. We can no longer find the press picks for the line up that recorded the original album!!  So in Moz like fashion, you will likely get  a cover of the final version of the band (with 3/4 of the Jimmy Honeyman Quartet).  It will be available soon as a download only release. I am compiling a handmade deluxe version that we will sell at shows and on this site, with a bonus live disc.  I am posting "Waiting by the Phone" on the audio page. It will not be on the reissue for a host of reasons (mainly oneriness) Download whilst you can.


Dick Clark


Heard Dick Clark passed away. Dick will always have an * next to his name as a rock legend cause he weaseled out of the payola scandal (taking the cash and leaving Alan Freed in the shit)  American Bandstand wasn't much but it was about the only outlet I had for rock groups miming badly to records pre-MTV. The best was PIL doing Poptones......It was wild but no longer on youtube (Dick saw to that too)





I caught "Wilson Phillips: Still Holding on" the other night.  I have never had any interest in Wilson Phillips other than fascination at how f#$ked you might turn out if your dad spent 6 years in bed and blared "Be my Baby" every morning (seems like they did great considering). No...what kept me watching was Chyna's wacky hats and stockings! She would turn up for rehearsals looking hot (i guess she needs to establish for the camera's that she's the Alpha). Wendy has the slow burn resentment of an ACOA, particularly when Carnie KNOWS that she will never recover from the stomach staple in time for the BIG COMEBACK gig. To add to the drama, Carnie thinks she will die (though she's had the surgery before) and Billy Baldwin, doesn't want a doctor poking at his junk (hint to all ladies, including chyna, Balwin's don't do vasectomies). Can't wait til next week!!! 


Ordinary Boys


While previously a fan of Morrissey reissues, I will not be buying the new "Viva Hate".  No rare tracks, in fact he even replaced "Ordinary Boys" with a demo of an inferior songs. He even changed he packaging to include photo's five years after the album came out!!! He would have been a good stalinist. Missed his calling. Check out the audio page for my solo rendition of "Ordinary Boys" from my Paris gig last year.


Never been in a riot


One of my former musical associates recently announced to me that he was forming a "punk rock" band. To which i replied like many of you did to my Tom Jones blog "Why?"  He said cause he wanted to play "loud and fast" and that he didn't care about what poseurs think (probably referring to your humble author!)

Labelling one's music is always problematic but a necessary evil, you have to give people a point of reference. i find it slightly offensive for middle aged suburbanites to characterize their music as Punk. Punk Rock to me is music for the young and is defintely an aesthetic life philosophy (one my friend didn't make when he was younger- he chose a cover band gig over an audition /showcase for a record company!!).  In America, Punk Rock was kinda like a musical civil rights movement, making way for independence and DIY ( all those guys who want to be the next john mayer and have their songs placed on a CW soundtrack owe it to Black Flag). My favorite "Punk" band, the Clash were definitely Posuers, they sold us the image of the last gang in town, while being on the major label teat and led by the son of a diplomat!! They were appropriately skewered by their contemporaries, The Mekons, with "Never  Been in a Riot".  Ultimately, they inadvertently made fools of themselves when they kicked out Mick Jones and tried to be "Dirty Punks". It took Joe Strummer about 15 years of penance to rectify that sin!

Anyhoo, good luck to my friend. May he thrash the night away. You gotta do what you want in life while you can. I'll save the punk rock stuff for the next generation Honeyman. I think my twelve year old daughter is ready!!!


The New Album


I may have mentioned that I'm working on the third Jimmy Honeyman Album. This will be the first one recorded at the Honeyman House of Hits. I am no Rob Magallon when it comes to engineering but I'm starting to gain some confidence learning the trade. Thanks to Jack Skinner for lending me additional percussion and mics. We have worked on about 10 songs so far ( about 30 to choose from). We are pulling out all the stops with our gibson, fender, vox, and marshall toys to counter the necessary digital evils. I am also working on producing a new artist that will make you forget about ADELE (does she have nekkid pics of Jann Wenner or something? Rolling Stone is always raving about her). As always PEACE and LOVE


Double Cheese Royale


Tom Jones has been on my mind (i here you asking yourself WHY????)  Mainly cause I found "This is Tom Jones" on the bargain DVD rack. I always loved the hysteria in his voice. Archer Prewitt hipped me to the campy joy of "What's new Pussycat" hairdresser when i was a teenager LOVVEED him. His persona of hyper-masculinity has always been a joke but the voice is for real.

