This is the 2nd 212 Juniper Drive Podcast. This show features the following:
The Bitter Brothers- Girls (1985) This was recorded at Lemoyne Pilchers in Bald Knob. I forget what local band he was affiliated with but he definitely played the local lounge scene. I saw his Flyer at the House of Guitars and Archer and I had recorded there the year before. We took John Paul and Bill along for the ride. He was appalled by this "new wave' but took our money!
Coctails- Girl from Impanema(1993)- Archer was always good about giving me cool things. One was the original demo cassette the coctails used to get gigs. They didn't release this song on 45 or any of their LP. The cassette is hand labeled.
Jimmy Honeyman- One Way Street (2017)- This song came out on the Good Folk Fest compilation. It's at Band Camp. I thought it was a clever start for a song by Bill Lynch that I ended up finishing it with a bunch of Frankfort in-jokes. Sometimes I crack myself up. JP provides rhythm instruments.
The Loose Coalition- Fried Eggs (2000)-  Mike Feedback produced this on my 4 track. He tried to get Jay and Stewart to actually focus and arrange. This track was more like their usual jams.
Olivia and Jack- You've got a friend in me (2018)- Jack Lynch is Bill Lynch's son. A great player for his age. This Olivia kid reminds of Princess Vespa singing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" in Spaceballs.  This was from Woodsongs.
Jim and Jack- Warmed Over Kisses (2017)- I always liked this from the DE7th album. We tried to do it like the Darling Boys from Andy Griffin.
Ear damage- Arguing with Ear damage/going to a go go (1987)- An eighties jam. You can hear our dynamic. winding each other up.
Jelly Bam- Secret Agent Man/Carnal Knowledge/Good Taste (1995)- This performance was a mending of fences. JP and I had been estranged for a lengthy period of time. He came out for our show at Leo's and took the stage. It led to him eventually returning to the fold on Bass in 1999 when Ted quit the Jelly Babies before a radio session.