Show notes for June 21, 2019
1) Summer Romance-  This edition focused more on studio recordings. This version of "Summer Romance" from the eponymous named debut "Jimmyhoneyman" was a rough mix. Sitar, Dobro, and acoustic bass prominent. I sang it better elsewhere, but that's true of most of my studio recordings.
2)She Cracked- Ear damage live at Phoenix Hill 2004? 2005?  A hot gig in the taproom and the audio captured by Bill's video cam. 
3) Psychosis- Blackwithwhitestripes- Nicholas Burch and Erik Meyer. The severed alliance. Very metal
4) O'KY- Archer Prewitt. I don't know what Archer was getting at with this one. He sneaks into KY occasionally but I last saw him at his fathers funeral. He should be a much bigger artist. More deserving of critical love than the Oldhams etc.
5) Tragicomic Life- JellyBabies- We still do it live!! This is the original studio version
6) Too Much Coffee (man)- I love this version because I hear my dad in the audience. A nice memory. Good gig.
7) Gamera- did you see "Godzilla King of the Monsters'? It sucked. This doesn't.
8)Train Kept A Rolling-Ear Damage ED was inspired by the Yardbirds but our version is modeled on Motorhead's which was easier for us to do. I tried to teach Ted the break but he never quite got it. Usually closed our sets/practices.