I once saw him in Vegas and James Brown plus 20 was in the audience (They came a little late but Tom was cool about it). Dig his new jam with Jack White as you toss your depends at the stage! 


Riffin with a mountain


Watched Leslie West' "PHAT ASS" Guitar video last night. These are usually a mixed bag. Great players are rarely good teachers. Mick Taylor's hot licks being one of the sadder examples. Why should you care about Leslie West?  His work with Mountain greatly influenced both Pete Townsend and Mott the Hoople.

I always argue with my guitar mate, Ronnie Doo Wop, that the tone is in the Fingers (he being a gear obsessive). Leslie is a great example of that. Though apparently enamored with the late eighties, straight to video sex/horror film chorused distorted amp sound, His "fingers" are amazing and make him sound like Leslie West (through an outer space wind tunnel). You can watch that DVD and learn about vibrato but you will never sound just like him. Leslie claims Fender's are 'For Cars" but he would sound better playing thru one these days!  Check out the Analog legend of Mr. West. Thank god for you tube.




I've greatly enjoyed Sam Kinson week on Howard 100. I didn't realize he was such a frequent guest on the Stern Show. Howard like all of us lived vicariously through Sam.


Got live if you want it babe


Downloaded "Got Live if you want it" and the E.P. of the same name the other night. It was a Stones live album that greatly disappointed when i first picked it up back in the Seventies. Left speaker was all Mick- Right speaker a bunch of screaming and the rest of the band. When I learned that it had been re-balanced by Andrew Loog Oldham in his terrific book "Too Stoned" i had to give it another chance.

The songs that are actually live are great (love the out of tune guitars on "Lady Jane"). I could always enjoy "i'm alright" on side two if i turned the left speaker almost all the way down!


Fisherman's Blues


Ah the day after....spent time feeding my head instead of living in dread yesterday. Listened to some of my celtic/ spring favorites, among those "Fisherman's Blues"  by the Waterboy's , available in yet another edition i learned by searching Spotify (they came out with a sequel CD around 2001 which oddly wasn't included in this version).

I have loved the album since it's initial release, when I first heard the song "Fisherman's Blues" on WRFL (88.1). The signal was so poor in West Frankfort that i literally pulled over because the sound spoke to me. Allegedly, there were mountains of tape. I would gladly wade thru it all like i did with The Monkees "Headquarters" sessions. Mike Scott never came up with anything as good, but this is his moment of greatness.


My Irish cousins


I've added two tasty tracks to the audio takes on "I'm a man you don't meet everyday" and "whiskey in the jar"  I felt compelled to do so since our plans for a St. Paddy's day show were vexed by showbiz shennanigans.  Have a few belts of your favorite beverage, hear my voice in your head and think of me kindly.


Choking on those words I wrote


Recently, I lauded the Morrissey Reissue of "South paw Grammar" as a fan friendly revision of a neglected classic. Moz must have let my praise go to his head, cause just to be contrary , He plans on fucking up "Viva Hate", his debut. It sounded good at first, with Stephen Street on board to remaster. Then the word comes that he was scrapping the iconic cover, deleting "Ordinary Boys" and trimming "Late Night Maudlin Street" and the b-sides would be from "Vauxhall and I"!!!

Elvis Costello and Suede both know how to craft the perfect reissue. Present the original album on One Disc ( remix please). Give us a second disc with period appropriate b-sides, demo's, and live stuff. A free DVD is also nice!! This makes you want to re-purchase it and builds respect for the artistic statement that was the original album good or bad.

So bad on ya Moz...don't make me create a letter's to Morrissey page on this website.


