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Jimmy Honeyman characterizes himself as a Folkabilly artist as much for his impressive head of hair as his unique guitar and vocal styling’s. His roots are Buddy Holly trapped in the echo chamber where they hid Jimmy Hoffa’s body and Beatle Paul is still dead.  When asked why he keeps on keeping on in the music biz, he states  “I’m suffering for my art so my kids won’t have too!”


He has written and recorded three long players:  The JellyBabies "12 +1",  The eponymous debut “Jimmyhoneyman” and “Beggars Bathroom” with the Jimmy Honeyman Quartet. He's also responsible for a smattering of e.p.'s and compilation tracks.


His most recent release is the double A-side HO HO HO WHOA/Batman Pretty Lights available on iTunes and Bandcamp. He is currently finalizing his next project “Instrumental Garage” that focuses on his right hemisphere suburban soundscapes in collaboration with his half-brother Jack Skinner.

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Jimmy Honeyman

Corydon Live!!

All-ages event at Corydon Live! As Brandt Prewitt would say "Can you play 12 string like Segovia? Can you play like Ace Frehley? Drop by and find out!!


Jim Needler's Conspiracy and Guitar Pull #75 Holiday Rent Party

The Bard's Town, 1801 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Kentucky

I will be playing Jim Needler's Conspiracy and Guitar Pull #75 Holiday Rent Party Sunday, December 16th.  This is an early evening all ages show. I hope you will join me in supporting the other Jim and his monthly showcase for the less hip or connected singer-songwriters in 502. Playing with him in March was a catalyst for the return of the Honeyman to the boards!!  


Mellow Matt's Mellowversary

Mellow Matt's Music and More, bowling green, KY

We will kick off the "Instrumental Garage" tour with a show celebrating Mellow Matt's Music and More 5 year anniversary.

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