Who the f are you? 

I was spinning my copy of The Who's "Who Are You" LP. the other day.  I bought this at Kitty Hawk Records as an early Teen. Ted and I would tumble down the side of the mountain to hoof it to the Capital Plaza. We didn't know till later that we would land in the Prewitt's yard on Coleman street.

I remember the chick behind the counter, though I can't recall her name. She seemed so grown up to me wearing her designer jeans and silk blouses. She was "Sister Disco"!! I'd get tongue-tied when she stood next to…

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Dark Shadows 

When I discovered several years back that all 26 seasons of "Dark Shadows" were available for streaming, I made a declarative statement. "If I an ever lose my job, I'll sit at home, grow a beard and watch them all"!!   The pandemic hasn't left me unemployed and health experts (my co-worker) say a beard can catch the virus, but I've still decided to take up "Dark Shadows" in my downtime.

I have an interesting history with "soaps". My first conscious recollection of a boner was watching actors make out on…

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My buddy, Adam Rave, gave me a copy of "University" by Throwing Muses. It was worth the $1 he spent at 1/2 price for "Bright Yellow Gun". It really is a terrific college rock album by any standard.  Good drumming, lots of reverb, lyrics that are buried but draw you in. Honeyman say check it out (again).

210 Juniper Drive 

Easter always makes me think of my next-door neighbor growing up, Mr. Tierney,  He was what you would call a bit of a drinker. I used to hear him yell in his sleep outside my bedroom window about "the japs". On the surface, he seemed to suffer from some WWII PTSD but my dad claimed he never saw combat. Maybe that's why he would pull out his shotgun and aim it at the National Guard copters that regularly flew near our subdivision. 

He would take a bunch of the neighborhood kids to Dairy Queen several nights…

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Hey 19 

I'm viewing the COVID-19 virus like Burroughs Steely Dan and the group Steely Dan pummeling my head on the 1970's airwaves. Both are intrusive, unnecessarily fussy and unwanted!!

All the time at home means more time for archiving. I found a book of poems from my associate and old collaborator, Michael Feedback. I posted one on the Powombs page and intend to put up some of my own older non-digital posey. 

I am really sick of everybody (and i do mean everybody) posting their video performances while in…

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National Cereal Day 

It's National Cereal Day and I'll always think of my old colleague Patrick. He died tragically young at around the age of 24.  He had already overcome a brain tumor when I met him and its return is what ended his life. He was a font of sexual harassment and trivial knowledge. He didn't harass me sexually but he bombarded me with questions.

During our short association, he always gave me lists and wanted to know what would I choose. He was particularly obsessed with Cereal and asked if I ate my milk first or…

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Late Night Moblin Street 

Ever had night terrors? They are truly vivid psychotic episodes that occur between various stages of sleep and wakefulness.  Since I started meditation this year, mine has started to subside.  I've had some sleep disturbance my whole conscious life. Whether it was sleepwalking or talking, or sexual experiences with a succubus, they all put bags under my eyes.

When I used to live at 212 Juniper Drive, I'd leave the Sanyo Stereo set to WKQQ every night. I used to enjoy their block party weekends too. There…

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Diddley Daddy 

I've been reading a book called "sympathy for the drummer", It's an appreciation of the great Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones. There is a section that talks about Bo Diddley and the role of Maracas in his music. The physical demands of playing in time with a set of Maracas etc. My old recording engineer, Rob Magallon, used to shit himself when I'd propose putting some on a 3 minute track. The book challenges you to try playing them for 45 minutes without having a heart attack.

So i tried this at home…

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Love is a concept 

John Lennon once sang "God is a concept by which we measure our pain."  I'd argue that Love is a concept by which many evaluate their success in life. Of course, it is the subject of 90 percent of all songs at least. I might be underestimating that. Since it's Valentine's Day, it got me thinking about albums that's concept seemed to be love, lust, and relationships. All are probably on Spotify or Youtube.

The Proclaimers "Let's Get Married"- A pretty honest look at domestic life from soup to nuts with…

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i remembered to watch a little XFL yesterday. To be honest, I'm pretty burnt out on Football but Jenny Taft does the sideline interviews so there is that.  It's like Rebecca Lowe talking about premier league soccer. She could read the yellow pages and I'd pay attention!!

They have the washed out NFL coaches here too. They actually interview them while the game is going which seems kinda novel but also underscores that these games are no big deal if they have time to do that. Bowling was more exciting. 

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Corydon Live!!

All-ages event at Corydon Live! As Brandt Prewitt would say "Can you play 12 string like Segovia? Can you play like Ace Frehley? Drop by and find out!!


Jim Needler's Conspiracy and Guitar Pull #75 Holiday Rent Party

The Bard's Town, 1801 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Kentucky

I will be playing Jim Needler's Conspiracy and Guitar Pull #75 Holiday Rent Party Sunday, December 16th.  This is an early evening all ages show. I hope you will join me in supporting the other Jim and his monthly showcase for the less hip or connected singer-songwriters in 502. Playing with him in March was a catalyst for the return of the Honeyman to the boards!!  


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We will kick off the "Instrumental Garage" tour with a show celebrating Mellow Matt's Music and More 5 year anniversary.

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