Hindsight is Five foot three


Many have asked me my thoughts about the passing of Davy Jones, since they know that I am a Monkee afficianado (I do own the complete Headquarters sessions and Love all things Monkee). Several friends even took time out of their day to call me! It is always gratifying when those in your life share your passions. Davy...well his existence created David Bowie.. for that alone he should be immortal. He was the shortest Rock icon ( Iggy, Sonny Bono, and Phil Spector are/were short too). He scabbed out and kept recording with Don Kirshcner but dutifully played that Tamborine on every take of HeadQuarters ( and was great in HEAD duking it out with Sonny Liston). Best tracks "Daydream Believer" "she hangs out" "Here comes tomorrow"  A whole generation of women would still gladly give up their sexual treasures to the cute one....i'm not sure how much he exploited that fact over the years but he could have had Marsha  (and probably Mike) Brady in this clip nuff said


Welcome to my Club


Just got my Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson live at Rockplast DVD. Though YouTubed, it is still worth owing. Watching and listening to the majesty of Mick Ronson's lead guitar is my equivalent of examining the dead sea scrolls for new insights into the "bible" of Rock guitar.

The show was in support of the "Welcome to the Club" double live set. Dissed by the critics at the time for being redundant with the Mott selections. For a 15 year old with no cash it was a godsend (especially since i was able to get a "promo" copy for 8 bucks). You have to remember that in that pre-cd- MP3 era, most Mott albums were out of print or hard to find at best, so it was great.


Knowledge is power


I guess you heard that TARGET has you in their cross hairs?  Not too much of a surprize for anyone whose ever tasted an internet "cookie".  What TARGET knows about me....I can't pee or i'm getting ready to stroke out (it's a toss up based on the data).  I use ALOT of "product" on my hair and have frequent "gerd"...Does worrying about how your hair looks give you indigestion? I have a Gassy dog.....I only buy their clothes when they are at least 50%...tight wad! Like's Rolling Stones reissues........... I buy baby wipes but don't buy rubbers...hmmm middle aged guy who doesn't know how to wipe? We'll just sell his info to K-mart.


Blogging in my "underwear"


I love the album "Different Class"  by Pulp. I totally missed it in the Nineties when it came out. I only got interested in Jarvis after seeing his disheveled interview in "Live Forever" and hearing "Baby's coming back to me" on a compilation. It's a great album of sex,drugs and ennui.  If you haven't heard it. You could buy it like i did or Spotify it (Jarvis probably get's a 1/4 cent royalty for each  like the rip-off deals they used to give artist back in the sixities). I'll leave you with "Underwear"..hope it never happens to the object of your desire


Cold Yoga


One thing in life I promise i'll never do is attend a "hot" yoga class.  I hate to be hot or sweaty...period (unless it's by a pool in Vegas..but please no flash photography). I used to do Yoga for a year in my early twenties..i thought i'd meet chicks Heh heh (there where some nice grandmothers in the class)  My interest in Yoga also coincided in a lengthy period of daily dream analysis from my friend and mentor, Lucian Parker.  He helped me figure out that my Warrior pose and the subterrean homesick blues were one and the same for me.

I actually did a Yoga Kids tape this morning...I figured it was a good place to start. Back to the EGG!! If i get back into it, maybe i'll open a cold yoga studio where we don our sweats and enter a meat locker to train (shades of Rocky!!)


Alone in the Wilderness


Started recording the new Jimmy Honeyman CD last Sunday. It felt alot like one of my favorite documentaries, "Alone in the Wilderness" starring Dick Pronnecke.......I was by myself singing, playing, writing and engineering (catching my supper) but documenting the whole bloody thing. Don't worry, I will have others playing on it besides me but that's where I started last week.

Most people know "McCartney" perhaps the greatest one man band album every (Maybe I'm Amazed is the proof).  I also like John Mayall's "the blues alone" an album Kevin Blevins bought for .25 and turned me on to. Pete Townsend's "Scoop" series is great....he didn't need the WHO but he did need that pretty boy Daltrey to be TOMMY. Anyway, it is fun to play everything sometimes but I dig collaboration. Wish me luck on the end result. 


Underworld Awakening 3-D


After a prequel that had the horse faced hottie from "Boston Legal" donning the PVC, We have Underworld Awakening in 3-D with Kate Beckensale back in the black where she belongs. Since her husband is the producer, you get absolutely no naughty bits.  That's ok, no one rocks a catsuit like our Katie. It's a great action flick that makes the best use of 3-D of any of the films i've seen in the format (heads and aorta's roll).  With Stephen Rea as the mad werewolf doc, the series will eventual feature every member of the group "Strange Fruit" from one my favorite movies "Still Crazy".  Worth a Saturday afternoon.


