Gaileo's Stars


"Galileo's Stars"

minerva's arm

trapped me under autumn skies

left me in a field of down

Telescopic focus

limited crocus

Jerking back and froth

annuals die

millennials thrive

Wind jive muzak

random and chaotic

actions smote

thoughts robotic

Galileo's stars 

are the same as yours and our's

poison clouds obscure our path

to the heart's desire

Sure footing while moments collapse

ASAP and you will receive

but don't deceive yerself

It's dreaming

It's dreaming

Head in Galileo's stars

Face in my lap

Heart Thumping

Home truths Home truths


Barefoot and Loose


"Barefoot and Loose"

The feast of the weeping beast

lions in winter


the splintered remains

of this toothpick feast

Barefoot and Loose

bring me the head of the truth







Elbows and Boots

Sweater dress smote

I'm doping and doped

by pillbilly racist hopes

Pumolo Pumolo

Your face at Cagney's place





Pumpkin Butter and a can of lard

Breaking this to you might be hard

Blitzer-Blumpkin-and Nod

Blaster Master

a piece for disaster

a steel driver

a hollywood insider

an Ill Communicae'





Only If


"Only If"

Like the fly in yer ointment

The potion in motion

It's a time to be one

and only?

It's a time to be one

One with you

Only if........


Midwest Tour 2015


Midwest tour 2015

Midwest tour

Alms for the poor

I was sore and sour in Cincy

too much beyond your pale and not enough ale

Loving in Indy

cause baby u send me

bend me back to size 

the following day

Chinese take away

it's me that paid

Dug pithy in Pittsburgh

the disconnected fight

I lost you in the snow and traffic lights

Digging in the 

the corn 

and soil

St. Louie sanwich

I took a breather

you took my breath away

 the moon off it's axis

We were never too sure

on the US tour

We smiled-we cried- we laughed and we gaffed

not so sure we ever wanted to come back

Our Autism spoke

Pittsburgh- salad et

Cincy-Blood feast



Sign it (sealed with a kiss)


"Sign it (sealed with a kiss)

Exacerbate by collaboration

fabricate yer wiki wind

Mind it

Mind it

Sign it 

all over again-again

Sign it 

all over again- all over again

A gift


Stone Lips


"Stone Lips"

Gorgon kissed

the furies taste



waste to waste

I could be yours

you could be mine

all mine all mine



Tall Tail heart


"Tall Tail Heart"

Dust her down in her leopard prints

and White Shoulders Scents

A kiss and a kish and

a little bit more

Knocking over plants as i lurch 

toward the door

Tap 3 times

Tap 3 times

Tap 3 times






IS So it IS


"Is so it is"

Affirmation Pale's here at

the very start

Peer pressured support me

All is in my heart

and so it is so it is

It won't be much different than

so it is so it is

Unknown to God...much too private