Van Halen 

I will join the chorus of EVH tributes. Though I didn't appreciate him when Van Halen first hit the scene, i came to appreciate the sound he made on the guitar.. I will contend that while an originator, he didn't evolve beyond inspiring Bill and Ted and Steve Vai's excellent adventures. I'm still glad Hawk took me to see them on the last Van Halen Tour with the wretched Sammy Hagar. The unspeakable meets the inedible!  Eddie was always best with Dave (much like how Mick needed Keef). R.I.P.

RSD 2020 part deux 

I had some time to kill between Pie Kitchen and Wine Shopping runs Saturday and remembered that RSD 2020 the 2nd drop had happened. I usually go to the Great Escape after the crowds have dispersed to see what catches my eye. I'm not lining up for an investment as many do to later sell on E-bay. 

They had 5 free .99cent LP no purchase necessary. Let's start there. I picked up two Gene Pitney collections, A Johnny Rivers album with liner notes by Lou Adler, Linda Ronstadt's "mad love" record where she covered…

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Miming this version was my first "performance" at the Frankfort Playground Talent Show in the 70's. Mike Harrod and I smashed our tennis rackets. Why do we lose to Laurie Harrod dancing "Thieves, tramps, and Thieves"?


I've continued to catch up on my TCM concert films this week. I watched "Monterey" for the first time in a long while. I was appalled to notice how they featured the Airplanes "Today" with no camera shots of Marty Balin only Grace!! No wonder he held a grudge.It made the rest hard to watch. I enjoyed the Mamas and Papas a bit more this time and thought Eric Burdon's "Paint it Black" was cool. 

The pick of the litter, moviewise, was Murray Lerner's "Festival" , Scorsese used a lot of the Dylan footage in his…

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Labor Pangs 

I spent most of Labor day putting the finishing touches on the "Not in my Summer of Love".  Old recording habits die hard...too much caffeine. I need some turtle pie to push myself on to victory. In between all that I watched "Let the Good Times Roll" on TCM, it was a 1973 "Rock and Roll Revival" documentary featuring Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Bo Diddley. 

You think we're ageist now? You have to feel for the fathers of Rock and Roll in the 70's as they were relegated to the polyester leisure wear…

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Herding the cats 

I did a little light visitation with friends for Playing on Your Porch Day this past Saturday.I was Masked up and socially distanced of course. I thank Ingrid Salzman for letting me know about it. One of the best moments for me was walking the dog that day and hearing my Cambodian neighbor sing pop songs from his garage. We often nod and meet in the morning. He has a morning cigarette by the giant oak where he does his meditation. The pandemic has made my neighborhood friendlier and I feel blessed to have…

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Rory and Jim talk about "Twilight 4:18" 

Rory: Tell me about "Twilight 4:18". I don't take you as Kristen Stewart fan.

Jimmy: No, not really. I love her blank expression in every role she plays though. Believe it or not, my daughter loaded the "Twilight" soundtrack into my I-tunes. When they pop up in my shuffle, they usually catch my ear but I couldn't name one song from it. 

Rory: Must not be that good then!

Jimmy: It's just different from my usual listening I guess. "Twilight 4:18" is a very old song. The lyrics came quickly and fully formed…

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RIP Waldo 

I was sad to hear of the passing of Walter Lure, co-guitarist in Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers. I got into his playing first on a used copy of "Live at Max's" and later with the remixed version of "L.A.M.F"  He also features heavily on the ROIR cassettes I bought at the time "Too Much Junkie Business" and "Stations of the Cross".  He and Johnny were kind of a weird Jerry and Dino with their stage patter. He was the guitar playing straight man to Johnny's excesses.

If i ever reissue The Bam Bam Club…

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Gimme The Car 

I was listening to the Violet Femme's song and reflecting on the lyrics. They were perfectly adolescent. I'm not sure why they weren't bigger. If actual teenagers had heard their stuff instead of developmentally delayed college radio programmers they wouldn't need to borrow the car. 

In my house, dad would never have let me borrow his car.  Mom was the only to even bother asking. Lots of conditions on that, both spoken and unspoken. I guess with technology, borrowing the car is less important. Car's are…

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Save the mail and the wail 

The attempted coup on the postal service is probably the most disturbing event by an elected representative since Moscow Mitch declared that President Obama didn't get to fill a supreme court vacancy in an election year. Trump continues his super villain reign by appointing lobbyist dedicated to destroying the departments and institution they are supposed to protect and preserve.

I've always been amazed at the efficiency of the post office. I've made had them lose one letter in my life time. I know others…

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Corydon Live!!

All-ages event at Corydon Live! As Brandt Prewitt would say "Can you play 12 string like Segovia? Can you play like Ace Frehley? Drop by and find out!!


Jim Needler's Conspiracy and Guitar Pull #75 Holiday Rent Party

The Bard's Town, 1801 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Kentucky

I will be playing Jim Needler's Conspiracy and Guitar Pull #75 Holiday Rent Party Sunday, December 16th.  This is an early evening all ages show. I hope you will join me in supporting the other Jim and his monthly showcase for the less hip or connected singer-songwriters in 502. Playing with him in March was a catalyst for the return of the Honeyman to the boards!!  


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Mellow Matt's Music and More, bowling green, KY

We will kick off the "Instrumental Garage" tour with a show celebrating Mellow Matt's Music and More 5 year anniversary.

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