Limited Engagement


I re-posted Live at Willis Music all for parts at the request of the only female WHO fan that I know, Jennifer Miller. One more week to download the show.  The highlights for me were "Never had no one ever" "Carnal Knowledge" acoustic and the ghostly balloon popping on "I could Die"  Thanks again to all at Willis Music who made it a relaxing showcase.


The greatest singer you never heard


Happy Birthday to my old friend (and singer) Brandt Prewitt. He is allegedly 50 years old today but I don't buy it. To me he is timeless. If you never saw him front the Mighty Eardamage, you missed a lot. He was an original and riveting frontman. Sure his brother Archer gets the acclaim but for the Prewboy, life is his canvas and he's no sof' boy. If you go to the audio page hear him rock out "she cracked" and wish you owned a time machine.




The new Iphone commercial annoys the crap out of me.......the teenager with bieber hair cut talking to Siri to help him get the chords for "London Calling" and schedule practice and trademark his band name. Much like the Douche brit guy in the Lenovo commericial, It reduces the joy of rock and roll it a shallow product placement. it makes me want to puke and borrow my daddies cue and make a living out of playing pool. 


Southpaw Grammar


The Morrissey CD "Southpaw Grammar" reissue is being deleted from the BMG catalog. In the old days, if a album or CD was deleted from the catalog you were up shit creek if you wanted to get a's probably all on Youtube. With repressed memories being what they are, I have a strange soft spot for the album. It was hard to love when it first came out: Horrible cover, bookended by two ten minute songs, a song called "Dagenham Dave" that wasn't a Stranglers cover, another song that had a 5 minute drum intro.  It had balls, that's for sure. I was awaiting the arrival on my first sprout and would huff on an exercise bike as i tried to get my head around it everyday. If you love an artist, that's what you do with a new album, especially if you don't " get it immediately"

The reissue fixed it all brilliantly, Great Cover of Moz (the way it should be. Re-ordering the tracks, adding the great b-sides (always a Smiths/Morrissey strength) and unheard songs that fleshed it all out. You could love the "Southpaw Grammar" reissue without even trying......So get it before it's gone.



Starlog 2012


Good times last night at the Rudyard Kipling...the Rite Aid across the street doesn't sell Jinro so i had to make due with Menthol cigs and Wild Turkey 101.  It was an older crew out to support the Rud last night but they seemed to dig our folkabilly groove. Support the Rudyard Kipling. The food is good and you will never find a more welcoming manager or patron of the arts than Ken.


Coughing to "My Generation"


Seems like when ever i get a protracted viral infection that keeps up pacing the floor in the wee hours(  happens about every 9 or 10 years). I ended up watching "WHO" documentaries. The last time it was "The Who: 30 years of Maximum R&B) The other night I was up watching "Amazing Journey" the story of the WHO on Netflix.

I came to the conclusion that I still view them as a great band but but not suitable for women or children. Way too violent and adolescent. I have never met one female WHO fan. You can't really shag to their music. It is purely a (warped)male experience but unlike most metal, an intellectual and arty aloofness makes it for more aesthetic misanthropes.

"Amazing Journey" ends with a clip of the remaining band cutting "Real Good Looking Boy", a beautiful song. Greg Lake plays bass...The Ox replaced by the Whale..hehe


Space 1999


While colonizing the moon sounds like a fun idea (particularly for those who plan on destroying our current ecosystem in the next 50 years). I think Newt G has bumped his head and thinks he's Martin Landau from "Space 1999" or maybe all the republican candidates are just decepticons........................


Dollar Tree Book Club


I Finally finished Richard Kelly's Sean Penn Bio....It was a good read that I started in 2008 and kinda of misplaced. It was loaned to me by Jack Skinner from the Dollar Tree Book of the month club (you can find some good un's every now and again. They always have Fiddle Faddle.)  I actually like the idea of Sean Penn more than I like the execution. Cool link to the Hollywood of old and the James Dean/ Marlon Brando school of method acting ...friend to Bukowski. Maybe I'll change my tune after I watch some of his movies again. COLORS is setting on my coffee table, so I'll let you know.


