Bryan Ferry Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974

I have a great nostalgic affection for the first two Bryan Ferry Solo albums. "These Foolish Things" and "Another Time, Another Place" are 99 percent covers and stand out because they are so un-Roxy despite utilizing the same drummer!! Bowie famously rushed "Pin Ups" into production and release to one-up "La Ferrai". I found "Another Time" used on import at Cut Corner back in the day and I owed "These Foolish Things" on vinyl and cassette and would listen to it at work in one of my many dingy SCS offices back when I used to make Christmas Cards with the mentally ill. 

I was excited to hear about the archival release of his first solo shows during Roxy's prime. Later on, the line between Bryan and Roxy became very blurred at least sonically speaking. The teasers I heard on Spotify sounded almost too tight and in tune.  The arrangements for this show are incredibly dense and with the magic of Pro Tools are note-perfect which I doubt was the case back in December of 74 based on Roxy concerts of that vintage. The band here is Roxy minus Andy Mackay but with John Porter on guitar. Add the orchestra, backing vocal trio, horn section, two keyboardists and a percussionist and you have almost too much of a good thing. John Wetton's bass playing improves on the recorded versions. Streaming doesn't do it justice. Crank up the JBL'S!!

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