Yes, I am an Elitest and you sir are a hoople head!


It's hard to imagine that South Carolina Republicians felt they had to pick Newt Ginrich in their fear of a black planet. It's such an interesting reframe for a guy who gets paid millions to "speak" for corporate events calling journalist who call him on his hypocritical nature "Elitist".  I'm cool with being an elitist if that's the definition...Colbert for President!


Picture Book


If you like totally random photography and thoughts then you need to click the Twitter button to your left. That's where I posted that kinda of stuff.


baby even the losers


Buffalo Trace is back to having their Battle of Bands again. Once again The Voodoo Cowboys are engaged in egregious ballot stuffing. If you are a Honeyman fan and want a free download of my version of "Wheatfield" with Diamond Bill Lynch and Ronnie Doo Wop, go over and check it out. Make sure you register and VOTE. Give some love to our fellow losers too!


simon and garfunkeling


I've been enjoying the Simon and Garfunkel channel on my sirius internet radio. Art Garfunkel sings so well that he is cool despite really looking like Bozo the Clown. The man has a gift. As Jemaine learned this one time architecture student is a total chick magnet cause he had the greatest voice in the greatest duo ever.


Spotifying some Johnny Thunders


Finally checked out Spotify last night. Now the average joe will never buy another Cd! Thanks a lot F@#kers! They have just about any Johnny Thunders Album you would need to check out. JT is probably about the most bootlegged guy out there, and if he wasn't you would have missed alot . I would start with the few legit releases "L.A.M.F",  "So Alone" and  "Hurt me".  Then go to "Too much Junkie business"  "Gang War" and "Sticks and Stones" which has his last demos and final Dolls jam.  Now Johnny wasn't on the Rolling Stone list of 100 greatest guitarist but that should stop you from checking him out (Esteban isn't on there either or Ronnie Doo Wop).


Bronco busting for Jesus


Two teams who i absolutely hate play for the joy (mine) of eliminating each other in the NFL play-offs. I have nothing against Tim Tebow and his love for the J-man (i share it but i also know he doesn't play favorites like that). I just delight at any embarassment John Elway may have to endure for being "wrong" when they lose. The NFL also has no shame in the marketing department either. The Devil, however,  does play favorites...he will offer you success for your immortal soul, so that's why the date-raping, drunk driving, dirty hitting, towel waving steelers will advance and possibly even return to the super bowl.


MOVE It MOVE it and show us your lettuce


THE MOVE anthology is an inspiration to me. Roy Wood is so incredibly under-rated as an artiste! Dig it and show us your lettuce.


OWNing my S&*t


I rarely get interested in Oprah Winfrey and her comings and goings but I saw a teaser that she would be interviewing Sean Penn in Haiti. I made a mental note to tune in because i thought i might catch a glimpse of my friend Tom Reiss, who is hanging out with Sean at the Port Charles Starbucks revising a few poems. It was a tease cause Oprah goes in depth now (Sean might be on next week??). It was 2 hours with Steven Tyler. I actually like Steven despite his "Idol" involvements. He and "O" traded alot of 12 step jargon and discussion of forgiveness( being a grudge holder i had to laugh). "O' took it to the bridge and dived in the water when she gave him the Maya Angelou "you do better, when you know better"  Now that is a load of s#$t.  We are a nation of people who know better but carry on doing the same crap over and over (like watching Oprah).


seasonal pissings


Another Browns season comes to an end. I can store the crappy brown and orange gear and get into more productive things for at least 4 hours a week. There were maddening glimmers of hope and many dropped balls. If you need ask why i bother, check out Terry Pluto's "Things I've learned from watching the Browns" It has nothing to do with rational thought and everything to do with familial love and loyalty. At least the Packers are looking good heading into the playoffs.


hand me my walking stick and another meat suit


Another year come and gone.  Another new years rocking eve with Dick Clark. He keeps insisting on doing the countdown (stroke or no stroke) while the evil Ryan Seacrest cashed another paycheck. Jenny McCarthy appears to be morphing into Sharon Stone without the crotch shots. Lady GaGa was the reason Amerika tuned in of course. It was defintely the weakest performance i ever saw her give unless she was doing a piss-take on Liza Minelli in "New York New York", with the horrible dancing and especially when she was babbling about "if you can make can make anywhere". If that was the case, it was perfect!!!


Lord don't let me slow down


I watched The OASIS documentary "lord don't let me slow down" today....kinda boring except for a great version of "Rock and Roll Star" (and the terrific title tune). I like those guys better in black and white though.  They took the Beatle's fixation a bit too far with Ringo's son on drums and a George Harrison look alike on keyboards! It was almost like an episode of the Beatles cartoon come to life!!


Trapped under Coffee table books


I like Coffee Table books.....they are a bitch though since I don't have a coffee table to display them  on(get enough and you can build a tower). I received "David Bowie" by Jeff Hudson for Christmas...they took a bunch of Getty Images and added some fairly accurate text. If you want something more authoritative biographically i'd suggest any the of the Dave Thompson books.

I've also enjoyed "Born Modern: The life and design of Alvin Lustig".....what a genius!!!  A truly amazing example of art in all aspects of life from motel signs to book covers. You can't do that stuff with paint shop (at least i can't).


Boxing Day


Rolling to the end of the four day weekend with Boxing America it's rape and pillage the mall day but i'm too evolved for all that.  I tried to watch "Magical Mystery Tour" but even in color the movie still sucks. Don't believe McCartney when he says that this influenced Spielberg (paul did smoke a lot of pot and we all create our own reality). The soundtrack is great stereo or mono.

You have to enjoy "Boxing Day" by Elvis Costello and the Attractions with the TKO's almost a new years day style statement of intent. One which i intend to heed.


My frenz


On Twitter my followers are zombies, pin-ups, browns fan (who can resemble zombies), cineaste's and Jennifer Miller!




Nice article about the 50 greatest bootlegs in Uncut. Of course, SMILE was #1...and now available legit for a very affordable $25. Oh the money i wasted pre -internet on tape trading cassettes and VHS tapes. It's what you do if your a fan...ya gotta have it all. Course now days every releases every fart and burp as it happens. Not so special if it's easy to get. I enjoyed this recording of Led Zepplin rehearsing for O2....Plant is a bit shaky at first but gets in the groove. Proof that Page's deal with the devil to the be the greatest rock guitarist hasn't quite expired as many had thought (including me).



Jimmy Honeyman on Twitter


You may have noticed the new button on the left hand corner..yes I'm now on Twitter (and I don't care). By that I mean that i'd held off on Twitter but listened to enough conversation about it on HOWARD STERN to check it out (at the very least there is the occasional naked pic of Adrianne Curry).  I don't care if i develop a large following. I have enjoyed "tweeting" because unlike my facebook post's where people can stalk ya night and day and the page is connected to my alter ego. I'm free to say whatever. So I can be much less cryptic (though i will always be obscure).Hopefully, my tweets will make as much sense as Bernie Kosar's (i've had fewer head injuries).


A December to Remember


The title of this blog was stolen from an ECW pay per view if that gives you any clues to the composition of my psyche!

As mentioned on the home page. No live dates this month. The festivus show was fun last year but the dates didn't work out for a return. It'll just give us more grievances to air next year. Collecting songs ideas and prospective tunes for the next CD. It will probably be more acoustically based like the first album but these things have a way of changing once you enter the studio.

I added some new audio from Live at Willis Music.  If you are downloading. I plan on continuing to be up new content about every two weeks. My friend, Mr. Lynch, keeps asking for the Honeyman Family Christmas album.....maybe next year.

Til then...happy DUI's people!


"East Side Story"


Downloaded "East Side Story" by Squeeze today.  While my son gives me much flack about consuming music on my phone, i get a lot of joy pretending that i'm eight years old listening to "Live and Let Die" on the Willard's picnic table!! "East Side Story" was the one with "Tempted" of course and produced by Elvis Costello. It's very much a bourbon drinkers psychedelicate album......great lyrics and arrangements all around. I'd never listened to my vinyl copy with head phones so i missed some cool touches first time around. Well done lads...Attended at least 3 squeeze concerts in my day. All good.


Thanka Thanka Thanka


Thanksgiving morn kids......what am I Thankful for?

1. hearth and home

2. Not being hung over despite drinking heavily last night

3. Newcastle Ale in the fridge keg

4. Blue eyes

5. You's the one thing on the internet i love above all else because i love Rock and Roll and it is as much a visual medium as a musical one.....bring me your tired, your hungry, your swedish television clips from 1983

6. Glad that we got "Beggars Bathroom" out to the world this year...hopefully the world will take what they need and leave the rest.

7.  the bliss of grey skies

8. My dog Winston

9. Suede reissues

10.  My White Les Paul





I went out and bought the two disc version of SMILE yesterday.  The only reason i didn't get it the day it came out is that I've been obsessed with collecting parts of it since 1992, so there is nothing new for me to discover.  I've spent a couple of hundred bucks at least on reissues, boxsets, and bootlegs to obtain the pieces to make my own SMILE collages over the years. Plus, I hate the idea that Mike Love may profit in some way.

It is a collage basically......trippy bits of music and melody strung together. If you've heard "Brian Wilson presents SMILE" you hear the way Brian Wilson meant it to go. I always liked to hear the "Elements" suite early in my track list. The original is better simply because of Brian and Carl Wilson's vocals. It's not at the beach's on the beach on the lonely pacific coast highway down to mexico soundtrack to my head stuffing.





Louch Listening


Stuff i listened to this past weekend: "Station to station" David Bowie, "She hangs brightly" Mazzy Star, "Titantic Days" Kirsty MacColl, "Lucky Old Sun" Brian Wilson, and "This charming man" a high quality bootleg from Morrissey's "Years of Refusal" tour


Get Back Jack


I finally got to see a movie that I've waited for years to check out "Billy Jack Goes to Washington".  In the interest of full disclosure, "Billy Jack" was the first PG movie I ever saw without parental guidance in a theater (Mom where were you? Call CPS!! It was probably my pa's doing anyway). It's a movie that is well etched in my brain for sure. Unlike "The Day the Clown Cried" you can see it (I watched it on Showtime Extreme).

Anyway, In the days of yore, when "Billy Jack Goes to Washington" came out, it DID NOT play at the Capitol theater, Brighton Park,or Franklin Square.  The critics hated it. Tom Laughlin did not make sexiest man alive in PEOPLE magazine in 1977 (it's was Parker Stevenson). The catholic church put it on the banned list which made me want to see it (they also banned "Bambi" for portraying mothers in a power position).

In the cold light of the occupation nation and (the lipton) tea party, it really has a stunning message about corporate greed and media manipulation that was too hot to handle at the time (maybe even today...look at the shit Michael Moore gets). It's also very poorly acted and paced, though still entertaining. Hopefully, I can find a deluxe edition somewhere. Here's the trailer


Dude Ranch


God I hate the country music awards!!! You can read the archives on Myspace for my previous rantings.  For the sake of my blood pressure i only caught about 15 minutes of it. Country music has always been known for bad taste. Remember Porter Wagoner and his suit of lights. Even Gram Parsons looked like a clown in his qualude nudie suits.


It's all like a bad vegas review or an episode of Solid Gold. The network wisely always flashes to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban for the reaction to each act (she was in Stepford Wifes she can pull it off). The way that they treat Taylor Swift like a major talent always cracks me up. Her songs are aimed at the 13 year old demo (which is most modern country fan's mentally) and they eat up the creepy women child persona.  I would be suprize if we find out some day that she's a 40 year russian like in that movie "The Orphan" Gotta go. Jimmy says don't check it out.




Ear Waxing


Sad to see that Ear-X-Tacy  finally lost it's long battle with the economic cancer that is change. I have always loved a good record shop but even i had been estranged from the institution for the better part of a decade. My ex-fiancee had ties to some of the staff and it made it awkward for me to go in and browse (ya know how you split friends up in a break-up sometimes). The movie "High Fidelity" captured well the musical snobbery that took place when it was in it's hey day.

My last few visits were weird. The staff obviously had orders to be friendly and helpful and it just wasn't the same. I learned a few years ago that the gratification was much more immediate to download or mail order something with my busy obligation filled life. I did find a CRAMPS live DVD that I didn't know existed. I also picked up The Yardbirds "little games" in mono. I will miss the Ear for better or worse. Hope Underground Sounds is still there.


Weekend playlist November 4-6


Things I've listened to this weekend............Billy Bragg "don't try this at home";  Patti Smith "outside society" cause people have the power to stay out all night; Tom Waits "Orphans" the Brawlers disc...better lie to me baby!; and "Abbey Road" by the Beatles....She's SO.....HEAVYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


GOP's burning dial 999


I have to admit not watching one GOP debate...any animal that eats it's own shit is probably headed for extinction and I want nothing to do with that. They say Herman Cain is the man this week with his 999 "cause it's easy to grasp"  In England 999 is like 911 right?  There was a punk band of the same name. The White Albino Lizard has his own 999 "9 women, 9 days, 9 different albi's". The clips that they play of Mr. Cain make him sound somewhat inarticulate...sort of the anti-obama. I think America deserves something in-between simplistic rhetoric and eye glazing minutiae....both are designed to keep us in the dark about what's really going on.






Pikes Peak


Had the chance to revisit Old Frankfort Pike, a haunt from my misspent youth. yesterday.  It was largely unchanged, except I wasn't in the passenger seat of a VW Beetle hurtling thru the air at 120 miles an hour checking songwriting credits on a Vinyl album (that's still alot easier than reading CD liner notes at any speed).  The Autumn leaves....gorgeous


Parenting 101


After almost a year of resistance, I read Keith Richards "Life". The reason I resisted was more for Adult Children of Alcoholic reasons (ala-non). I just thought that the autobiography of any 50plus year substance user had to be off the mark. I love Keith though. I have to say I've heard all the good stories before.  He does manage to give Mick many compliments to counter the put downs and insecurities.

I think the book should be remarketed for paperback as a parenting manual. I learned many valuable tips.  If your prone to nodding off at the wheel, buy a Mercedes. Not only will your kids survive the crash but they'll have a great art project to show off with the bloody dashboard.  Room service can be nutritious for an unattended child, particularly if you never teach them to order a Hamburger (Jagger is to blame once again for teaching Keith's kid about red meat).  He should also expand the chapters on grandparenting and Rum!

Other random impressions...."bridges to Babylon" was a great album you should check it out. Almost as good is Jagger's "Wandering Spirit" similar to "Voooo Lounge" for eclectic styles  but a better album.


Another lost weekend


Thanks to all who attended the CD release party at the Rudyard Kipling.  We gave it our all.  If you were invited, missed it and weren't in the hospital, don't expect a Christmas card from Gems Honeyman Enterprises. Jane Doe was there to reprise her role as Jelly Babies Singer for one night only.  Overall, a great weekend. 3-0 football wise. No hangovers and lots of love.




Jimmy Honeyman


Emerson Lake and Doughnuts


I caught a little bit of ELP in 2010. They were always dissed for their bad taste and now I see why.  Greg Lake looks like he believes in Father Biscuit, Keith Emerson herniates a disc, and Carl Palmer does a great solo for a geriatic except when he flaunts the man tits. Check it out.



Songs that Archer Prewitt taught me


The first person to hold sway over me music-wise, was my big brother. He taught me my beatles and stones though we couldn't get it off on that revolution stuff.  My buddy Ted was the 2nd big influence, he was on a constant search for something new and was willing to stay up past 11 pm to find it!  He turned me on to Elvis Costello, The Records, Gram Parsons, The stooges...the list is endless.

This brings me to Archer Prewitt. Why does he get his own paragraph?  Mainly cause I got myself a CD copy of "Hatful of Hollow" today and it made me think of him. In those pre-internet days, he was kinda like a sailor who docked occasionally in the river town of Frankfort and brought back exotic things from his travels. Riding around in his Volvo wagon (didn't have a car so i was glad to be rolling around with anybody), he had cassettes of David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" and Simon and Garfunkel "the sounds of silence."  More importantly, his dad had 8 tracks of " Waylon Jennings greatest hits" and  "hot pants" by James Brown.  I will always love him for giving me ziggy, the smiths, Bryan Ferry and roxy music, t-rex, and XTC. I will reveal some of his dirty laundry though. He actually liked Phil Collins and Genesis!!! "in the air tonight" was a great jam at the time.


Viva la France...or polyvu a huma huma